When can I change my order?

    You can change or cancel your order at anytime. Please contact us at david@stayloyal.com.au if you want to make changes or cancellation to your order.

    For Auto-Deliveries, you can change the period between orders as often as you like. Simply log in-to your account at www.stayloyal.com.au and you will be able to update, cancel, or push back your next delivery. You can also update your payment details, delivery address and instructions through the “Member Login” page or simply just email, david@stayloyal.com.au and we will do the rest for you.


    What happens if we run out of stock?

    If there is a disruption to supply (we have done everything we can to make sure there isn’t a disruption) we will contact you and go through the options with you. You may either select a replacement item to be delivered or may choose to skip that delivery and wait for the product to become available again.

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