Make Your Own Holiday Candy Cane Dog Treats

With the holidays approaching, this fun recipe can be a way for you to treat your own dog, or give as hostess gifts for the dog lover in your life that’s throwing a party – simply wrap in a pretty basket, dog bowl, stocking, or jar. Sure beats getting another fruitcake!

The great thing about making your own treats is you can swap out ingredients depending on your dog’s allergies or dietary needs. So know that almost all of these ingredients are changeable with other things if necessary.

These tasty treats are not just cute, but the mint and parsley help freshen your dog’s breath


1 cup flour – Type of flour is up to you. Gluten-free flours (such as rice) work just as well as regular flour.

½ tsp salt

1 tablespoon parsley

1 ½ tablespoons flaxseed oil

¼ teaspoon peppermint oil

½ cup chicken or beef stock (you can buy it or make your own stock from scratch!


1. Mix flour, salt, and parsley together in mixer.

2. Add flaxseed and peppermint oil, mix.

3. Add chicken stock; mix until all dry ingredients are moistened.

4. Roll dough out on floured surface to a 1/8” thick sheet.

5. Cut into ¼ – ½” inch strips.

6. Fold strips in half and twist together, curving one end over to make a candy cane shape.

7. Place on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper

8. Bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes

Makes approximately 10 candy canes. Allow to cool thoroughly before giving to your dog. Can be stored in a container in the refrigerator. Since they don’t have any preservatives, it’s best to let your dog enjoy them within a week.


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  1. Have looked at you food comparison chart. I query your ref to black hawk dry food Kangaroo. The packet says no rice and Australian made.???

    1. Hi Charlie, Our reference is to the entire range. And black hawk does have products that have a lot of grains. Hope that makes sense now.

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