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How To Determine The Best Food For Your Dog

Hey, we get it. Comparing dog food brands to determine which is best for your dog can be confusing. Especially since so many companies are screaming in your ear, telling you to buy their products.

This brand comparison chart will help you cut through the clutter and make the choice that’s best for you and your dog. This chart tells you what really matters-the ingredients in your dog’s food, Not the brand name or pretty picture on the front of the bag.

Bottom line: Just because the bag has a well-known, popular brand name or cute image of a dog, doesn’t mean it has quality food inside. Buyer beware!

Sylvia - Carseldine QLD

“I’d like to say apart from Being reasonably priced my dogs are very healthy & happy so I’m glad you made such a great product for Australian dogs to enjoy- don’t stop!”

How Does Your Brand Compare?
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Price Per Kg When Comparing 15 Kg Bags Learn More
>32% Protein Min Learn More
Always Has 2 Or More Animal Protein Sources Learn More
Always Includes Veggies And Fruit Learn More
Never Has Any Grains Not Even Rice Or Oats Learn More
Always Has DHA And EPA As The Omega-3 Source, Not ALA Learn More
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Stay Loyal
Star $10.55
Black Hawk
Star $9.60
Ivory Coat
Star $8.07
Star $9.99
Billy & Margot
Star $10.38
Star $6.52
Star $8.50
Holistic Select
Star $9.54
Star $11.72
Royal Canin
Star $7.75
Science Diet
Star $8.66
Star $7.06
Star $2.75
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Petfood-reviews is an independent review based on ingredients and the guaranteed analysis. It is a science-based nutritional review, opposed to a subjective customer review.

Price Per Kg When Comparing 15kg Bags

When comparing prices it's important to take into consideration the size of the bag. Smaller bags cost more per kg due to a more intensive labour element. It is more important to take ingredients and quality into consideration not just price per kg. Don’t fall for the big brand hype. Also, if shipping is included in the price.

>Protein Min

Protein is one of the most important aspects of your dog’s food. Diets under 28% dry matter in protein can contribute to health issues long term.

Always Has 2 or More Animal Protein Sources

Dogs are considered carnivores because they have a short intestinal tract that allows them to digest Meat efficiently, yet it doesn’t allow them to digest plant matter too well, unlike herbivores who have a very long digestive tract. Because amino acid profiles contained in animal and plant proteins vary, It’s important to know that ANIMAL PROTEINS are considered “Complete” proteins for dogs and cats, while PLANT PROTEINS are considered “Incomplete” proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of life, and that’s why it is so important to feed your dog with foods based on Animal Protein.

Always Include Veggies And Fruit

In place of high-glycemic grains such as rice, wheat and corn, Biologically Appropriate dog foods use fruits & vegetables. Fruits & vegetables contain health-boosting vitamins, minerals, fibers and other substances called phytochemicals, in natural, more biologically accessible form

Never Has Any Grains Not Even Rice or Oats

Dogs are considered carnivores because they have a short intestinal tract that allows them to digest Meat efficiently, yet it doesn’t allow them to digest plant matter like grains. Unlike herbivores that have a very long digestive tract that is designed to eat grasses and grains. Grains are not an appropriate protein source and also are thought to be one of the main culprits in some dogs with allergies.

Always Has DHA and EPA as the Omega-3 source, Not ALA

Basically, there are three different types of Omega-3. DHA and EPA are (Long Chain FA) animal source Omega-3s like in fish oil. The 3rd, ALA, is a (Short Chain FA) plant source omega-3 found in Flaxseed, Canola, and Soy Oils. ALA must be converted to DHA or EPA before it is of any nutritional value to a dog. As dogs have not evolved to do this conversion, ALA Omega-3 from plants is considered "inactive" and not Biologically suitable for dogs or cats.

Australian Made and Owned

There are many imported and Australian made dog foods that are owned by large overseas companies, meaning a lot of your dollars spent leave our wonderful country. If you can find an Australian Made and Owned dog food that satisfies your dogs needs you will be helping more Australians with jobs and the taxes of these Australian companies will stay on our shores.

7 Crucial Things

Every Caring Dog Owner MUST Know When Buying Their Dog’s Food!

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The Very Best Food For Your Dog!

Stay Loyal boosts energy and improves your dog’s muscle tone with more protein than a steak-up to 32%! We also safeguard your dog’s immune system and protect against inflammation. Our formulas contain Omega-3 fish oil and have zero grain.

An extra benefit for you: they’re so nutritious, you feed your dog less!

Success Stories

Check Out What Our Happy Customers Are Saying!


I just wanted to let you know how happy I am and how well Jax is doing ... she is a completely different dog now! It's like I have my original beautiful girl back :)

She is full of life, her coat is sleek and shiny, her eyes are bright, she is full of energy and loves her new crackles! I am overjoyed to have found your post on Facebook because without you, your team, Amazing products and advice Jax would still be suffering and still be having regular visits to the vet and would be still on medication for her skin problems....but not anymore!

I cannot Thank You enough
We are now customers for life


Thought I would send you an update on a couple of new stay loyal fans. Barney is a eleven year old Groodle who has always been a fussy eater but is now devouring his once a day serve of Stay Loyal. Ronny is a nine week old Spoodle and has only been with us for three days, but also is loving the Stay Loyal food.

Thanks for all the info you send through and keep up the great work


The second day we brought our pup home she was hospitalised for 10 days with what we assume was parvo!! She has been eating Stay Loyal since she got home. That was 6 years ago. David was so helpful, especially in those first few months. I can’t recommend highly enough.

Jasper & Mum

We have used your product for over a year now and loving it.

Daily comments are made about Jasper's glows and people ask "How many eggs do you feed him?" "You must wash him daily" and are very surprised when I state that he's only been washed twice in his life and I don't include eggs in his diet.

Good genes & excellent dog food is what I contribute to his shine too. He's a great advert for you!

So thank you!!


This is our sweet, crazy girl. Honestly, the feed has made such a difference to her comfort. We’re so grateful to your company and we look forward to many years ahead of quality feed and a healthy, happy pup! And thanks for such a great product! Truffles was so itchy on XXXXXX (which had been fine for our previous dog with skin issues) and has stopped itching altogether on Stay Loyal. We tried reintroducing XXXXXX just to be sure it was a food allergy, and not a grass one, and she started itching within 24 hours and it got progressively worse over almost a week. We’re all looking forward to having her back to a happy, comfortable pup again very soon! Thanks again.


I am one of the many happy and relieved customers because their furbies are now living a healthier life. Before I adopted my rescue dog he suffered EXTREME allergies resulting in him scratching most of his fur.... after thousand of dollars on constant tests, injections and a multitude of tablets we found that he was VERY allergic to grain and grain dust. It took me a very long time and heartache to find food for him....then I found you...OMG...(he will be on two lots of cortizone for the rest of his life) your dry food is awesome, it took a little while but he stopped scratching and is SOOOO must happier. Thank you for sticking to your word about your product being....GRAIN FREE....there are some furbies like mine who need honesty....first pic...when handed four years of medication and then your food we have a very handsome boy....THANK YOU so much to all of you


Bruce has been enjoying your food for a few years now. Still drools twice a day when I serve it up to him. Kind regards

Robert - Adelaide

After using your dog dry food my dog is in perfect condition. Her coat is nice & shiny and weight is perfect plus she is keen to eat your dry food. On my last order you sent a pack of Joint Health Treats of which she loves. I have been plugging your dog food at my local Vets… Hopefully they will contact you. I believe you now keep a stock here in Adelaide now which is fantastic! Just keep up the good work and it is a pleasure doing business with you.

Big thanks to Robert for sharing the Stay Loyal love within your community!

Still confused?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to transition my dog over to your product?

Yes, when you change over to any food its best to change gradually, monitoring the stools as you go.

Is the Salmon, Turkey, Pork small bites suitable for larger breeds?

Yes, it is made with small dogs in mind being a small kibble size, however any size adult dog can eat it.

When is the best time to transition over from Large Breed Puppy to Chicken, Lamb, Fish or Salmon, Turkey, Pork?

This depends on the breed. Most medium to large breeds between 25kg and 60kg fully grown will stop their rapid growth stage between 8 to 10months so it is best to transition then, while at the same time moving to adult portions which are smaller by weight than the puppy portions. Great Danes take the longest to grow and can be in the rapid growth stage for up to 2 years, so transitioning around 18-24 months would be recommended.

My dog is fussy, which food would you recommend?

Large and giant breed pups are different because they cannot regulate how much calcium they absorb so need less calcium than smaller breeds.

For a full explanation go to our blog article -->

My dog is fussy, which food would you recommend?

There is no particular formula for fussy dogs as any product would be suitable. We recommend trying our Fussy dog feeding guide, because often the dog is fussy due to incorrect feeding techniques that promote fussiness rather than them not liking the food and if done correctly will work for your dog.