01 February 2014

    The Cheap, Easy Solution to a Dog's Painful Skin Problem!

    30 January 2014 -- The Hooley family has spent thousands of dollars and endless,

    stressful hours trying to find a solution to their dog Rome’s skin allergy.

    Rome’s condition was so bad his body was covered in red sores.

    He was constantly losing fur, bleeding between his paws and parts of his body had to be

    smothered in sunscreen because he had no fur for protection.

    Over the past five years, Karen Hooley tried all she could to solve Rome’s worsening skin


    The Staffordshire-cross visited vets every few weeks, took medication and steroids, was

    fed expensive hypoallergenic dog food and was even treated at Sydney University’s

    teaching hospital.

    Nothing worked to improve Rome’s condition.

    “He just kept losing fur,” said Karen Hooley, from Sydney’s outer suburbs.

    “He had no fur whatsoever on the end of his tail and he had big red sores everywhere

    between his feet.”

    “He was like a porcupine – the fur he did have was so spiky.”

    Karen confesses Rome is the most spoilt member of the Hooley family and after she felt

    she had tried everything with vets she began to trawl the Internet in search of answers.

    That’s how Karen stumbled upon Stay Loyal dog food.

    “I came across their website and I was reading through it – no grains, antioxidants – it

    made sense,” said Karen, who decided to order a sample bag online.

    Within a couple of months, Rome had transformed into a healthy, happier dog – with

    thick fur.

    It’s been five months since Rome started on Stay Loyal dog food and there has been no

    sign of skin allergies since.

    “He has fur all over his body and it’s three times the thickness it was,” Karen said.

    “He is off the steroids and no rash on his body or feet.

    “We’re saving a fortune on dog food, vet bills and medication. He’s a much happier dog

    and he’s lost weight, gained muscle. His body condition is much better.”

    The Hooley family are now spreading the word through their vet, family and friends

    about the benefits of Stay Loyal.

    Stay Loyal is the brainchild of renowned dog breeder Robert Belobrajdic who, like the

    Hooley family, was frustrated with the lack of results he was getting in treating dogs

    with itchy skin or dermatitis.

    After years of research, Robert found answers as to what causes itchy skin in dogs and

    in most instances it was related to diet.

    Commercial dog foods, the type sold in supermarkets and many pet stores, are made

    with ingredients that decrease a dog’s immune system and many cause the allergic


    They lack key nutrients needed to maintain a healthy body.

    “These dog foods are often the cause of a dog’s allergic dermatitis and if they are not the

    cause they definitely do not have the right ingredients to heal,” Robert said.

    Belobrajdic joined with his cousin David Korac to start their own dog food company -

    Stay Loyal.

    They make dry dog food with unique ingredients including green tea, rosemary, omega-3

    from fish oil only, and antioxidants along with only using animal proteins and fats that

    make dogs healthier and helps heal dogs with itchy skin.

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