What makes StayLoyal Different to other dog food companies?

Dogs We educate all our customers on Health, Dog nutrition & Feeding
Dogs We promote feeding your dog Raw Meaty Bones twice a week, for Better Health!
Dogs We are the only dog food company that encourages feeding your dog Less, for a Longer Life!

    • Chicken, Lamb & Fish Grain-Free, All Life Stage! (Was called Original)

      • Highly Digestible (No Grains!)
      • Triple Meat Protein!
      • Boosts the Immune System!
      • Omega-3 from Fish Oil Not Flaxseed!
      • Powerful Antioxidants to fight against pollution and free radical damage!

    • Salmon, Turkey & Pork Grain-Free Holistic, Small Bites! (Was called Salmon & Turkey)

      • Small Kibble Size!
      • Highly Digestible (No Grains!)
      • Triple Meat Protein!
      • Omega-3 from Salmon Not Flaxseed!
      • Turmeric decreases inflammation, boosts immune response & much more!

    • Large Breed Puppy Grain-Free, 0 – 24 months!

      • Correct Calcium and Phosphorous
      • Correct Fat and Protein Levels
      • Highly Digestible (No Grains!)
      • Formulated to Latest Scientific Studies
      • For Slow Steady Optimal Growth!

    • Ultimate Puppy Pack

      FREE... Because Puppies Don`t Come With Instructions!

      • How to Train Your Puppy Using its Natural Instincts!

      • 6 foods you should NEVER feed your puppy! This could save your pup`s life.

      • How to choose the RIGHT puppy food so your pup grows up healthy and stay healthy.

      • How often to feed your Puppy?

      • How to Housebreak Your Puppy in 12 Days!

      • 5 common household items, that can kill your dog.

      And much more...

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