Something Should Be Fishy About Your Dog’s Skin Care Regime

Something Should Be Fishy About Your Dog’s Skin Care Regime

Your dog’s skin and coat health is a direct reflection on the diet he is being fed. One of the first things you notice if you see some pictures of rescued dogs is the abysmal condition of their coats due to lack of good nutrition. Just like we need vitamins for healthy skin, nails, and hair, your dog also needs certain nutrients. Some of the best out there are Omega fatty acids 3 and 6.

Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are important because our bodies needs them for a variety of functions including cell growth and brain and nerve function. Omega 6 is also an anti-inflammatory. For both dogs and humans, these acids are “essential” meaning they cannot be produced in the body and must come from food sources.

When it comes to skin and coat health, Linoleic acid (an Omega 6) can help improve water permeability in the skin. Couple this with Omega 3s, which helps with dry, flaky skin, scaly skin related to many skin disorders and even inflammation caused by allergies – flea, food or environmental – and you’ve got a powerhouse skin care regime. And while we are talking about skin, it’s important to note that one of the Omega 3s is DHA, which has been shown to be important to your puppy’s brain development (check out this study for more on that).

It’s important to note that once you add Omegas to your dog’s diet, the change isn’t immediate. Like most body changes, it can take several months (4-6 even) before you may see the affects. After all, your dog has a lot of skin and coat to heal. So be patient when waiting for the effects and don’t give up thinking it’s not working. A lot is going on inside your dog that you can’t see.

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids can be sourced from plant and marine life. Omega 6s are commonly found in oils from corn, soybean, sunflower as well as nuts and seeds. Omega 3s are found in walnuts and flaxseeds, but the best source is marine – salmon, mackerel, tuna, krill oil, etc. The source of the fatty acids is important – you don’t want to feed your dog massive amounts of nuts or plant oils because they have lower percentages of the these fatty acids – meaning you would have to give your dog a lot more of the plant oils to get the same amount of Omegas from a fish oil.

You can supplement your dog’s diet by buying vitamins or Omega pills. But, just like with humans, often these concentrated formulas are wasted because the body can’t absorb all of the nutrients at once and you end up losing most of them through urine. Instead, it’s better to incorporate sources in your dog’s daily food diet. For example, feeding food with salmon or if you feed fresh, adding salmon to your dog’s protein rotation.

It is also important that the ratio is right. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids compete against one another in the body so if the ratio is not correct, then your dog will not be reaping all the benefits of both acids. Currently, the thought is that the ratio should be 5:1 of Omega 6 to Omega 3. Unfortunately, most pet foods do not have this ratio, because Omega 3’s are more expensive. If the food you are feeding does not give you the ratio, contact them and find out. Our grain-free food has the correct 5:1 ratio and our Omega 3s are sourced from fish only, so if you’re looking to add some Omega’s to your dog’s diet, check out our ingredient list.

Healthy Alternatives To Store Bought Treats!

Healthy Alternatives To Store Bought Treats!

Most store bought treats are eagerly gobbled up by your dog. That’s because most of them are the equivalent of human junk food. Full of salt, artificial preservatives, colours, flavours and chemicals that quite frankly shouldn’t be consumed.

So while your dog may love them, they aren’t the best for their health. Then there’s all the recalls. With so many treats being recalled for health concerns, it can be scary to buy treats. After all, you don’t want to buy something that will make your dog sick and many brands are very secretive about the sources of their ingredients.

So what’s an owner to do who wants to treat their dog to a safe and healthy treat?

The answer is in your refrigerator!

There are many fresh foods that dogs love and, since it is “human food,” your dog feels like they are getting an extra special treat. Since you are buying the food, you know exactly what’s in it and where the ingredients were sourced – no worrying about recalls! In addition, if your dog has allergies, this is an easy way to make sure you avoid the foods he can’t have.

Let’s start with fruits and veggies! Dogs are not obligate carnivores. Fruits and vegetables are part of a dog’s natural diet and they make quick and easy treats.

Here are a few dog-safe fruits and vegetables that require little or no prep work.



Apple (be sure to avoid the core and seeds)







Green beans




All of these can be fed fresh, frozen or canned – unless noted.

There are some other really great options – like sweet potato, pumpkin, and quinoa. Since they are not easy to give as a treat, here are a couple simple ways to make treats with these yummy foods:

Dehydrate. A Dehydrator will more than pay for itself in time. With it, you can dehydrate pumpkin, sweet potato and even proteins like beef and lamb.

You can also cut up raw sweet potato or pumpkin into chunks, cook and then freeze for an easy-to-serve treat.

Quinoa balls. Cook up some quinoa. Take cooked sweet potato or pumpkin and scoop out in small, tablespoon-sized balls. Roll in quinoa to coat. Freeze. These make great frozen treats for a hot summer day.

Along with dehydrating meats, you can of course slice them up and cook them for another easy treat that your dog will love. (Serve cooled)

Just remember all of these treats are fresh and all natural, without any preservatives so you need to keep them refrigerated and use up quickly (or freeze).

Finally, for training especially, your dog’s food can be a treat! For most dogs, food is one of the best things on Earth so it can easily be a treat for them. If you feed a high quality kibble then there is no reason why it can’t be a healthy training treat too! This way, you can use your dog’s meal for training, which can help make sure your dog doesn’t gain weight if you are training a lot.

Remember, treats should only make up 10 percent of your dogs, diet, so using kibble is a good way to keep this ratio in balance. Stay Loyal Grain-Free Formula has many of the fruits, vegetables and proteins listed above, has no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives and is made in Australia. You can find out more about our grain-free food by clicking this link.

5 Ways Dogs Improve Human Lives

5 Ways Dogs Improve Human Lives

As dog owners, we are determined to keep our dogs healthy. Although we usually focus on the health of our furry friends, dogs can have a positive impact on our own health. Our canine companions give our lives meaning. When you have a dog, you are also more prone to exercise. There have been several studies that have proved those who own dogs are in better health. When you have a furry friend by your side, you have an increased chance of lowering your own blood pressure, preventing cardiovascular disease, easing stress, and more.

Dogs are better than Blood Pressure Pills.

Your canine companion can help lower your blood pressure. One study, which consisted of 240 married couples, found that those who owned dogs had lower heart rates as well as lower blood pressure than those without dogs. Another study found that when dog owners had their dogs in the room, it lowered their blood pressure more effectively than a well-known blood pressure medication. Additional studies have proven that those who own dogs have lower blood pressure than those who are not dog owners. In fact, some studies have shown when you pet a dog your blood pressure will go down.

Feel happier as well-Serotonin is our “Happy Hormone”. Dog owners have increased serotonin levels to those people without dogs. When you play with your dog, serotonin levels will elevate, which will make you feel happier, calmer and more relaxed.

Your Dog Can Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

If you have a dog, you are more likely to exercise with your furry friend. Exercising with your dog can benefit your own cardiovascular health. There have been numerous studies that have proven dog owners are more likely to exercise daily, which is beneficial for both you and your dog. One study found that those who walk their dogs have an increased chance to get the recommended daily activity. Another study found 5,200 Japanese adult dog owners participated in more walks and physical activities than those who did not own dogs, and those individuals were 54% more likely to get enough activity just by walking their dogs.

Dogs Can Lower Cortisol Levels

Lower cortisol levels equals lower stress levels in your body. When you pet or play with your furry friend, it will increase the levels of oxytocin—which are stress-reducing hormones—and decrease the stress hormone cortisol. This can make you and your family feel more relaxed.

Children Can Benefit from Having a Dog

If you have children, you want them to be healthy. Children who live with a dog from infancy may have a reduced risk of developing health conditions when they are older. In 2013, UCSF scientists found that living with dogs in infancy may lower the child’s chances of developing asthma and allergies from exposure to “dog-associated house-dust.” Those who have dogs share microbes, which aid in digestion and energy production from eaten food, help build immunity, and protect against invading pathogens. There have been more recent studies that show the same effects are possible for grown children and adults.

Owning a Dog Promotes Social Activity

When you have a furry friend, you are able to connect with others easily. Many people enjoy petting dogs, which is a great way to start a conversation. If you take your dog to a dog park, you can also engage in social activity with others. You are more likely to engage in conversation with others when you have your dog as opposed to when you are walking alone. Many people love dogs, and they can be a great way to spark social activity with others.

Without even trying, your dog does so much for you. Make sure you do the best by it. Feed a good quality Grain-Free Dog Food like Stay Loyal and make sure it’s at a healthy lean condition so it can live a long full life with the least amount of health issues.