$1 Sample Grain Free

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$1 Sample Grain Free

Dog Food (200g)

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Kibble Size and Shape

Photo shows kibble shape and colour. They are approx. 12mm across and 3mm thick.

What breeds can eat it?

Stay Loyal Grain Free is suited to ALL breeds, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes and everything in-between. It is an ALL life stage food so it is great for pregnant and lactating females, medium to small breed puppies, plus we are getting great results with older dogs.

It is also suited for overweight dogs, however you will have to learn how to feed correct portion sizes which will be much much smaller than you are accustomed to.

It is NOT suited for large breed puppies as they need LESS calcium than breeds that are smaller. You can switch them to Stay Loyal after about 10 months of age.

Dogs with pancreatitis need a special low fat diet so it is not suited for them either.

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My little Schnauzer suffered from a belly rash due to allergies so I thought I would give Stay Loyal Grain Free a try …

About us

About Us

“Stay Loyal” is about Staying Loyal to Your Dog. The best way you can repay your dogs loyalty is at feed time and with walks.

Taste Guarantee

Taste Guarantee

With Flavour From 3 Meats, Your Dog Will Love Stay Loyal. If Not, We Will Refund You 100% Of The Purchase Price.

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