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Help! My Dog Has Sore Joints!

Could this be the answer to your dog’s joint trouble?

Dear Australian Dog Owner,

If your dog limps, has poor mobility or suffers from arthritis, it tears your heart out to see them in pain.
You’d do anything to help them feel better and become like the happy, playful, care-free puppy they used to be.

You’re certainly aware there’s a problem. I want to give you hope that there may be a solution…
A solution that doesn’t involve harsh prescription drugs, surgery or expensive, time-consuming trips to the vet.

If your dog suffers from any type of joint trouble, including arthritis, keep reading.
In a moment, I’m going to share with you a couple of stories that will give you hope.

My name’s Robert Belobrajdic, co-founder of Stay Loyal Dog Food. For over 30 years, I’ve been training, breeding and caring for dogs.

My experience has taught me how important proper nutrition is to dogs’ health and well being.The right approach to my dogs’ feeding stopped pruritus without vets or prescription drugs. A change in food amount stopped their diarrhoea. I’ve discovered that feeding less food to overweight dogs can help them become healthier and live longer.So let me ask you…Could it be that a change in diet may help your dog feel better?Consider these happy stories from ecstatic Australian dog owners, people just like you. 

“Before starting on this product the nine year old border collie was starting to show signs of arthritis, which also appears to have improved.”

Heather Cullinan from Tura Beach, NSW says

“One of our dogs had calcium deposits in his shoulder last August. He had an injection to disperse the deposits and was fine for a few months, then we noticed he started limping slightly again. We were expecting to take him back to the vet for another injection, however since starting on Stay Loyal, the limping became less and less prominent, and has now gone altogether!

With the excellent customer service and two very happy dogs, I can’t recommend Stay Loyal enough!"

Tracy Oliver from Mariginiup, WA tells us

"My dog Savannah has had 2 crucial Ligament operations, plus a cancer growth removed last Year. The bonus is she is energetic as a 10 yr old dog has a beautiful shiny coat and has responded to Stay Loyal as a excellent dog food! She walks about 2 Klms most days."

"It has helped also with arthritis."

Belinda Warfield from Caravonica, QLD shared this happy report

Stay Loyal is an Australian company that does dog food differently. Our ultra-premium formulas are grain free. They have optimal fat and protein levels to decrease inflammation and build healthy tissue.They are produced in Australia, with only the highest quality Australian ingredients. Although I can’t promise a cure for any disease or medical condition…I believe they can help your dog enjoy abundant health and vitality. So why not do what Tracy, Belinda and Heather have done, 

 try Stay Loyal today?

I’m confident your pup will love it. So confident that I gladly make this guarantee…If you try Stay Loyal and your dog doesn’t eagerly devour it, if they don’t crave our meaty flavour and gobble it up, we’ll cheerfully refund your money or swap out your purchase for a different flavour.

So try the natural, grain-free dog food that has tails across Australia wagging with glee!

Here’s to your dog’s health and happiness!
Robert Belobrajdic Stay Loyal Cofounder