19 September 2013

    Professional Dog Breeder Starts Own Pet Food Company

    19 September 2013 -- Robert Belobrajdic, a successful Sydney-based dog breeder for 18 years, is taking on the pet food industry. Unable to source an affordable, quality, meat-based dog food for his purebreds, Robert Belobrajdic has teamed up with cousin David Korac to start Stay Loyal, a dog food company combining the convenience of dry food with quality meat-based ingredients to create a product that is completely grain-free and available throughout Australia.

    “Species-appropriate dog food is meat-based,” Robert Belobrajdic explains, “with vegetables as carbohydrates, and little, if any, grains. Wolves raid the farmers’ coops, not the farmers’ crops,” he adds. “If I wanted the best for my dogs, I realized I would have to provide it myself.”

    If meat is what dogs are supposed to eat, how have grain-based foods become the staple of the pet food industry? Profit, plain and simple. Grains are much, much cheaper than meat. Cheaper costs translate to higher profits.

    Virtually every commercial pet food on the market today is grain-based, even the ones that bill themselves as “all natural,” and many well known brands contain meat “by-products” that simply do not provide pets the quality nutrition they need. “Shoe leather is pure protein,” Robert Belobrajdic wryly points out. “But you can’t live on it. And, trust me, neither can your dog.”

    “We’re called Stay Loyal,” David Korac explains, “because dogs are renowned for their loyalty. This is our way of being loyal to them, by feeding our dogs a product that’s actually good for them. That’s what most pet owners want to do, but they lack a readily available quality food. Stay Loyal fills that void. And we ship throughout all of Australia.”

    For more information on this story or to arrange an interview, please contact Robert Belobrajdic on 0490002863.

    About Stay Loyal

    Stay Loyal is based in Erskine Park, Western Sydney. For more information on products and services, and to learn more about the company and its mission to care for animals, visit www.stayloyal.com.au

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