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How to Give a Dog a Tablet

How to Give a Dog a Tablet

No matter how well we train and socialise our dogs when they are young, some things we just don’t think about … like getting them used to taking a pill or a tablet. So then, when the time comes and they have a daily medication that they need to consume, the fight begins. Make it easy on yourself with these tips on how to give a dog a tablet.

Hiding Pills to Give to Dogs

For some dogs, it’s as easy as putting that tablet into something yummy, and they will eat it right up. This can be anything your dog likes that you can stuff, a piece of meat, a chunk of cheese, peanut butter, or specially made pill pocket treats from the pet store.

Make into a Powder and Mixing with Food

If your dog is getting a capsule tablet, you can take the halves apart and sprinkle the powder onto your dog’s food. Wet it down a bit with water or broth and most dogs will not even notice.

For hard tablets, you can grind them up into a powder to put on your dog’s food. If your dog seems unsure, adding it to something extra yummy like a bit of mince, peanut butter, etc., can get the job done.

Pilling a Dog: How To Give a Dog a Tablet

If your dog is sly and sees through your attempts at hiding it in their food, then you’re left with pilling your dog. Pilling a dog can seem hard at first, but if you know the steps … especially the all-important last step … you can get it done without too much stress.

1. Have the pill and a very yummy treat in one hand, but hold them separately – this may take some practice.

2. Place your dog in a sitting or standing position with you behind them. You can put their body between your legs to keep them from squirming if necessary.

3. Put your empty hand under your dog’s mouth, right at the chin. Gently left their head, so their neck is stretched a bit.

4. Take the pill hand and quickly but gently open their mouth and drop the pill as far back on the tongue into the throat as possible. Close their mouth (you can gently hold it closed if needed) and stroke their throat with the hand that’s on it to encourage them to swallow.

5. When you feel them swallow, immediately give them the tasty treat you have waiting. That’s the important last step. Treating afterward will help your dog not be as offended the next time you come toward them with a pill in your hand.

Using these tips, you should be able to give any dog a tablet, safely and easily. If you are still not able to, ask your vet if the medication can be compounded into another form, such as a liquid, that might be easier. At the end of the day the medication is important and your pet has to have it, so figuring out the least-aversive way to pill your dog will make your life easier and your dog happier.



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