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Your dedication to improving your dog's health is truly commendable. With Stay Loyal, you're providing your furry friend with a balanced, nutritious diet that will help them thrive. From a shinier coat to more muscle and relief from itchy skin and runny poos, Stay Loyal offers a range of benefits that will make your dog feel like their happiest, healthiest self. 


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4.8/5 (1,478 reviews)

4.8/5 (1,478 reviews)

92%  of customers highly recommended Stay Loyal

Abigail  Central Highlands and Goldfields, VIC 

18, Apr 2024

This is the food your dogs needs!!

I am here to give a big thumbs up to Stay Loyal, I was stuck, trying to feed my female Border Collie who had an itchy belly that was driving her mad, I got shots from the Vet to abate it, I thought I was feeding her grain free, but I had to look closer at ingredient lists. I tried ALOT of different kibble and air dried foods, she was okay with the air dried - but after a few kilos was turning her back on this flash expensive dog food. I found Stay Loyal and she eats it! I have 2 dogs and their poo's firmed up and shrunk, the other dog will eat anything! The food gets mailed out and arrives in a couple of days - that is amazing. And if you need to tweak the delivery days that is no problem either. I am very happy with food, the advice (about not overfeeding your dog especially). Totally, thoroughly, recommend Stay Loyal.

Cheryl  Tasmania 

14, Apr 2024

Best Dog Food

My dogs have been fed Stay Loyal for a while now and I'm extremely happy with it and my dogs love it. Two of them have Chicken, Lamb and Fish and, as my pug needs a chicken free version, he has Salmon Turkey and Pork. My vet has commented on their coats, teeth and general condition and stated they are happy and healthy dogs. I love that the product is Aussie owned and made and that I can have auto delivery. Grain free food is very important and having the first ingredient meat is also very important. I highly recommend this product and my dogs will be having it for as long as they live. Big thanks to Rob and David for an excellent product. I should add that I enjoy the news letters that are sent as I find them very informative.

Chrislovespugs  AU 

26, Mar 2024

So glad my pugs have had this food right from the start!

We used Stay Loyal for the last few years of my previous two pugs’ lives, they were 15 and 17 years old and I like to think Stay Loyal gave them a bit of extra ‘life’!
In early 2021 we got two little black pugs and they LOVE their Stay Loyal. They’ve had it ever since they were pups and first able to eat solid food, their coat is always beautiful and shiny. It’s very easy to manage their weight and they are sleek and slender (which is hard for pugs, they *love* their food! I don’t think it would be a falsehood to say that many pugs are overweight - and I’m including all the previous ones we’ve had. I’m not picking on pugs, they only eat what we give them!) Thanks to the information from Stay Loyal, I know what ‘normal’ pug weight looks like, and understand how to identify their healthy weight simply by looking at their shape definition. Also, how important it is to give them the right amount of food and not to be tricked into overfeeding them!

Abbey QLD 

24, Mar 2024

I would highly recommend this food to Guardians of larger dogs!!

I fed the Stay Loyal Large Breed Puppy to my Baby Leonberger until recently. Leonbergers are a giant breed and although Manaia is not my first Leonberger and I am pretty well versed on feeding large dogs .... the concern of feeding appropriate levels of Protein/fat and calcium/phosphorus etc, are always high on my list of considerations. Having spent many years in North America I have struggled to find foods that I am happy to feed my dogs since coming home. I did a lot of research and found Stay Loyal.
I compared the ingredients and the levels and found this to be a food I was happy to give my Big Girl. She did very well on the LB Puppy. Her growth rate, skin and coat, poops :-) ..... all responded nicely !! And she ate it !!! She actually ate it !!! 😁She was a dreadfully fussy puppy !!!
I would highly recommend this food to Guardians of larger dogs!! I switched her to Stay Loyal Adult food recently. Now both my Leonberger and my Golden Retriever are on the Chicken, Lamb and Fish and both are doing very well. Thank you !!
Stay Loyal is a great company ... Their customer service is excellent ... so add that to a high quality food and all the bases are covered !!

Robkom Wide Bay-Burnett, QLD 

10, Mar 2024

Abby loves Stay Loyal

Abby has tried all the varieties and loves them all. She looks fit and healthy as does her shiny coat. Thankyou Stay Loyal for being a superior product and a wonderful company

Lindsay Sydney, NSW

12, Feb 2024

Nothing but the best

Our dog is so happy and health on Stay Loyal kibble. We love the subscription/deliver to your door. The service and communication from the team is always so easy and we love their newsletters too! Wouldn’t go with anyone else!

Leslie Tasmania

12, Feb 2024

Our dog absolutely loves it and his coat is just beautiful.

I totally agree with all the positive feedback for Stay Loyal. It is an excellent product. Our dog absolutely loves it and his coat is just beautiful. After going into the minefields of pet food and doing a lot of research I was very pleased to find Stay Loyal. I also had reason to contact Robert recently for some feeding advice and I have to say that I really wish there were more companies out there that were as helpful as Robert has been.

Victoria T. Sydney, NSW

11, Jan 2024

Great product! Amazing service!

My dog does sooooo well on Stay Loyal, and I'm grateful to have found such a wonderful product for him. When it comes to customer service, Stay Loyal excels. Deepest thanks to Valerie for her help. Above and beyond!

Michelle A. North Queensland, QLD

21, Nov 2023

Thank you in so many ways!

I'm a long-time customer of Stay Loyal, my boy is 10 years old and in great health with no signs of ageing (Wiem/Dal/GSP X) I attribute this mostly to his diet. Information in the emails I receive is informative and always so helpful and delivery is always ridiculously fast! I really don't know how they do that but it is very much appreciated.

Ann Sydney, NSW

20, Nov 2023

I'll definitely be "Staying Loyal"

I have been buying this food for my golden retriever for about 6 months. She loves the food and her poops are so much better than they were on other grain free food. The company are fantastic to deal with, answering emails and allowing to push delivery out when I still had too much food left after the auto delivery window. I wont be changing brands and would definitely recommend!

Rachel Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

8, Nov 2023

Couldn't manage without it. Healthy dog. No more upset tummies

I had tried every food out there to resolve my Border Collie's prolonged upset tummies, including the super expensive vet diets. Stay Loyal was my last resort, and it absolutely worked. She is healthy, and looks great. It is also surprisingly affordable as she doesn't need as much of this high-quality food.

Toneal Darling Downs, QLD

8, Nov 2023

I could not recommend them enough!!

I started feeding Stay Loyal nearly 8 years ago when I got a new boxer puppy to my family. Well one turned into two then into 3 & more recently 4 a Frenchie. All have been raised on Stay Loyal & I could not recommend them enough. Everyone lines up for their dinner they just love the taste & all are in optimum condition. The communication from the team is second to none. I have only had to feed something different in this time & they just don’t seem to do as good (loose weight).

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Founded since 2012, Stay Loyal is the brainchild of two paws-itively passionate dog lovers from NSW, Australia, who decided to take a different approach to dog nutrition. Robert and David set out to educate dog owners on proper nutrition, health, and feeding practices, aiming to help dogs live longer, healthier lives. With a focus on feeding less for longevity and adding raw meaty bones into the mix, Stay Loyal stands out as a company that's all about the wagging tails and wet noses of holistic canine health.


Working alongside a leading Australian pet nutrition expert, Stay Loyal developed a grain-free dog food that boasts all-natural ingredients sourced from Australia. With a triple meat protein blend, Stay Loyal ensures dogs receive optimal nutrition without unnecessary fillers. But that's not all! With over 40 years of dog care experience, Robert and David provides a wealth of resources on our website, including free info, newsletters, and a Dog Blog, all aimed at helping dog owners improve their furry friends' health and happiness. Experience the Stay Loyal difference today and give your dog the gift of a healthier, happier life!