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The Mission

To improve the health and happiness of dogs all over Australia through enriched nutrition and continued education of caring dog owners!

What Is Stay Loyal?

It’s all about Staying Loyal to Your Dog. The best way you can repay your dog’s loyalty is at feed time and with walks. It’s up to you to do the walking but with feeding, Stay Loyal can help. We do this first, by supplying you with a tasty, highly nutritious Grain Free dog food which is mostly meat, delivered to your door…

We then equip you with valuable information in the form of an unconventional yet effective feeding guide and monthly dog care tips in our Dog Lovers Club. We were founded in 2012 by Robert Belobrajdic and David Korac. Although we haven’t been trading long our experience in everything dog is extensive with Robert being around dogs all his life and a passionate breeder for over 20 years.

Breeding both South African Boerboels and hunting dogs in that time. He also has learn't a lot about canine nutrition, from the trenches, and has written 2 books.

How to Feed Your Dog for Optimum Health and Avoid Critical Feeding Mistakes Most Dog Owners Make.

Is Your Dog Itching? How To STOP Your Dog Itching WITHOUT Repeated Vet Visits and Serious Prescription Side EffectsTypography

The Stay Loyal Grain Free Formula is a culmination of over 30 years’ of trial and error experience with feeding dogs. Included in that time Roberts struggle with his Boerboels who suffered from food related skin problems. Plus, the frustration of trying to find a quality Australian Made and Owned Grain Free dog food. The ingredients and ratios in Stay Loyal Grain Free Formula have been carefully selected by Robert and one of Australia’s leading pet nutritionists Denis M’Gee.

Stay Loyal is a way of life.

As dog owners we are known to be loyal friends, husbands, wives and family members. So Stay Loyal!

We Also 'Stay Loyal' To Australia

By using all Australian grown produce in our ingredients. An entirely Australian owned manufacturer and Australian owned distributor. This is important to us because many of the big dog food companies may make their food here, but are owned by companies overseas, so the profits do leave our shores. The money you spend with Stay Loyal Dog Food stays in Australia, helping our economy, jobs, schools, hospitals, and much more. As a customer of ``Stay Loyal`` you are perceived as our most valuable asset, so your feedback is very important to us.
We love good feedback like the great testimonials we have been getting. However, we also want to know if anyone is having a less than wonderful experience with our company. We will really value ANY feedback from our customers that will help us change and grow to make everyone's experience with us wonderful.

Stay Loyal's Philosophy

Our philosophy on feeding your dog is very different to the way conventional dog food companies recommend you to feed your dog. Our feeding guideline booklet is designed to decrease food boredom, increase health and even life span of your dog. You can get their feeding guideline when you purchase Stay Loyal Grain Free Formula.

We’re Grateful For You

Stay Loyal is only a small operation at the moment so Robert and David do their best to personally answer every, and any question you have about dog care. You can email them at or or Call 1300 30 70 57. Finally, we would like to thank all our customers. We are extremely grateful for your business and hope you feel you are getting great value from our product and monthly newsletter.
Sincerely, The Stay Loyal Team.

Love Your Dog

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