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How Much Should I Exercise My Dog?

I can’t give a blanket answer for this question because every dog is different and needs different amounts of exercise. Not to mention owners have different degrees of fitness.

So here is a rough guide of what is possible and also of what to look out for.

Puppies and older dogs don’t need a lot of exercise and over exercising them can do more harm than good. A leisurely 30 min stroll per day is enough. Some more active breeds can do an hour. With puppies you can go for a walk to the park and allow them to run around and play at their own pace. They will let you know when they are done.

Healthy adult dogs can be exercised between 1 to 4 hours per day depending on the breed and intensity of the exercise. Herding dogs like Kelpies can run all day when conditioned to do so. As opposed to an English bulldog which may struggle to walk an hour on a hot day. Sprinting breeds like greyhounds and whippets can only do a few sprints then it’s time to walk home.

Basically you need to just keep an eye on your dog’s breathing and energy levels. Don’t let your dog get to the point where the tongue is almost dragging on the floor. Stop before then and let your dog recover then continue the walk or start heading home.

If you find your dog has more energy than you, then try using a bike or throwing a ball to get rid of that extra energy.

Exercising your dog is some of the best time you will spend with your dog. Follow these tips and it will guarantee a great outing every time.

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