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Not just another dog food company. With our mission to improve the health and happiness of dogs all over Australia through enriched nutrition and continued education of caring dog owners, our priority is helping you care for your dog. Check Us Out!

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  1. 15 months ago I adopted Daisy a caines terrier x king Charles spaniel from a rescue group. Daisy was constantly scratching herself and she did not have a good appetite her coat was very dry. I had her at the vets on many occasions. I even took out pet insurance because I thought I was going to have a lot of vet bills with her. Over 12 months I bought every good brand of dog food to try but nothing worked and she didn’t like anything. I started to google Daisys problems and stay loyal came up. I purchased my first bag 2 months ago and after 2 weeks I was amazed. Daisy is no longer scratching her coat is soft and she loves the food. She truly is now a happy and healthy girl. If you love your dog and truly want the best for them you cannot go past this product it is unreal. I cannot recommend Sty Loyal highly enough

    1. Hi Valerie,

      thank you for the testimonial it is much appreciated.
      More importantly we are so happy your dog is finally healthy. :-)
      This will go on our testimonial page.

      Kind regards

  2. I have a beautiful Golden Retriever who is 7.1/2 years old. Sadly even though I had him hip scored by a vet when he was 7 weeks old and told that he was fine….he isn’t. He does have hip dysplasia and walks with the Hip Dysplsia Wobble especially when he is tired. He is such a happy and playful dog for his age now, but he wasn’t always this way. I have always done my best to feed him healthy dog food and had him on Dr Billinghams BARF diet for a long time. This was great but unfortunately is very expensive, so I looked up a good recipe online and proceeded to make this myself. I made a month at a time and froze it. He thrived on this, but I obviously didn’t have the meal weight correct and he put on weight. When he was about 4 years old he did a cruciate ligament while playing down at the dog park. This of course required surgery and rest for some time to aid in healing. but sadly only a few weeks after doing the fist cruciate, he slipped on my polished floor boards, even though I had covered them with extra mats etc. Sadly he ended up with another surgery for his other cruciate and he wasn’t a happy dog at all. It was very sad and I did everything I possibly could do to get him back on his feet. Eventually he was OK and started out walking short distances until he was OK. He put on a good deal of weight, as I was obviously feeding him too much per meal of his Barf Diet. I did a lot of research on the I/net and came across Stay Loyal. I decided to start him on this as just prior to this, the vet had him on the Science Diet, which he hated and I had to lace it with a small tin of Tuna to mask the taste. When that bag was finished, I ordered Stay Loyal, hoping I had found the right food for him. he absolutely LOVES it. He has lost weight and looks amazing now. We go to the dog beach every day and he swims out constantly for the ball, when he isn’t socialising with the other dogs. He is in the best health ever now. I give him 2 1/2 cups to 3 cups a day and he also has chicken necks, wings or a meaty bone every day. He behaves like a puppy and is so happy. Crazy Dog we call him now as he is so happy and full of energy. So I would recommend Stay Loyal to anyone who wants to give their dog the best. I tell everyone at the dog park and the beach who comment on Jeds demeanor and energy. I am so relieved and happy that we have finally got it right. Robert from Stay Loyal is very informative if you need to know anything at all, and I am totally happy with Stay Loyal and the fact it is delivered when needed is also an added bonus. I have written this by choice, it is not a fake comment as has been suggested on this site by Sue. Lynne Dalby

  3. Thank you for posting your story Lynne. That is great news that your dog is so mobile now. keep up the good work and keep your dog nice and lean so there is less weight on the joints. :-)

  4. My old dog died last year and I was so pleased we had found Stayloyal for him as it really gave him a new lease of life for his last few years. We now only have two ferrets and have similar allergy and nutritional issues for them. Would Stayloyal be okay for them? The whole meat, protein content, Taurine, amino acid content, all seem good. It is almost impossible to get good ferret kibble in Australia and when you adopt older rescues, as we do, they are often resistant to a raw meat diet. We are members of the NSW Ferret Welfare Society and your product would be great if you could work out its suitability for ferrets.
    Regards, Susan Mitchell

    1. Hi Susan,

      Sorry i’m not up on Ferret nutrition. If someone from the ferret society wants to contact me i can answer any questions regarding whats in our food.

  5. Hi,

    Just wanting to say huge thank you for magnificent food formula for my Daisy.
    Daisy is cavoodle which has been strangling with allergies for quite some time. Constantly scratching. Very uncomfortable.
    Since we start feeding her Stayloyal slowly all symptoms disappeared
    After 14 days she is unrecognisable. No more scratching. I have new very happy dog.
    Thank you,

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