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A Critical Message For Large Breed Puppy Owners

A Critical Message For Large Breed Puppy Owners

As the proud “pet parent” of a new large or giant breed puppy, you have lots of fun times to look forward to. You have many happy memories waiting to be made.

You want to give your puppy the very best start in life you can. You want to do what’s possible now to help them be healthy and happy when they reach adulthood.

So please understand this…

The message you’re about to read is extremely important.

You see, large and giant breed puppies have unique needs. You don’t want to treat them like smaller puppies or adult dogs.

They need special care and feeding. Take care of them the right way, and you set the stage for a long, healthy, happy life for your dog and lots of happy times together.

But what if a large breed puppy isn’t cared for the right way? What happens when large breed puppy owners make a very common, but easily preventable, mistake we’ll talk about in a moment?

Sadly, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Now, before we go any further, what do I mean when I say large or giant breed? A large breed puppy is one that will be over 40 kg. as an adult. A giant breed puppy will grow to more than 60 kg.

So what happens when you make this common mistake I mentioned a moment ago? Your puppy’s bones and joints can grow too quickly.

This often leads to serious problems. It almost guarantees they will suffer hip and elbow dysplasia as an adult. This greatly increases the likelihood they will be plagued by debilitating pain later in life, maybe even before old age.

Their condition might become life threatening.

You’re probably asking yourself, “What is this common mistake?” It’s overfeeding.

Feeding large and giant breed puppies too much is a common practice, especially if we’re talking about first-time puppy owners

It's easy to understand how the owner of a new large breed puppy could give their 4-legged friend too much food too often. You want to make sure they get enough nutrition, so they grow up big and strong, right?

Yes, you do. But please don’t overfeed them.

Remember this: it's important to keep your large breed puppy lean until their growth plates have closed. Your vet can help you determine when this has happened.

Here's another common belief that naturally leads to overfeeding. Large breed puppies have bigger bones. This means they need lots of calcium, right?

Indeed, too little calcium can cause serious growth and development problems for your large or giant breed puppy.

But the opposite is also true. Too much calcium can lead to trouble. Multiple studies have shown that excess calcium may cause skeletal disease in large and giant breed puppies.

Compared to smaller breeds, they are more at risk of trouble from excess calcium, because they absorb a lot more of the nutrients they take in.

Now, after all this talk about painful problems, no doubt you’re ready for some good news.

Here it is: overfeeding is an easy problem to prevent.

One way to help stop it is to avoid “free feeding”. That is, don’t give your puppy a full bowl all the time and let them eat whenever they want.

Not only can this cause severe skeletal problems, it’s unhealthy in other ways. It can lead to obesity and related health complications that may destroy your dog’s quality of life and cause them to die early.

It's so much healthier to keep your dog lean and to give them the right amount of food ONLY at prescribed feeding times.

So how much food is too much? And how much is too little? It depends. Many dog owners decide the amount to feed their dogs based on current weight.

But here’s the thing…

Lots of dogs are overweight, even obese. Let’s imagine a dog that weighs 50kg but should really weigh 30kg.

If you feed it based on guidelines for a 50kg dog, it’s getting way too much food–more than double the amount it needs, for health and well-being.

You want to feed it based on the guidelines for a 30kg dog.

To determine the correct feeding amount for your dog, you need to first know its body score.

Let’s say you discover your dog’s body score shows they are too fat. The solution is simple. Feed them less.

And what if they are too thin? Feed them more!

As you feed your dog more, or less, check their body score on a regular basis until they reach their ideal weight.

So which brand of large breed puppy food should you choose? Why not consider Stay Loyal Large Breed Puppy Formula? It’s different from adult dog food. It’s not just “puppy food”. It’s specifically formulated for large and giant breed puppies to help them experience controlled, steady, optimal growth.

Like all of our ultra-premium Stay Loyal formulas, it’s grain free. It has the right levels of protein and healthy fat.

It's made in Australia, by an Australian-owned company, with only Australia-grown ingredients.

And it’s backed by our taste guarantee. If your puppy doesn’t absolutely love it, we’ll cheerfully refund your money.

Sound good?

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To your puppy’s health and happiness!

Robert Belobrajdic,

Stay Loyal Cofounder

One more thing…

Feeding, raising and caring for your large breed puppy can be a massive source of stress and confusion.

In my over 30 years of experience training, breeding and caring for dogs, I’ve done it myself many times. So I can relate to your struggle.

That’s why I want to offer you a special perk you won’t get from any other dog food company.

Email me at and ask me anything you want to about your large or giant breed puppy. I’ll respond as soon as I can!



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