14 April 2014

    US ahead of Australia in Diet-Related Pet Health

    Recent improvements to the quality of pet food sold in the US is not being replicated in Australia, despite conclusive research demonstrating the benefits to the health of animals. Something of a revolution has hit in the US pet food industry. More than 60% of dog and cat food on supermarket shelves in America is now grain-free. This means they do not contain unhealthy filler products such as corn, wheat and sorghum. Robert Belobrajdic, dog breeder for 20 years, believes grain-free pet foods are popular in the US because American pet owners are better educated about the

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    01 February 2014

    The Cheap, Easy Solution to a Dog's Painful Skin Problem!

    30 January 2014 -- The Hooley family has spent thousands of dollars and endless, stressful hours trying to find a solution to their dog Rome’s skin allergy. Rome’s condition was so bad his body was covered in red sores. He was constantly losing fur, bleeding between his paws and parts of his body had to be smothered in sunscreen because he had no fur for protection. Over the past five years, Karen Hooley tried all she could to solve Rome’s worsening skin problem. The Staffordshire-cross visited vets every few weeks, took medication and steroids, was fed

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    28 October 2013

    Pet Allergies And Illness Linked To Inadequate Diets

    The food our pets eat is making them sick. Just like people, pets suffer from allergies – and, while there can be any number of causes, the body’s first line of defence is the immune system. Diet is often the most significant factor in an animal’s poor immune system because many commercial pet foods are not ‘species-appropriate’. Cats cannot tolerate carbohydrates and should only eat meat. Cats on a low or no meat diet will grow progressively weaker until they die. Dogs can tolerate a modest percentage of carbohydrates, ideally in the form of ve

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