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Dog Food - Chicken, Lamb & Fish

Chicken, Lamb & Fish

Regular Price $10.00 incl.VAT$147.00 incl.VAT available on subscription

Why are dog lovers all over Australia giving their pets Stay Loyal Dog Food? Because it’s a meat-based, grain-free dry dog food. Stay Loyal is scientifically formulated to benefit dogs in ALL of their life stages, from puppy to senior. But the only way to prove the value and benefits of Stay Loyal to your dog is to order a bag today!
large breed puppy food

Large Breed Puppy

Regular Price $10.00 incl.VAT$128.00 incl.VAT available on subscription

  • Correct Calcium and Phosphorous
  • Correct Fat and Protein Levels
  • Highly Digestible (No Grains!)
  • Formulated to Latest Scientific Studies
  • For Slow Steady Optimal Growth!
natural joint health treats for dogs

Natural Joint Health Treats 50g

Regular Price $14.00 incl.VAT
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  • No Grains, No Sugar, No chemicals.
  • Just Joint Food, Plus Super Foods.
  • 50 grams.
Grain free Dog Food Adult Salmon Turkey Pork

Salmon, Turkey & Pork

Regular Price $10.00 incl.VAT$109.00 incl.VAT available on subscription

  • Small Kibble Size!
  • Highly Digestible (No Grains!)
  • Triple Meat Protein!
  • Omega-3 from Salmon Not Flaxseed!
  • Turmeric decreases inflammation, boosts immune response & much more!