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Doing Dog Food Differently

Get the latest dog health, nutrition and feeding tips with Stay Loyal and discover the best food for your dog. We care about your dogs, which is why we promote feeding raw meaty bones twice a week and reduced feeding for a longer, healthier life. This is how I have fed my dogs for 23+ years and you will find it in our unique feeding guide.

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Sweet Life

The Very Best Food For Your Dog!

Stay Loyal boosts energy and improves your dog’s muscle tone with more protein than a steak-up to 32%! We also safeguard your dog’s immune system and protect against inflammation. Our formulas contain Omega-3 fish oil and have zero grain.
An extra benefit for you: they’re so nutritious, you feed your dog less!

Nutrition, Tips & Community

Why Stay Loyal?

We’re Here To Help. We understand dogs’ needs.

Feeding Recommendations

Feeding Recommendations

Get the latest feeding recommendations based on cutting edge science to give your dog the best life possible.

For Dog Lovers, By Dog Lovers

For Dog Lovers, By Dog Lovers

Our beautiful dogs, Poppy & Charcoal love our food, and we’re committed to giving your dog the same great benefits.

Australian Made

Australian Made

We’re proud of our roots and have a passion for the environment which is why all of our products are home grown.

Become a Loyal Fan

Become a Loyal Fan

We love hearing about the positive changes our food makes in dogs’ lives. Head over to our Loyal Fans page today.

We're Here To Help

We're Here To Help

We understand dog’s needs. Speak to one of our helpful staff today and we’ll help you find the right food for your dog.

Health Tips & Advice

Health Tips & Advice

Visit our website for the latest in dog nutrition, training and other helpful tips. Our mission is happy, healthy dogs everywhere!

Dogs Love Us

Teo and Lucy

Huge Improvement, Thank You!

We switched from Science Diet to “Stay Loyal” about a year ago. We have 2 rescues, one was with severe skin condition, itchy and red!It’s dramatically improved since then! Our Great Dane x Boxer has shiny, smooth coat!Very happy we switched and it’s ...

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Blue Staffy Itchy Boy

5 years of chewing paws and being itchySolved with Stay LoyalWe tried steroids antibodies raw food hemp food, bathing paws nothing worked until now.Thank you so much we are all happier especially our fur baby. Second bag and loving life.

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Julian Davy

An Excellent, Healthy Alternative to the Big Brands!

Our dog loves the kibble, great for a smaller dog. I have found the feeding guide and other information provided is spot on with what we have been doing which is great as to be honest I have never been 100% totally confident. If anything she now requ...

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Bailey's Human Friend

Perfect For All

Our 7 year old has been on Stay Loyal since a pup and the vet has repeatedly said she is the healthiest, fittest Lab he has seen in a long time. So we will "Stay Loyal"...! After my endorsement of this brand a friends dog has remedied his eczema... g...

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Pete A

The Best

My red nose Amstaff, Harlie, is extremely sensitive to allergies. Only food she is happy with, and has been for 4 years now, is Stay Loyal. When Xara join our family, being feed a terrible diet for the majority of her life, she also feel in love with...

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G Martens

Rash Free And Loves The Taste

My dog had a bad allergy rash, once she started on Stay Loyal it cleared up within a couple of weeks. We have been using SL for a few years now, she loves the taste and is rash free

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Our Dog Loves it

We started feeding our Kelpie Blue Heeler x Stay Loyal puppy food then after 24 months went onto the adult product.As a result we think this has contributed to a beautiful healthy shiny coat, energy plus and complete health. He has never refused part...

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Tina Gray

Highly recommend

I have a German Shepherd who was having terrible skin issues on other brands of Dog food due to food allergies. I tried him on other dry foods for allergies as recommended by the pet shop, but he really did not want to eat it. Meal times were a strug...

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Fantastic Product

We switched to Stay Loyal after battling skin issues in our GSP, trying other brands of premium dog food, going grain free, and even working with a raw food diet for over a year. We started to see issues again when introducing eggs into his diet. We ...

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Itchy Skin?

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7 Secrets Revealed

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