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Success Stories

Happy Dogs, Happy Owners - A Decade of Success Stories and Wagging Tails Since 2012

I totally agree with all the positive feedback for Stay Loyal. It is an excellent product. Our dog absolutely loves it and his coat is just beautiful. After going into the minefields of pet food and doing a lot of research I was very pleased to find Stay Loyal.
I also had reason to contact Robert recently for some feeding advice and I have to say that I really wish there were more companies out there that were as helpful as Robert has been.
Leslie Tasmania

I have been buying this food for my golden retriever for about 6 months. She loves the food and her poops are so much better than they were on other grain free food. The company are fantastic to deal with, answering emails and allowing to push delivery out when I still had too much food left after the auto delivery window. I wont be changing brands and would definitely recommend!

Ann Mackie Mount Gambier S.A

"I just had to share how amazing Stay Loyal has been for our beloved senior dog, Madhi. In just 6 months, we've seen a tremendous improvement in her mobility.

Madhi injured her left front paw years ago, which caused her pain during long walks and games like fetch. But now, thanks to Stay Loyal, she's a whole new dog! Madhi joins me on daily 6km walks and happily plays fetch at her favourite place, the beach.

Last weekend, she played fetch and went on an 8km walk without any limping. She's turning 12 soon, but Stay Loyal has truly brought back her youthful spirit. Our family can't thank you enough!"

Sally Adams QLD

I am so grateful for your amazing pet food. It has completely resolved the long-term issues my dog, Pip, has had with upset tummies. She looks so healthy now. The superior quality of your food is so obvious. It is also surprisingly cost-effective - Pip needs less of your food compared to the cheap brands. Thank you for providing such a fantastic product and for your great customer service!

Rachel VIC

Abby is really enjoying her Stay Loyal kibble and the Natural Health Joint Treats.

She has always been a healthy dog but I thought you should know the change is noticeable.

She bleats for her biscuits at dinner time and really looks forward to the morning and afternoon Joint Health treat.

It is very amusing to watch the enthusiasm as she savours her new grain free diet. The Joint Treats are so very adored and I love to watch her being obedient, pretending to be patient and very vocal until she receives them.

Abby's coat is even more shiny now and any itching she had before has completely disappeared.

Thank you very much


"Just wanted to email and let you know how happy we are with your product and friendly, helpful customer service.

Meet Belle, a 2yo labradoodle. Ever since she was a pup, her stomach was easily upset. We tried all sorts of things and ended up grain-free, it didn’t completely eradicate the problem, but it helped. Many foods upset her stomach straight away, and even when switching between flavours of the same food, it still had to be introduced as new food, and she would be unwell during the transition. We also suspected allergies to proteins and needed to change between flavours regularly, or she was ill and bored with the same taste.

Then I came across Stay Loyal on a labradoodle group. I liked that you are an Australian company and other owners had said the change had helped with their dog’s allergies. So we switched. Belle wasn’t unwell AT ALL during the transition, and I can’t speak highly enough about your product! Belle is rarely sick, and my ‘grain-free, gets ill or smelly and can’t eat anything’ dog is no more! Now if she eats something she shouldn’t including grains unless she has a lot, it doesn’t bother her! She’s been eating the same flavour for 6mths and is yet to get tired of the taste, still loves it! It’s an affordable, Australian, quality product.

I’ve also been impressed with your customer service. There was a glitch with our auto-delivery when we first signed up, and it wasn’t sent. I made contact, and the issue was speedily dealt with by your friendly staff and resolved, including receiving the product quickly, so we didn’t run out.

As Belle is so active, she requires more than the recommended feeding amount of food. Otherwise, she loses weight, even with feeding bones and treats as well as the kibble. Not sure she needs taurine in her food haha.

Thank you Stay Loyal Team!"

Kellie Berri, SA

"Well Wilbur was turning his nose up like a bit of a spoilt brat at his Advance Puppy and then I bought a small bag of Taste o the Wild as that was highly scored. Turned his nose up at that too.As soon as his Stay Loyal arrived, I opened the bag and he was excited as can be, bouncing on his front paws, big smiles so he must have been able to smell how good it was. He loves it, absolutely loves it. When I get the bag out of the cupboard, he is excitedly bouncing on his paws and he scoffs it. Really good to see him enjoying his food, really happy I found you guys."

Amanda Dobson QLD

"Thanks for touching base regarding the success of the dog food. I have a 5.5yr old Male German Shepeard. He is extremely fussy with dry dog food. I previously tried various brands (not cheap supermarket ones) which he did not like. Some days the dry food would sit in his bowl for 2 days.

Due to him then having a few health issues where he lost all his nails we went on a pure raw diet together with muesli. He was doing okay as he prefers the raw food rather than dry food. He started loosing his nails again after 1 year. We thought of going on a dry food diet again so l did some research and the reviews for your brand were quite positive.

The first time we gave him the StayLoyal food he ate it all up in one go!! We were very surprised and extremely happy as he has never done this before. Looks like we have found a dry food that he likes."

Dimitra Frost Point Cook, VIC