14 April 2014

    US ahead of Australia in Diet-Related Pet Health

    Recent improvements to the quality of pet food sold in the US is not being replicated in Australia, despite conclusive research demonstrating the benefits to the health of animals. 

    Something of a revolution has hit in the US pet food industry. More than 60% of dog and cat food on supermarket shelves in America is now grain-free. This means they do not contain unhealthy filler products such as corn, wheat and sorghum.

    Robert Belobrajdic, dog breeder for 20 years, believes grain-free pet foods are popular in the US because American pet owners are better educated about the significant health benefits of food without grains than their Australian counterparts.

    As a result, US pet food companies have been forced to change their products in line with consumer expectations. 

    Australia, however, is being left behind, with very few grain-free options, especially products which are locally produced by an Australian company.

    Norm Oldenburg, owner of Bubbles and Bows Pet Grooming and Supplies in South Beloit Illinoi US, says grain-free food has become the new normal for dog owners.

    “It doesn’t have corn, soy or wheat fillers,” Oldenburg said. “It’s better for their dog’s coat and health. There are fewer vet bills, fewer allergies, and the dogs are in better overall health.” 

    While there are some grain-free options being imported from America to Australia, there are some health concerns rising from how those imported products are treated before they hit Australian shelves. 

    Mr Belobrajdic says, “many imported products still get irradiated with gamma rays. 30 cats died in 2008 because of irradiated food, so it’s a big concern for pet owners.”

    There are only a few grain-free options in Australia with VIP pet foods covering the supermarket shelves and a new emerging Australian-based online company called Stay Loyal.

    Stay Loyal supplies a holistic all life stage grain-free dry dog food with free delivery to any door in Australia.

    There are also a few “BARF” diet companies evolving which pet lovers can investigate.

    For more information on the benefits of grain-free pet food, visit www.stayloyal.com.au

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