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Dog Training Videos

The “Aussie Dog Super Nanny” Wants To Help You Train Your Dog!


Since Robert and I started Stay Loyal, we’ve focused big on helping dog owners better understand their dogs.

Our goal with this free video mini-series is to help you know your dog well and have a closer, more rewarding, and low stress relationship with them.

This fun series of brief, simple-to-follow videos is led by Linda Cause, the “Aussie Dog Super Nanny” from Toowoomba, QLD. Linda has a National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia Certification III in dog training and behaviour.

She has over 35 years of experience training dogs. She’s an expert at helping dogs and their humans understand and relate to each other better.

Her dog training “superpower” is her ability to give simple, brief, useful, yet easy tips you can start using straight away.

If you want to find out more about Linda and her services, click here.

This video series is our free gift to you. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and find it valuable!


David Korac

Stay Loyal Cofounder

PS: We ask only one thing in return…

Hope For Our Children is a wonderful charitable organisation that uses therapy dogs to bring comfort to children who are victims of crime. They also help raise awareness of the plight of Australia’s foster children.

If you enjoyed this free video series and found it helpful, please make a donation to HFOC. You can find out more about this life-changing organisation on this page.

Even a small donation can make a huge difference in a child’s life. Thank you for your generosity!


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Even the smallest amount can make the biggest difference in saving a live

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If you would like to work with Linda Click the link below.
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