Removing Abscesses and Other Foreign Particles in Your Dog’s Body WITHOUT Surgery!

dog abscess removal without surgery

Many years ago (I’m afraid to actually think back that far.) I was talking to the lady at the health food store, when she noticed I was fiddling with an annoying splinter, in my hand, while listening to her. She said I should try some silica tissue salts to help dislodge the splinter. Because I couldn’t get to the splinter with tweezers and the tissue salts were only $8 at the time, I thought I would give it a go.

Dosage was recommended at 2 tablets 4 times per day. It seems a lot compared to other dosage rates but considering the amount of silica in each tablet is very miniscule it isn’t much at all.

Anyway, 2 days after taking the silica salts I woke up to notice the splinter was surrounded by a white puss like substance. Much like a pimple! I squeezed it and the pus and splinter came out together. The hole left by the splinter quickly healed and I was grateful for the health shop ladies advice.

The next time silica salts came in handy was for my uncles dog Hector. He had an abscess on his cheek that wouldn’t go away. The vet had already prescribed antibiotics, as usual, but weeks after the antibiotics were finished the abscess would return. An expensive trip to the vet, to get it removed surgically, was on the cards.

Since the silica tissue salts was a cheap alternative my uncle humoured me and agreed to try it. I gave my uncle my unfinished bottle of silica tissue salts and explained the dosage schedule. For abscesses they recommend dosing one or two tablets 4 or more times per day.

After 4 days of silica tissue salt treatment the abscess erupted expelling the foreign bodies that caused the abscess. My uncle commented that it was the first time he saw a natural product actually work. It is quite cool because you can see it working and the results do happen fast.

I have used it many times now on dogs and myself with varying results. With splinters I have had a 100% success rate. However effectiveness with boils and abscesses seems to vary depending on the depth under the skin of the foreign body. Also I will only try it for about 4 to 5 days before I give up but have been told that deep abscesses take longer to come to the surface, which makes sense.

At about $12 a bottle of 100 tablets it’s worth a try before heading off to the doctor or vet. I always keep a bottle handy in my medicine cabinet.

Tissue salt come in varying forms of minerals that help with different symptoms from cramping to insomnia to expelling foreign bodies like I discussed today. I have to mention that I have only experience with the silica salts but if you are interested in learning more about all the different tissue salts and what they can do for you. Google “Schuessler Cell Salts”.

Remember to do your research and even consult your doctor. I personally think it’s better to try a natural remedy before heading down the medication path and definitely do anything to avoid surgery.