Weird Things Our Dogs Do That Are Perfectly Normal, But Gross Us Out!

Ah, the life of a dog. Most of us think they have it pretty good. They get to lay around all day on the couch, don’t have to go to work (at least most of them don’t!), meals are prepared by someone else and the extent of “doing the dishes” is to lick the bowl clean. But, there are some things about a dog’s daily routine many of us find gross, even though they are perfectly normal for our dogs.

Licking (themselves, us, really anything)

A dog’s tongue is much more than just something he uses to taste what he eats and help it go down the throat. Like all animals, canines use their tongues as a way to clean themselves. And that means cleaning every part they can reach. You may find it gross that your male dog licks himself (especially if he then wants to come give you a kiss) but it keeps him clean. They will also lick their own wounds, for the same reason. However, we all know too much licking is not good, hence why we use the cone of shame on our dogs.

Rolling in Stinky Things

Another thing that may make you rethink life as a dog is their desire to rolls in stinky things. We did a whole article explaining this here -> Let’s just say, it’s perfectly normal for your dog to want to roll in smelly things, or a dead thing, though the exact reason is not known. And besides what’s the big deal if they lick themselves clean afterward, right? 😉

Sniffing Rear-ends

This is the dog equivalent of a handshake. While a person may get arrested for harassment if they did this (and honestly, why would we want to?), to a dog, this is the polite way to greet. In fact, a dog that doesn’t go around to the rear-end is one that should be approached with caution, or not at all. Dogs that are going to react out of fear or aggression, will stand stiff and stare at the front of the other dog, or sometimes just past their shoulder, to the side, rather than circling around.

Regurgitating and Eating It

Yeah, no reason to explain why we think this is gross. But for a dog, this is completely normal. Many dogs gulp there kibble without chewing, so it’s still in big pieces, their body is programmed to cough back up the partially processed food so they can re-chew it, making it easier to digest. Read this article here for more information on the many forms of vomiting in dogs ->

Eating Poop

And of course, there is poop eating. This is a no brainer why we think it’s gross. And, while some of the time for dog’s this is also not normal, but rather a sign of something wrong nutritionally or medically, there is one time in a dog’s life when this is perfectly normal – motherhood. Bitches eat the poop of their puppies as a way of “cleaning up” the den before they are able to leave and go potty outside the den.

While these things may seem a bit unsettling to us, to a dog it’s just part of being a dog. Maybe it’s a good thing to be human after all???

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  1. Really good, funny article, thank you,. On one of our walks in a green treed area near my house, I heard but couldn’t see my spoodle Maggie, so I called. She came galloping up to me very pleased with herself absolutely covered in very soft pooh, covering her head, all over her back, in fact everywhere. I managed to get her lead back on her and we walked home with me as far away from her as I could, no heeling this time. Didnt shout at her didn’t want to stop her feeling so good,) tied her to the front porch and hosed her down. To me it was gross but to her delightful the wretch!!! I can still remember the feeling in the pit of my stomach when she came running to me and I saw.

  2. You didn’t mention scooting. My cavoodle quite often scoots her bum on the sand at the start of a beach walk. At one time people thought that this was a sign of worms, however it certainly isn’t in Ruby’s case because she is on regular Bravecto. It’s the anal glands which in her case unfortunately require regular expressing by the vet. But it looks gross – and I have a hard time trying not to be embarrassed!

  3. Back when the kids were young, both human and dog, we had 2 Dalmatians. April, Mum and Bill, Son. There was nothing they loved better than escaping the yard and spending hours laying in the paddock up the hill with the horses. They would all just walk around the paddock, no one bothering the other and snoozing together. But quite a few times Bill in particular would come home as a tri-colour Dalmatian. He was normally a Liver spot Dalmatian but would come home so happy, thinking he was beautiful and had the world’s best perfume on. In these occasions he was white, liver spots with a huge smears of green horse poo giving us those adorable Dalmatian smiles and wriggling so much he could hardly walk. He was talked to and then given a hose off and a bath before being allowed inside again.

  4. Crotch sniffing? My standard poodle loves to rub her face between visitors legs. They think she is sniffing however she has dry eyes and I think the rubbing just feels good and a crotch is just the right height. They hate it of course and I find it embarrassing.

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