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Do you want to get the best food for your dog?

We know choosing the best food for your dog can be confusing. Especially since there are so many dog food companies trying to get your attention.

The idea behind this comparison is to make you aware that what goes into the dog food is much more important than the brand or the pretty picture on the front of the bag. Just because a bag of dog food has a big brand name doesn't mean there is quality food inside.

How Does Your Brand Compare? Expert Rating By Petfood Price Per Kg When Comparing 15 Kg Bags >32% Protein Min Always Has 2 Or More Animal Protein Sources Always Includes Veggies And Fruit Never Has Any Grains Not Even Rice Or Oats Always Has DHA And EPA As The Omega-3 Source, Not ALA Australian Made And Owned
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7 Crucial Things

Any caring dog owner must know when buying their dog's food

Now if your dog could talk, he'd say "watch this video to learn what to feed me!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when you change over to any food its best to change gradually, monitoring the stools as you go.

Yes, it is made with small dogs in mind being a small kibble size, however any size adult dog can eat it.

This depends on the breed. Most medium to large breeds between 25kg and 60kg fully grown will stop their rapid growth stage between 8 to 10months so it is best to transition then, while at the same time moving to adult portions which are smaller by weight than the puppy portions. Great Danes take the longest to grow and can be in the rapid growth stage for up to 2 years, so transitioning around 18-24 months would be recommended.

There is no particular formula for fussy dogs as any product would be suitable. We recommend trying our Fussy dog feeding guide, because often the dog is fussy due to incorrect feeding techniques that promote fussiness rather than them not liking the food and if done correctly will work for your dog.


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+The price per kilo difference is based on a national retailer website as of April 2022. Scratch pricing is based on the Scratch website. These prices may vary from day to day.