10 October 2013

    Breakthrough In Canine Nutrition Heals Dogs With Itchy Skin Without Vets, Medicines or Even Supplements!

    Veteran Australian dog breeder Robert Belobrajdic has come across a weird but effective way to Heal dogs with Itchy Skin or Allergic Dermatitis. Frustrated by the fact that he was spending hundreds of dollars at the vet and not getting any positive results, Robert began a crusade of research to see if he could find another approach to heal his dog’s sore itchy skin.

    After years of extensive research he discovered many factors that can cause itchy skin. Surprisingly, most were related to diet. Robert explains, “You see, commercial dog foods are made with many ingredients that actually decrease your dog’s Immune System and many even cause slight allergic reactions. Plus many dog foods DO NOT have the key nutrients needed to maintain a healthy body. These dog foods are often the cause of a dog’s allergic dermatitis. Nevertheless, even if they are not the cause, they definitely do not have the right ingredients to heal.”

    Belobrajdic joined cousin David Korac to start their own dog food company, Stay Loyal, which manufactures dry dog food with unique ingredients that not only make dogs much healthier but also heal dogs with itchy skin.

    Here’s some of their AMAZING results…

    My little Schnauzer suffered from a belly rash due to allergies so I thought I would give Stay Loyal Grain Free a try, his skin improved within a week and I was able to stop all medication (tablets and sprays). I would certainly recommend it to other owners of dogs with itchy skin.

    Gail Pringle
    Orange, NSW

    "Thank you "Stay Loyal". Your food has probably saved me thousands of dollars in vet bills. Our little Koolie was driving us nuts, constantly coming up in hot spots, rashes and even swelling. She has been on your food for about 2 months now, and is improving more and more every day. I must admit I was a little dubious about your claims at first but now am totally converted. Thank you so much. Cheers, Dave. "

    David Higgins
    Diggers Rest, Vic

    Our dog is 5yrs old and he has a bad skin allergy, he has been to the uni and to the vet at least every 6-8wks of his life and was on the most expensive Hypoallergenic dog food. Well it’s been approximately 3 months and Rome looks fantastic he has fur all over his body that is 3 times the thickness. He is off the steroids and no rash on his body or feet. I have spread the work of this fantastic product to my Vet and they are impressed. A huge thank you to Stay Loyal for the comfort of our dog he even gets all excited when its dinner time. Thanks Heaps

    Karen Hooley
    Narelan, NSW

    Stay Loyal offers their amazing dry dog food in 3 kg and 15 kg bags, which can be purchased online at www.stayloyal.au throughout Australia and offers automatic re-delivery upon request. For a limited time, new customers will receive free sample packages shipped right to their doors.

    Stay Loyal’s primary ingredient is meat, combined with essential fats, vegetables and fruits, natural vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants.

    For more information, visit Stay Loyal at www.stayloyal.com.au.

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