Auto Delivery is simple, select a product and tell us how often you would like it delivered, and then relax in the knowledge that your dog food will turn up on time, when you need it.

Why Should I Get Auto Delivery?

Think about how much it costs for a “quick” trip to the pet store just for some dog food. Besides the fuel used in the car, how about the other things that jump into your hand while walking to the back of the store, where the dog food is strategically positioned so you have to pass every pet accessory known to man. Leads, collars, dog beds and treats, products you just could do without. Our customers tell us over and over how much money they save with home delivery because they are not enticed to impulse buying in the pet store.
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Save Money

Save Money!

With Auto Delivery you save on every order. Regular price is $147 Auto Delivery is $117. And what about the time savings? We all have better things to do than stand in line waiting to purchase our dog food. You will have much more time to do some of those things you have always wanted to do, play with the kids, walk your dog, or just take a break. With Stay Loyal Free home delivery on Auto, your dog’s food will be waiting on your step when you need it. There is a way for your life to be easier!

Changing Your Order and Billing

You can easily change your order date, frequency, address and billing details whenever you like by logging into your account and following the prompts.

If you are experiencing difficulties updating the details please email us at [email protected]. with a concise explanation of what you need done and we will gladly help you out.

Changing Your Order and Billing
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Will I Be Locked-In To Auto Delivery?

Auto delivery is zero Commitment from you. So, no “Lock-In” time. Just tell us how often to ship and you can adjust your orders as many times as you need and cancel any time!

The following charts tell you approximately how long each bag of Stay Loyal Grain Free may last your dog. There are four charts, one for the 3kg, 8kg, 13kg, and 15kg bag. All charts have info for senior dogs, sedentary dogs, desexed dogs, working dogs, young dogs and pups.

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