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Robert is a South African Boerboel Breeder from southwest Sydney and one of the founders of Stay Loyal Dog Food. He has been a dog breeder for 21 years and a dog lover for much longer. In that time, he has learnt that raising and caring for a dog is the subject of much confusion. In fact, people have so many misconceptions about caring for their dogs that he decided to create this blog to help dog owners and their dogs. Click here to read more.

Robert looks at things from a dog’s perspective rather than from the anthropomorphic view. He endeavours to treat dogs as they want to be treated: as a dog not as a human. This means that many of his techniques and ideas are unconventional yet effective.

In this blog he draws from more than 30 years of experience with dogs, including showing dogs, hunting with dogs and breeding dogs, plus many years of research into canine nutrition. Many of his ideas are from observing how dogs act naturally—not to mention watching how dogs would live in the wild and using that knowledge to create a better, healthier life for his dogs.

Aside from having over three decades of experience with dogs, Robert sharpens his knowledge on everything dog by reading scientific papers and vet journals. He also constantly communicates with other dog experts. All the information you will read on this blog will be things that Robert has used and found that works for him and his dogs.

You will discover tips from basic dog care, including feeding and training, what you need to avoid and what you need to do to have a healthy, happy, obedient, long lived dog.

You can read more about Robert growing up with dogs by clicking here.

Not just another dog food company. With our mission to improve the health and happiness of dogs all over Australia through enriched nutrition and continued education of caring dog owners, our priority is helping you care for your dog. Check Us Out!

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    1. Hi Mary, As you can appreciate it’s hard to find a reliable source of real free range chicken. Sheep have always been free range and fish
      farming is not as common as wild caught fish. As consumers move towards free range more as will we, because those opportunities will arise.
      Hope that makes sense.

  1. Hi Robert, I have been feeding my 3 years old Dachshund with STAYLOYAL since May’16. It is amazing to see how my dog has changed. He has stopped shading hair but do have a few shade sometimes. He enjoys his food and always asking for more. I give him apple or fresh tomatoes/lettuce in the morning and STAYLOYAL grain free food in the evening, please advise if this is an appropriate diet for my dog.

    1. Hi Jessy, A little fruit and veg is fine, meaty bones like chicken wings or lamb shank would go down nice as well.

  2. Hi Robert,
    I had a friend visiting yesterday and she was commenting on how well my dog looked and the beautiful condition of his coat, I proudly showed her my bag of Stay Loyal and her final comment was “that is health that comes from the inside”.

    Full credit goes to Stay Loyal and thank you for sharing your years of knowledge with us.

    1. You are welcome Marilin. And thank you for supporting us, it’s much appreciated. Nice comment from your friend as well. :-)

    1. Hi Penny, It could be many reasons. I myself would try a 48hour fast and see if anything changes. Obviously check with your vet its not something serious.

  3. Hi Roberti need your help. I’m also an ex Douth African and I feel I can talk with you as someone who understands. My baby Pomeranian who is nearly 12 has been diagnosed with diabetes. I’m giving him 5 units insulin morning and night after meals. His sugar is 30 in the morning and goes down to 5 or 6 during the day. I’m trying to stablise it . My vet says he will die if it goes below 5 My vet says he needs special diabetic food and is ordering me some. Shame my kleintjie is so miserable.! What food do you suggest please??? Regards Zel

    1. Hi Zel, I’m sorry I wish I could help, however I have never had experience with diabetic dogs. From what I know about diabetes is you would want a low glycemic food. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  4. Hi Robert; I have a twelve year old Staffy ; who I got from a rescue shelter at 2yrs old. I soon found the reason she had been dumped; as she would fight any dog who tried to dominate her. With a lot of hard work & patience she became a most placid beautiful natured dog. I get comments all the time on how healthy & active she is. She has a totally raw diet; Kangaroo inc’ tails. meaty raw beef bones; chicken wings & necks; and a few drops of krill oil. She will occasionally eat rabbit poo; which does not concern me; as I believe she knows exactly why she does it. (friendly gut bacteria) Thanks for posts.

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