28 October 2013

    Pet Allergies And Illness Linked To Inadequate Diets

    The food our pets eat is making them sick.

    Just like people, pets suffer from allergies – and, while there can be any number of causes, the body’s first line of defence is the immune system.

    Diet is often the most significant factor in an animal’s poor immune system because many commercial pet foods are not ‘species-appropriate’.

    Cats cannot tolerate carbohydrates and should only eat meat. Cats on a low or no meat diet will grow progressively weaker until they die.

    Dogs can tolerate a modest percentage of carbohydrates, ideally in the form of vegetables. However, a dog’s diet should primarily consist of quality meat, not meat by-products or grains like wheat, corn or rice.

    Despite intolerances, many pet foods even boast about these ingredients. Rice is often touted as hypoallergenic – despite it contributing to an animal’s poor health.

    Statistics presented by pet insurance companies show that the top three reasons dogs are taken to the vet are: ear infections, skin allergies and moist dermatitis.

    For many pet owners, eliminating high-risk ingredients in their pet’s food, namely corn, wheat, soy and rice will clear up these problems.

    Veteran Australian dog breeder, Robert Belobrajdic, says that, ‘the most widely marketed commercial dog foods, particularly kibble, are made with ingredients which impair a dog’s immune system and can cause allergic reactions’.

    Allergy symptoms include itching and scratching, chronic licking of the feet, dandruff, an oily, malodorous coat (the ‘dog smell’), chronic ear infections, yeast build-up in the ears, gastrointestinal upset (intermittent or persistent gas, diarrhoea and/or vomiting), and either hyperactivity or a general lack of energy.

    Robert Belobrajdic has spent much of his time researching this issue and is convinced the majority of recurring pet ailments can be cured simply by switching to a quality grain-free diet.

    The trick is to find one. 

    ‘It can be difficult to find a good quality pet food,’ Belobrajdic admits. ‘I became so frustrated trying to find a readily available grain-free alternative for my dogs that didn't cost a fortune that I consulted several scientists and manufactured my own. 

    ‘Fortunately, that turned out to be the root cause for the problems my dogs were suffering and now all their itchy skin and other problems have disappeared.’

    Belobrajdic’s website, www.stayloyal.com.au, provides research-based advice and information on dietary issues which can affect pets and their wellbeing.

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