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Zebby is loving his food- even though he is a young retriever he has not enjoyed some previous dry foods. His skin is not so pink, his poo is healthier and he is losing weight. I thought I had done all the research and was feeding him the good stuff – wheat free, correct amount of meal and other ingredients etc but I am very grateful to have found you guys!
Jacqui – Golden Bay WA

Just wanted to email and let you know how happy we are with your product and friendly, helpful customer service.

Meet Belle, a 2yo labradoodle. Ever since she was a pup, her stomach was easily upset. We tried all sorts of things and ended up grain-free, it didn’t completely eradicate the problem, but it helped. Many foods upset her stomach straight away, and even when switching between flavours of the same food, it still had to be introduced as new food, and she would be unwell during the transition. We also suspected allergies to proteins and needed to change between flavours regularly, or she was ill and bored with the same taste.

Then I came across Stay Loyal on a labradoodle group. I liked that you are an Australian company and other owners had said the change had helped with their dog’s allergies. So we switched. Belle wasn’t unwell AT ALL during the transition, and I can’t speak highly enough about your product! Belle is rarely sick, and my ‘grain-free, gets ill or smelly and can’t eat anything’ dog is no more! Now if she eats something she shouldn’t including grains unless she has a lot, it doesn’t bother her! She’s been eating the same flavour for 6mths and is yet to get tired of the taste, still loves it! It’s an affordable, Australian, quality product.

I’ve also been impressed with your customer service. There was a glitch with our auto-delivery when we first signed up, and it wasn’t sent. I made contact, and the issue was speedily dealt with by your friendly staff and resolved, including receiving the product quickly, so we didn’t run out.

As Belle is so active, she requires more than the recommended feeding amount of food. Otherwise, she loses weight, even with feeding bones and treats as well as the kibble. Not sure she needs taurine in her food haha.

Thank you Stay Loyal Team!

Kellie, Berri SA
Well Wilbur was turning his nose up like  a bit of a spoilt brat at his Advance Puppy and then I bought a small bag of Taste o the Wild as that was highly scored.  Turned his nose up at that too.
As soon as his Stay Loyal arrived, I opened the bag and he was excited as can be, bouncing on his front paws, big smiles so he must have been able to smell how good it was.  He loves it, absolutely loves it.  When I get the bag out of the cupboard, he is excitedly bouncing on his paws and he scoffs it.  Really good to see him enjoying his food, really happy I found you guys.
Amanda Dobson, QLD

Thanks for touching base regarding the success of the dog food. I have a 5.5yr old Male German Shepeard. He is extremely fussy with dry dog food. I previously tried various brands (not cheap supermarket ones) which he did not like. Some days the dry food would sit in his bowl for 2 days.

Due to him then having a few health issues where he lost all his nails we went on a pure raw diet together with muesli. He was doing okay as he prefers the raw food rather than dry food. He started loosing his nails again after 1 year. We thought of going on a dry food diet again so l did some research and the reviews for your brand were quite positive.

The first time we gave him the StayLoyal food he ate it all up in one go!!  We were very surprised and extremely happy as he has never done this before. Looks like we have found a dry food that he likes.

Dimitra Frost – Point Cook, VIC

I’d like to say apart from being reasonably priced my dogs are very healthy & happy so I’m glad you made such a great product for Australian dogs to enjoy- don’t stop!

Sylvia – Carseldine QLD

Our two girls started Stay Loyal exactly one month ago and they are enjoying it.  One of our dogs had itchy and irritable skin, we have seen some improvement over the last 3 weeks.
We are following the recommendations provided and feeding them raw meat/bones once a week.

I have already referred 2 friends to Stay Loyal.
Peter Verveniotis – Clayton VIC

I have a 10 year Kelpie Cross Border collie. Being a light tan colour and her skin very sensitive she would often scratch and be uncomfortable, I did not feed her bones (because she used to dig holes) or raw chicken wings, In the summer months she would get hot spots and be very uncomfortable and have fleas. I was so fed up with the Vets as they cost a fortune for a little bit of information, that just let to x-rays and more money! So I started doing some home research and came across Stay Loyal. I have never looked back. Since reading all about the dog’s digestive system and what they do and don’t need…..even the fasting of your dog was a tremendous change to her general overall wellbeing. Now she does not need any flea treatment, I don’t wash her with anything but cold water, the beach or lake (unless she has rolled in ummm you know what!) then she may need a little help. I don’t give her left overs unless its meat or chicken, everything Stay Loyal has recommended I do with my dog. Thank you Stay Loyal.

Kerry Matthews and Shona Dog – High Wycombe WA

Thanks for your email and for all the informative newsletters. I’ve learnt so much! I’m a first time dog owner and loving every minute of it. Just wish I didn’t wait so long to own a dog. I have a cavoodle (great for me as she doesn’t shed). She developed itchy paws and would constantly chew and lick them. I tried everything and then stumbled across your website and so glad I did. I started her on Stay Loyal as well as washing her with Malaseb shampoo and leave in conditioner. She is so much happier now. No more paw chewing and her gorgeous eyes look so much brighter. She is 12kg. I feed her morning and evening. Approximately 55-58grams per serve. I also give her vegetables, meaty bones and the occasional chicken wing. She is always hungry and a little guts!!!! I’ve made the biggest mistake of feeding her little bits and pieces of what I’m eating and now she’s used to doing that. A bad habit that I need to change. It’s all healthy food though. Thank you for producing a fantastic product. I’ve recommended you to other dog owners. I’m grateful for any advice or recommendations you can give me as I know you have years of experience in raising healthy dogs.


Brenda – Liverpool NSW

We have three very active dogs that have been on StayLoyal Grain Free for nearly 5 months and they have never looked healthier, their coats are shiny, teeth are good and have healthy stools. Although they had no health issues within a week I noticed improvement to their coats, shiny and soft with less hair drop. Before starting on this product the nine year old border collie was starting to show signs of arthritis, which also appears to have improved. They love this food, we only need to make sure there is adequate water available. It so much easier at meal times to make sure they are getting the correct amount to maintain a healthy weight. I am happy to have found this product, price is competitive for a high quality dog food, service and advice and informative newsletters are great. The auto delivery set up make it all hassle free. I regularly recommend it to other dog owners.

Heather Cullinan – Tura Beach, NSW

When we adopted Harvey his coat was so rough and dry, his nose and paws were cracked and he was very sluggish. It’s been 3months now on Stay Loyal food and his coat is super shiny, his paws and nose are smooth and he looks so fit and has endless energy. He has two cups a day + yoghurt + fresh meat or bones. We have been recommending the food to our friends and family. He looks like a different dog!

Sarah Lee – Newport, NSW

I have 5 dogs that are eating your dog food and they love it.
3 of them are Black Labradors who will eat absolutely anything so it was always going to be well received by those guys. Two of them are around 12months old and I would say I’ve noticed improved muscle tone and their coats are fantastic.
Then there’s my 12yo male who is my Service Dog. He’s the main reason why we changed food. He was starting to get rashes in his paws and his coat was really changing as he aged, going kind of fluffy, and changing to a brown in patches, and I was starting to worry about his health more and more. Getting the grains out of his diet has stopped the rashes I believe and everyone has noticed his coat has gone back to much like it was when he was a little younger. The brown patches are really only noticeable in the sun now and more like the brown tinge they get before they melt rather than full solid brown patches. We have also found he doesn’t really need the supplements that we had him on.
Dog 4 is a mixed breed rspca special and he is the only fussy eater and he’s loving the new biscuits. We actually have had to reduce the quantity we had him on because he started getting a little porky, just trying to work out the new qty, he’s back in shape now and doing really well.
Dog 5 is a french Beauceron, he’s a big boy at 68kg and changing to your food has actually saved us 2 cups of food per day. He’s looking great, it has been difficult with other foods to keep a bit of muscle bulk on him without him getting a bit chubby. The wife is very happy with his weight etc.

Overall we have actually reduced the cost of feeding our dogs by changing to your food, even though it’s slightly more expensive for the food, we don’t spend more on supplements and extra stuff. We used less food each month 45kg down from 52kg so less to store and it’s delivered so we don’t have to spend time going out shopping.
I would consider our changing to your company a massive win and we recommend it to anyone we know.

Thanks again,

Matt Tolson – Caboolture, QLD

Our little lady is almost 17 years old and is slowing up. A week after starting her on Stayloyal, we noticed a change for the better in her physical appearance. She suffers with Cushing’s Disease and is on medication twice daily to keep this under control. She is totally deaf but uses other behaviours to keep tabs on our whereabouts. We originally thought to give Stayloyal a go, as she suffers with summer itch each year, especially as the heat starts to build up here in Queensland. Last year, her itch was not as severe, and was controllable with the occasional application of ointment. Once the itchy skin cooled, her scratching and licking stopped. Her coat is excellent and although cataracts are forming, she still has her sight.

Topsy has always been a strong-willed, stubborn little girl, and although she is slowing up, seems determined to hang on to life for as long as she can. With the help of Stayloyal, we hope she will give us her love and loyalty for a little time yet.

Barbara O’Brien – Taranganba, QLD

Just have to say in regard to Stayloyal, my dogs coat and body condition and energy levels have improved out of sight since I changed over about 9mths ago. We have a 2yo GSP bitch, a 2yo Border Collie X bitch and a nearly 15yo Vizsla boy. He in particular I have noticed the biggest change with. He has always been an active, fit dog, as the breed should be, but old age was catching up with him and he had lost weight and had really slowed down activity wise. Since changing him over to Stayloyal he has put on weight to a perfect condition level, his coat looks like shining copper, and he is acting half his age, playing quite roughly with the young dogs and racing around the paddocks with the horses like he used to! I definitely believe your food has increased his life span, I have heard of a few V’s reaching 17 and a year ago I didn’t think he would make 14, but now I am really hopeful we will have him for a couple more years.

As for the girls, it is insane how much energy they have, the GSP is so strong and fast and her coat, which typically for the breed has quite a bit of white through it, is super shiny. You don’t usually see shine that well in a liver and white speckled/patchy coat. So overall changing to Stayloyal was the best thing I could have done for my dogs. It is expensive, and I don’t earn a lot of money, I know a lot of people think I am mad for spending that much compared to supermarket brands, but I just want to give my dogs the longest, healthiest lives possible.

Thank you for an awesome product!

Vanessa Rosback – Gumeracha , SA

My dog Sally struggled for many years with an itch which resulted in loss of hair. I found out that NOT having grains in her diet could help her. Stay Loyal’s product was perfect for her and within two months her hair had grown back in full. Sadly my beautiful Sally passed onto doggy heaven. I rang Stay Loyal in regards to returns and closing my account. They were ever so sympathetic and caring. Thank you so much to the whole team and especially Robert and Tracey. I really appreciated everything that you have done for me and your kindness.

Julie Russell – Putney NSW

“Would just like to say a big thank you to the team at stay loyal for the sound advice and in depth knowledge on itching dogs. My 14 week old sharpei pup from Rockingham, Western Australia, had bad itching and reaction to the grain food we were feeding him. I took him to the vet and they gave him a cream plus pills and a injection to help stop the itching. Long story short didn’t really do a hell of a lot to stop it, so I started reading up on symptoms and came accross stay loyal website, thank god I found the team at stay loyal. Watched all the vids and audio changed his diet effective immediately on the 3/11/18 and ordered stay loyal product 3-4 days later the itching has gone from every 5-10 minutes of the day to basically 1-2 scratches a day if we are lucky! and that’s 3-4 days after taking the advice of the team at stay loyal. Thank you so much team we are over the moon with this product and advice and will continue to use this product for the rest of our dogs life cheers guys.”

Rob Paul Rockingham – Western Australia

I thought you would be interested in some feedback I have about Stay Loyal dog food. My dog, Pirate, is nearly 11 years old and every summer in the past has seen him at the vets at least twice over the period with a severe dermatitis like rash all over his belly. He of course tends to scratch them, and the sores become very nasty and he ends up on steroids. I hate giving him steroids, but we have tried all sorts of creams, dog washes, home remedies I found on the Internet etc but nothing has stopped them until now. The vet even told us that nothing would fix the problem unless we moved to a less humid and colder climate.

We have been feeding him Stay Loyal since last spring after a friend, whose dog had a similar problem, recommended the product to us. Pirate has not been to the vet this past summer and has not had one sore on his belly. The only change I can attribute this amazing turnaround to, is Stay Loyal. Thank you so much for providing an excellent quality dog food and thereby allowing my dog to have the most comfortable summer he has ever had.

Warmest wishes

Lani Carmody – Raleigh NSW

I love STAY LOYAL grainfree dog food. I use it for meals and also as rewards when we’re at the beach walking each day. My standard and mini poodles love it.
It is an Aussie company which is great and the service they offer is second to none. I transferred to a grain free diet when they were both puppies and have never had any trouble with skin or tummy problems – they are both a picture of health and I’m delighted with the results on their general health and well-being.
Thank you STAY LOYAL – a great product for discerning dogs and owners!

Georgia Carr – Vincentia, NSW

My dog ( Jett- Rottweiler) loved it!
It’s been 17 months of hell trying to find a dog food that he likes, now the hell is over.
His skin has improved out of sight and he is much happier.
Thank you soo much , you guys have really got your stuff together ( more than I can say for a lot of vets)
Great product and great service, follow up and education through your communication .
Thanks once again.

Todd Spark – Mentone, VIC

Wow what a difference your food has made to my 3 toy poodles.
Melman 4 years old and has been vomiting since he was 6 months old I tried every food out there from raw to dry, and different feeding time and vets trying to find out what was wrong with him you were my last resort.well melman has been eating your food now for two week and the changes in him is amazing he has not vomited once he plays now all the time, feed him less and only twice a day he is so content and happy and I’m loving that.
Videl is three and he is content and eating less to get to the right weight.
Narvie is 9 months old and just thriving her weight is spot on.
All three love your food I purchase the Turkey salmon and pork as I sit here writing to you all 3 are running around playing.
Thank you so much for your food I recommend it , I will be staying loyal

Anne Bathe – Oxenford, QLD

Switching to Stay Loyal is the best thing we have done for our girl her fur is now covering her belly and the shine of her coat is the best it’s been. This company is so easy to deal with, they know what they are doing and the auto-ordering is great.

Aussie made and owned GREAT!

John Bushell – Swan Hill, VIC

Hi Robert, Jed is doing well on the Stay Loyal. Last checkup the Vet said he is in beautiful condition.
His coat is amazing and shiny even after a roll in the yard LOL. The changes I have noticed are:
His poop is much more consistent and a very healthy look.
I have noticed Jed poops less which according to the vet is an indication of good digestion of the food
His energy levels are much better
I am not sure if this is due to the feed or not, but he is much more settled and his sleep cycles are much better than a month ago where he just couldn’t seem to settle.
He is more satisfied after eating – this may be due to Jed maturing some but before starting on Stay Loyal he seemed to be uncontrollably hungry and would search the yard for anything that seemed editable.
I am very happy with the improvements I have seen in Jed.
Thank you.

Mike Williams – Rifle Range, QLD

The second day we brought our pup home she was hospitalised for 10 days with what we assume was parvo!! She has been eating Stay Loyal since she got home. That was 6 years ago. David was so helpful, especially in those first few months. I can’t recommend highly enough

Lisa Kennedy

Hi Stay loyal team,

Thought I would send you an update on a couple of new stay loyal fans. Barney is a eleven year old Groodle who has always been a fussy eater but is now devouring his once a day serve of Stay Loyal. Ronny is a nine week old Spoodle and has only been with us for three days, but also is loving the Stay Loyal food.

Thanks for all the info you send through and keep up the great work.

Tony Draper – Rosslea, QLD

Just for some feedback, we have a 10 yr old border collie and an 8 month old border collie. The pup has been on stayloyal from when we brought her home and she has the most amazing coat. When we sent photos to the breeders, even they commented on how good she looked.

Troy McMahon – Sinnamon Park, QLD

I can’t believe just how much Holly loves your kibble.
I ran out of my last order before this new arrival yesterday, so l resorted to a former ‘favourite’ grain free kibble for a couple of days until your delivery arrived.
She was quite happy eating it but yesterday once she smelt the aroma from the delivered bag, she refused the other grain free brand so when I replaced it with yours, she devoured it. Hahaha.
That in itself is good as she’s always been a grazer but now due to her diabetes forcing a routine of twice daily injections and half portion feeds, she’s not allowed to graze so getting her to eat at the time needed with her insulin has been challenging. You have solved that problem as well as that I’ve noticed in just a week of your kibble that her coat is softer and shinier plus for an old lady she seems to have more energy again. All wonderful. Thank you.

Helen Staska – Hackham, SA

I live in WA and got a a Dane x Mastive from a shelter in Queensland as a puppy. He had severe stomach issues. I tried every top brand expensive brand cibble available only from a Veterinarian. I also tried crocodile and horse meat.
Stay Loyal solved this issue beautifully.
I now also have a American Staffy x Who Knows but he’s gotten quite far since being neutered so I agree with one review I read that sweet potato would be a preferred carb to the ones currently used.
The service is amazing. Orders can be tracked and communications are great. And last but not least, it’s Australian made.
5 Stars from me.

Rika – Scarborough WA

Jeff the Smooth haired dachshund suffered from skin pimples. I tried really expensive food and food I purchased at the vets and the pimples prevailed. I heard about Stay Loyal on the internet and gave it a go. As soon as Jeff swapped to Stay Loyal food the pimples subsided and it is now on regular order a must for the pup. We won’t turn back to any other food

Mum of Jeff the Smooth haired Dachshund

Laura Acton – Warriewood, NSW

Stay Loyal is certainly the very best quality dry dog food I have ever come across! I have a ten year old poodle. I feed him a simple diet of dry dog food, chicken necks and a small amount of liver treats. He is very healthy and energetic. I have tried heaps of supposedly top quality dry dog foods but none has really suited my dog i.e. poops that are hard to pick up. Stay Loyal is definitely a great product, is Australian made and owned (of huge importance to me) and my dog at last has poops that can very easily be picked up. Wonderful 🙂 I would love all dog owners to know about Stay Loyal!

Julie – Mosman NSW

I just wanted to let you know how happy i am & how well Jax is doing … she is a completely different dog now! Its like i have my original beautiful girl back
She is full of life, her coat is seek & shiny, her eyes are bright, she is full of energy & loves her new crackles!
I am overjoyed that to found your post on Facebook because without you, your team, Amazing products & advice Jax would still be suffering & still be having regular visits to the vet & would be still on medication for her skin problems….but not anymore!
I cannot Thank You enough
We are now customers for life,

Lisa & Jax

My fur baby Jasmine, loves Stay Loyal and will pretty much devour it anytime! For variety I sometimes mix it in with her fresh foods too.
She likes the Joint Health treats as well. Thank you.

James Lee – Port Augusta, SA

Love the food and so does Bailey. Been on it a few years now and the change in his skin has been nothing short of amazing. No more licking his feet and brown paws… this dog food and appreciate all you do!

Linda – Tieri QLD

Our dog has been eating Stay Loyal Grain Free food for 4 years. We feed her the required amount according to her weight which is stated on the back of the packet. We keep her at her weight of 20 kgs so she will remain healthy.
Her coat is shiny, even the vet commented on this. Her poo is never soft or yucky , it’s always firm. She never has wind. This is all due to her diet of Stay Loyal Grain free.
If I have any queries about our dog I email the Stay Loyal team and I always get a response within 1 or 2 days.
I cannot recommend Stay Loyal Grain free food enough.

Pam Aimers – Carrum VIC

Hi I have used stay loyal for 4 years great product. Use the salmonnturkey pork grainfree diet. Great for my easy scratchy JR keeps his coat good and being 8 still doing agility and tricks. Aussie product delivered to my door very happy.

Nicoletta – Berkeley Vale NSW

When I adopted my dog, Leo, 3 years ago, he was quite skinny and undernourished and his coat was dull. I researched in order to find the best quality dog food high in protein and no added junk. I found Stay Loyal and bought it. My dog has been on it ever since.. He also gets bones and fresh beef mince some nights. We constantly get comments on how healthy and loved he looks, his coat is soft and shiny, his eyes are bright and he is very alert and energetic. He loves the original Stay Loyal food. I can even use them as treats. And he most definitely is very loved.

Kecia O’Sullivan – Noraville NSW

No more itch and scratch from toy poodle and chihuahua. The evening raw meal has not changed, but StayLoyal for breakfast replaced a vet product. A couple of years since changing and they are healthy and fit. I over fed at first, and they gained weight, so be careful with portions. My only regret is not knowing about Stay Loyal when I had my standard poodle as he lived an uncomfortable life with his itching skin.

Tanya – Albany WA

I offer my personal endorsement of both the grain free product and the excellent service provided by yourselves in the supply to us. Our dog is not an unhealthy animal and is indeed very much a loved creature in our family and we value very highly both the food and service provision we have received over many years.
So I think the most meaningful endorsement I may offer is our loyal patronage of your product and service for over 4 years, but ever since our first use having become aware of Stay Loyal products availability we have been faithful and appreciative customers.


Can I please just thank you so very very much. My boy Zante has been teeth grinding for a few months now. Some mornings worse than others – mostly mornings. After a few vet trips, one involving sedation because of his size to check for possible infection in his ears, throat etc, it was still a persistent thing.
So move forward to this week noting I have been a huge fan of you guys for years, but from this week, I nearly idolise you. Why? WELL!!! I was researching and reading your newsletters when I came across the chapter ‘Your Dog’s Gut Bacteria and Stress: How are They Related?’ I already knew that stress in dogs can cause teeth grinding. So was more than happy to try your suggestion of a probiotic. Day 3 has already shown a marked decrease in his teeth grinding and on the probiotic. I got a broad spectrum probiotic from the supermarket and as he is a 50kg dog, given him one each morning.

So from me and the boofhead Boxer thank you thank you thank you. And I hope this review helps someone else who may be experiencing similar because the road ahead was looking to be an expensive one.


Nerrida and Zante

I’ve had my dogs on Stay Loyal for a couple of years now and they are in excellent health. Both are adopted. Brinkley is a 9 year old Pug x Jack Russell and Rocky is a 7 year old Mastiff x Labrador. They were both 6 years old when we adopted them. Rocky was extremely overweight when we got him. He came with very bad skin allergies and rashes and a hot spot on the top of his tail that we were constantly applying cortisone and creams to. Since being on Stay Loyal we have not had any issues at all. He has lost lots of weight and his skin cleared up very quickly and has never looked back. Brinkley is just a greedy Pug and loves his Stay Loyal. Thanks so much for a fabulous product that is Aussie owned and made. I love the home delivery and ease of ordering & reordering on a set weekly cycle.

Gail Winada – Mount Waverley VIC

They love it Robert. Jipsy was always really slow to start eating her kibble but not anymore. She is a bit weighty though so might adjust her portion. We’re doing the regime you suggested, 4 days kibble, 2!days meaty bones and a day off food. Our boy looks pretty perfect. They’re both just over a year old so I assume some more growing to do. They get exercised everyday and are happy healthy dogs. Thanks again. They loved the treats by the way and their poos are the best they’ve ever been.

Julie Paul – Eldorado VIC

Hi Robert,

                        After using you dog dry food my dog is in perfect condition. Her Coat is nice & shiny and weight is perfect plus she is keen to eat your dry food. On my last order you sent a pack of Joint Health Treats of which she loves. I have been plugging your dog food at my local Vets (Vets 4 Pets) as they have also lost access to Iam’s dog food of which I used to use prior to finding your brand. Hopefully, they will contact you. I believe you now keep a stock here in Adelaide now which is fantastic! Just keep up the good work and it is a pleasure doing business with you.

Yours Sincerely

Robert C Parr

I am very happy to have found your site. The ‘stay loyal’ dog food keeps Madge looking trim and terrific. Shiny coat, no smells and no more gross pick-ups from the lawn (all very compact and easy to handle 🙂 The ‘stay loyal’ food also works out to be economical because Madge is obviously satisfied with her much smaller plateful along with a couple of meaty bones a week. Well done.

Christine Eyres Fremantle WA

I have a rescue dog. Shuba. Kelpie /Rotty cross. She came from a farm so her preferred diet was one of goats’ ears and offal. Knowing this, I fed her meat which she loved. However, this was messy, smelly, expensive. As she was very “reactive” , (trainer’s word for “aggressive” ) I was advised to purchase dry food . I searched for the highest rated nutritious dry food. . It was Stay Loyal. I ordered and it arrived in two days. Shuba sniffed and walked away. It took two days before she realised it was either eat or starve. To all those who convert to dry food do understand this is a big transition. It took a long time for my dog to accept that this was her diet of the future. She loves her meals now. Her coat is shiny. She is lean and fit. Her behaviour has improved. So my advice is, be patient, offer nothing else. Listen to your supplier’s advice. This is truly the easiest, cleanest, cheapest way to feed your dog with the very best most balanced diet. With Stay Loyal I can order regularly at a discounted price. Time my next parcel arrived!

Valerie Hudson Noosa Heads, QLD

Baylei, our Staffy, used to suffer from a nasty rash on his belly from time to time but since being on stay loyal it has gone completely. Plus, both my dogs love this stuff.

Renee Bennett Pacific Pines, QLD

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your product. I have had my rescue border collie on it for just under 2 weeks and the change in him is amazing. I have had problems with him eating, I thought he was just being finicky, and he has had (since I got him) real digestion issues and was gaining weight, which I think was the grain. Since changing him to Stay Loyal, the change is amazing. I have not changed anything other than his diet – exercise level has always been between 30 and 60 minutes a day – and now he eat his whole allowance in one sitting, even lying over the bowl to ensune he gets it all. All the stomach and associated issues with that have been resolved and I notice his energy level higher. He has also almost lost the bit of extra weight he was carrying. I am glad I asked Dave and Geoff from Diggers Herding what they feed their dogs and what they saw as the benefits. No going back now, I will certainly be recommending Stay Loyal to anyone who asks. Regards

Kym Lovell – Campbellfield Vic.

I’d just like to say a big thank you for providing such a wonderful product.
We have 2 beautiful GSDs, Bud is 7yo SC & Nox is a 1yo LSC. We’ve been on quite a journey with trying to find a good that was suitable for them both as they’ve both been very “itchy” dogs for quite a while. I’ve chopped & changed foods to try & alleviate the issues going on with them. I’ve even tried fully raw diet which made them worse. My sis in law has her boys on Stay Loyal & along with our great friends who have Nox’s brother on Stay Loyal also, suggested I give it a try. The transformation in Nox’s skin is amazin. My poor pup had scratched himself bald under his chest, between his legs, belly & armpits. I can safely say his hair had grown back rough no more itching & scratching, glossy coat & a picture of health. Nox is having the large breed puppy Stay Loyal.
Bud is doing fabulously also, the best commented on how beautiful his coat etc is.
So it’s a big thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for having our 2 boys “normal” again.

Tracey Rehberg – Clermont, QLD

I’ve moved my 4yo Boston Terrier onto Stay Loyal and she absolutely loves it! She is a bit of a picky eater, but not with this dry kibble. I put it in her Kong and she gets through her daily amount each day (supplemented with raw food/bones as well). Her coat is beautiful. Stay Loyal is definitely worth considering.

Nikki – Glen Huntly, VIC

Just read your email. Bloody brilliant. By the way both my dogs love, love the dry food. I started mixing your food in with my old dog food and they actually picked out the old stuff in preference to your food. You should see the mess on the kitchen floor. Noticed their poos are better formed and smell ..actually no smell. So after a week of kitchen mess I have thrown out the old stuff and everything is eaten and also no more soft stools. So glad I came across your dog food. God Bless and big hugs.

Rosemary Wright Henry and Angus – Middle Park, QLD

I have some good news and l am happy to say that my beautiful little Zeus is now eating Stay Loyal. I give it to him after he has had his afternoon walk. Zeus is eating approximately 40 grams of Stay Loyal. l am so happy that he is eating well.
Robert. l took your advice and put 40 grams in his dish after his walk and he started eating just small amounts to start with but now he is eating all of the 40 grams. What l have notice is Zeus is more settled and a lot happier now that he is eating his Stay Loyal. I don’t give him treats anymore because he does not need them since he is now having 40 grams of Stay Loyal and he is not looking for treats which is a good thing. Zeus is a much happier little dog now thanks to Stay Loyal.Thank you so much Robert for all your help and advice regarding Zeus it is much appreciated.

Faye Campbell – Jamboree Heights, QLD

Just wanted to reply to your email to let you know how our two puppies have gone with Stay Loyal Dog Food …. I am so pleased to say they absolutely LOVE it! Well, they haven’t said that in ‘words’…..but it is obvious that they are so satisfied with the Stay Loyal food. Most of all, I am so relieved to have finally found a quality food that agrees with our cavoodle Daisy.
I initially bought Stay Loyal sample packs for them to try late last year – being only a 2.5 kg 2 year old dog, I thought the smaller salmon variety would suit her best, whilst our big boy Hugo (he’s 12 kg at 1 year old) would like the original. They both really like the original and as soon as that packet opens, their excitement is evident. No fuss. I had tested them on numerous occasion placing another brand down as well…..both would go straight to the Stay Loyal. They appear truly satisfied and we have had no issues AT ALL since transitioning them onto Stay Loyal.
It was a very different story for Daisy last year and had become a big concern for us. She had a history of recurrent vomiting and needed vet treatment to stabilise her on numerous occasions. They had been on Royal Canin since pups. The vet was so concerned about Daisy, as her blood work showed she was not absorbing protein, that we were heading towards an endoscopy, elimination diet and then vet prescribed food – expensive and certainly not a good option for her. My dog groomer suggested it may be the RC – to try a ‘better’ dog food. Raw food diet was not a good option for our lifestyle. We did try Canidae also, but they were not interested in eating it so that was a waste. I read product reviews on dry dog food and Stay Loyal appealed with such good reviews, quality ingredients and that it is Australian made.
We have not looked back! Daisy is now thriving …. active, happy, has gained healthy weight and has a sparkle in her eyes. We do know that she doesn’t do well after having kangaroo treat products, which we also avoid.
I am so pleased that I went with my instincts and gave Stay Loyal a go….. it saved us from going down a medical intervention track and we have happy and healthy dogs – thank you so much for producing such a good quality dry dog food. Very impressed and happy to now be on auto ship.

Carolyn Hartwig – Albany Creek, QLD

My female Maltese dog Abby loves Stay Loyal. Her coat is glossy and her eyes are bright and her teeth are lovely and white. She eagerly waits while I prepare her stay loyal meal. I am very happy that I made the decision to change to a grain free diet for her. I have comfort in knowing I am giving my dog the best diet possible.

Ingrid Jones – Nuriootpa, SA

Just thought I would let you know. Have just had Coco on stay loyal only and not. The food I made up consisting of chicken and veggies. You were right she is not scratching anymore followed it to a T no treats although never gave her much only chicken necks and occasionally tendons. So will just stop making my food and give her the dry food and twice a week give her lamb bone or chicken necks. Even not licking her paws so thank you I was killing her with kindness thinking I was only giving her good food.

Lois Carlson – Twin waters, QLD

I have used Stay Loyal for about 5 months now and I am so happy with the results for my 4 year old Havanese, Meshki. He had suffered from skin irritation for about 18 months and after giving him steroid tablets and another tablet I felt uncomfortable about keeping him on medications and I found Stay Loyal when researching diets to alleviate this condition. He now has no skin redness or itching after about 8 weeks on Stay Loyal. I have just ordered my second bag and I have recommended Stay Loyal to all my friends. Thank you, from Meshki and me!

Gerry McDonald – Grovedale, Victoria

I am just writing to say Thank You for making such a quality Dog Food. My little girl used to suffer dreadfully with digestion problems (which the Vet could find no reason for) before I decided to try Stay Loyal. Since changing to this product, Bella no longer suffers from bouts of digestion problems which would cause vomiting. I have been feeding her Stay Loyal for nearly 12 months now and not once in that time has she had a vomiting episode. If your dog suffers from digestive problems, I would recommend this product wholeheartedly.

Zoe Broxton – Tapping, WA

Max, our Jack Russell x has gone back to enjoying his food once more. Our vet put him on the “vet recommended” canned and dry food but it was a constant battle to get him to eat. Found your site while browsing Pet Food Review and haven’t looked back.
We are feeding it with cooked chicken and beef for dinner and dry food for breakfast. Before, he would walk away from the other food but now he comes running.
Once I’ve established a usage pattern I will be reordering regularly.
Many Thanks and Regards,

Maureen Whitehorn and Max – Greenwith, SA

Can I say how lucky I was to come across Stay Loyal, I have 2 kelpies and I was feeding them a food that was from an expensive overseas company and after research found out that it did not rate that well! After research I decided to change to Stay Loyal and what a great decision that was.
In no particular order regarding Stay Loyal, firstly the dogs have never looked so good and their coats are shiny and we have taken your advice with how much food they eat and they have never looked as fit, I can feel their ribs!
Now I am buying food for my dogs that is made in Australia and is an Australian company, how good is that.
Your information is just unbelievable and so informative, the other brand which I used for nearly 5 years not once did I have any correspondence with them and learnt absolutely nothing from them.
I am so glad I found Stay Loyal. I will be loyal!

Carl Rogge – Cheltenham, NSW

Well, what can I say! I was a skeptic……
My little man Lochie (Lord Farkwah) has the typical West Highlander skin irritations.
I tried fish oil and pure coconut butter, which helped but didn’t cure….
I went away for 4 days with strict instructions on what he needs.
On my return he was a new dog; actually my normal cheeky dog!
Lord Farkaw has soo much more energy; to the point I have a new/my old dog back………..
I am a Veteran. Lochie picked me!!!
He is my man and to see him happy has done wonders for me.

Mick (Muff) Elphick – Newtown , QLD

Been feeding our 3yr old Eng. Springer Stay Loyal (Original Grain Free) for 12+ mths. We even use it as ‘treats’ when training our dog, he enjoys the Stay Loyal that much !!He is healthy and energetic
Following Roberts suggestion we alternate with a few meals of meaty lamb bones each week – so they are not all about pushing sales of their dog food. Our dog does not suffer ‘wind’ or nor nasty smells
Their company online order/home delivery is convenient and service is exceptional
Thankyou for a brilliant product (and Yes, I am particular about what we feed our dog – he is a very treasured family member).

Deb Hurkett – Port Macquarie, NSW

We recently went on caravan holiday taking our boy with us. Alas we ran out of Stayloyal and had to buy supermarket stuff beginning with “o”. Within a few day we noticed a significant decline in Rocco and not sleeping well and a rash appearing under his arms and on his tummy. Unfortunately we were held up in Mildura with car problems and were away 7 weeks. Glory be when we arrived home, a bag of your wonder food was waiting at P.O.
Couldn’t open bag quick enough and we immediately saw an instant change. Such a difference in our 8 year old GS. no limping, or itching. Sleeps all night and plays like a two year old. Thank you thank you.

Janece John. And Rocco – Lansdowne, NSW

My Jack Russell has been fussy from day 1, he refused to eat any kibble without a rotating variation of different toppings, I tried ALL of the grain free ultra premium foods, lots of money wasted!
I decided to order a sample of the small breed Salmon & Turkey expecting the same “walk off in disgust” attitude from my dog. Instead, he gobbled up the lot with no toppings added, if you blinked you would have missed it as he ate it that quickly. I swapped him over cold turkey from his previous food (M4M), and had no poop or digestion issues. I am so grateful to have found a food he enjoys and makes feeding times so much less stressful for us both. So if you have a fussy dog, this one gets the thumbs up from us.

Christine Vanderhaak – Morphett Vale, SA

My dog had dermatitis, an ear infection and a fungal infection inbetween her paws. I was taking her to the vet every second week for medication and dog food made out of goose feathers $90 every 3 weeks. I felt sick when I found out what it was.
I new I needed grain free food for her and started looking on the internet and found StayLoyal, it is fantastic. I have not been to the vet since I started feeding my dog your food, except for her yearly Vaccinations. I really enjoy your newsletters and have learnt a lot from them. All I can say is thank you for making and providing this food for dogs.

Valda Mc Kenzie – Sebastopol, VIC

We have 2 Japanese Spitz. Knuckles (3.5y) and Riff (1.5y).

Knuckles has (had) a sensitive stomach and we tried many different foods – top brand vet recommended products – trying to find one that he could eat and keep down. We found a product but he didn’t really like it and would starve himself only eating it when he was really hungry or we hand fed it to him. He was lethargic and no amount of grooming could hide a flat dull scruffy looking coat.
Then his hair started to fall out and dark patchy skin appeared. We took him to Vets that proposed all sorts of remedy’s none of which helped. What seems odd now is that his diet was the last thing we looked at, I started ‘googling’, reading up on ingredients, allergies, etc. reading forums to hear other people’s experience and then came across your product. Boring story cut short.

Within 12 weeks of transitioning to Stay Loyal his fur was growing back, both dogs had brighter eyes, more energy, thicker brighter coats and looked forward to feeding time.

We now have 2 very happy, very healthy, occasionally completely loopy dogs.

Glen Rothwell – Parkwood, QLD

We have been using Stay Loyal Dog Food for the past couple of months and Reggie has transitioned very well to the new diet. I wanted a grain free, healthy option that was not going to break the bank. Reggie is very active and fit and healthy and loves the food. It is hard to find a brand you can trust and I would have to say that Stay Loyal is working really well for us and I believe it is value for money. I would highly recommend you give Stay Loyal a try.

Kind Regards,

Donna Sharp – Kooralbyn, QLD

I started feeding my dogs Stay Loyal about 8 months ago. My boxer had skin allergies, ear infections and unexplained fur loss. After anti biotics, creams and cortisone the problems continued. Our vet recommended a low allergy food. After some research I decided to try Stay Loyal and haven’t looked back. All of the skin allergies and ear infections were resolved and her fur grew back. Fantastic!!! Thank you Stay Loyal

Alison Chircop – Werribee, VIC

Since changing to Stay Loyal, my 3 yr old Staffie’s skin is so much better and he loves it too! I feed him less per day, as recommended by the guys at Stay Loyal, and my vet says his weight is perfect, so it is clearly the correct nutritional value. I like the auto-delivery system, as I don’t have to worry about running out or loading up heavy bags of food from the pet shop! It is easy to change the delivery schedule online. Great value for a quality locally made product!

Sandy Mace – Narrabeen , NSW

Our 2 pooches have been on Stay Loyal for about 2 years now. We love the fact it is grain-free and made with wholesome ingredients. Finally a quality dry food for our precious pups! They have a small bowl in the morning and their meat/veggies in the evening. This diet obviously agrees with them as they are happy healthy doggies.Daisy and Max love it and their coats are shiny and soft. We also love that there are so many added vitamins and herbs. Highly recommend this product!
Kind regards

Sandy Stanton – Pimpama , QLD

My dogs have transformed on this food. Dennis has had awful skin problems since he was rescued at 5 weeks of age. Now 5 years old and his skin has cleared up, his eyes are clear and coat is beautiful. Wolfie his wifey has a thicker, shinier coat. Their poos are small, they don’t smell and are in great condition. They were once grazers at dinner time and they’ll now gobble up their food (much to the disgust of our overweight cat. Thank you!

Emma St Ledger – Mount Warrigal , NSW

Suddenly after 11 years my itch free Westin (rare) developed WESTIE ARMADILLO SYNDROME IN DOGS
Besides having a black crusty armour on his chest and paws his coat was constantly smelly and greasy
With the most intrusive expensive treatment and such a sad dog. I was thrilled to discover your product. Since then Gus hasn’t had a repeat of this condition in 12 months
The vet expected it would be an ongoing issue and is most surprised how well he has recovered
So pleased I can keep my best friend healthy because of your high quality, reliable product.

Jan McDermott – Drummoyne, NSW

Snowy’s still on his first bag of stayloyal dog food and the results are amazing, his itchy smelly skin condition has improved dramatically even though we’ve had such hot and humid weather. I’ve introduced him to lamb bones too. The personal emails and in touch service is an added bonus of being aligned to another great Australian owned product.

Pam Govender – Pacific Pines , QLD

My dog is in pristine condition thanks to your nutrition advice ( biscuits , raw vegs and a little beef or lamb. Yes?
She loves it. Glossy coat, clean teeth.
Thank you also for your regular supply of dog food, great that I don’t have to think about it.

Val Hudson – Noosa Heads, QLD

I did a lot of research on dog food before deciding on Stay Loyal, and it’s the best decision I’ve made regarding my dog Rocco. I read and followed all the feeding and behavioual advice on your site (i admit to difficulty in the fasting day tho!) and the result is a trim, energetic and happy 5yo 18kg beagle/pug cross.

Rocco’s new found health and energy has been achieved on about half the volume of his previous diet, which makes Stay Loyal an extremely cost efficient food.

The toxic stools are also a thing of the past…you were right on that too!

John Everett and Rocco Bundanoon, NSW

Discovering your brand for our black Labrador has changed his life. My daughter brought him as a 10 week old pedigree with papers, pup. Not long after having him he developed this unpleasant smell and was constantly itching. He had to go to the vet and he had an ear infection, eye infection and also skin infection. He was put on a course of steroids and antibiotics. After discovering your food, everything cleared up. The yeasty unpleasant smell that he use to have went away and he is now a beautiful healthy nice smelling male dog. (Thank goodness)! We have not had to go back to the vet since so I personally cannot recommend your product enough.

Heather Sole – Forestdale, QLD

I highly recommend Stay Loyal. I have been buying this and have had 3 bags delivered so far.
My dog HENRY has been relieved of his early morning Gastric Reflux (which happened almost daily before I switched him on Stay Loyal),
his Lick Granuloma and overall itch episodes have lessened tremendously. His coat now sheds a lot less and it is shinier and softer.
He was happy when his 3kg bag arrived from the courier this afternoon and here is a photo of him with it.

Jo Ramos – Mackay South, QLD

Thanks to your food we are allergy free for the first time in 4 years.
When we moved to oz we couldn’t get the food he normally ate. He suffered so badly that vet suggested putting him to sleep. You were my last hope. He had so much medicine and I made all his food and still he had problems.
Now he has no rash and no meds at all. He is happy and healthy.
Thank you

Susan Ashley – Warnbro, WA

Hi to the two amazing guys who have changed my little girl Rosie’s life.
In February this year I got my little Jack Russell from the Bacchus Marsh pound, being a rescue dog where was she from??Rosie is a friendly little girl, but with so many allergies, grass, beef, grains, and kangaroo. When I got my little girl home I cooked up beef mince with rice and vegetables!!!!!! Well the next day her belly under armpits (legs)were red raw. What do I do??? So off to the vet we went??? Rosie was given these toxic pills, so after a few days she started coughing. Went on google and wow found you Robert of Stayloyal thank goodness. So after a few emails you put me on the right track. No grain,beef,kangaroo and feed her kibble from Stayloyal on the grass.
Rosie’s Allergies are just about cured. Thank you Thank you for all your help.
I do share your posts

Shirley Cunningham – Melton South, VIC
They are a great company and although we are new customers (in Googa Creek, Blackbutt Qld ) I would give them 10 out of 10 for service and above all. their product. We have 2 pugs ( age 5 and 2 ) and they have never been healthier.
Judy Amos – Humpty Doo, NT

I’ve bought the salmon one in small bags. One dog likes it so much shes turned into a lunatic at feeding time. I used to feed her in the garage while i fed the others outside. She trashes the garage every night upending the food drums just in case I’d spilt any now. Guess she approves.

Chris Aisbett – Ascot, VIC

On our second bag of Stay Loyal and my fussy Maltese cross Shihzu now runs (RUNS) when she hears me getting out the food. Our poodle cross border collie has always loved food but she too gobbles up the bikkies. We no longer need to give fish with the biscuits to entice them to eat!
Love too how it’s delivered to our door!!

Donna Ehsman – Parkes, NSW

Just writing to you to update you and commend you on such a fantastic food.
I got my Springer Spaniel pup, Ben, at 8 weeks and the food the breeder had him on gave him the most terrible stinkiest runs. He was sleeping restlessly which at first I attributed to the sudden change in his environment but found his stomach was often making sounds especially after he’d just eaten. I gradually switched him to the Salmon and Turkey Stay Loyal food (as per your recommendation). Even with his first feed his poos were slightly better and the more Stay Loyal he got and the less puppy food he got, the better it’s been. He’s now 11 weeks old and 100% on Stay Loyal with some chicken mince and he’s looking so much better, he’s sleeping better and his poos smell and look better.
I have also recommended this food to the people who bought his litter mates and to all my friends.
Thank you for putting the dogs first and making excellent food for them without all those nasty additives and grains.

Jess Pratt – Seacombe Gardens, SA

I don’t know how to thank you and your wonderful staff.
We resuced our Bella 5 weeks ago .. Bella is a Schnauzer poodle mini, she is 6 years old. Her skin was dry and she was scratching and I mean scratching.
Upon finding your Stay Loyal web page … yay … and yay. Your staff returned my email…on a sunday .. thank you so kindly .. and everything has changed for Bella. We took her to the vet 3 times … now we don’t need to anymore. Again… THANK YOU. The shampoo worked on the 1st wash … took her off red meat … she is loving her new Stay Loyal and Salmon and Turkey food. Everything is now in working order .. know what I mean … again THANK YOU. Bella coat is so soft now and the white part on her coat is white. Oh even the cat is starting to accept Bella in the house now .. yay.
Everyone out in the pet world .. puchase Stay Loyal for your 4 legged love one’s … you won’t regret it.
Thank you Robert and all the staff .
Elizabeth and Darren and Bella
Oh the cat .. Midnight.

Elizabeth Banton – Wakerley, QLD

I recommend this dog food to all my friends and family. My 3 dogs now 9 love it. My vet couldn’t believe how energetic and healthy they were and asked for the web site. The other bonus is I dont have to pick up a 15 kilo bag from car to home.

Michelle Johnson – South Lake, WA

My wife and I are very happy indeed with your product. Charlie [2 1/2 yr old male English Springer Spaniel] loves it and he is doing really well on it; glossy coat, happy, full of energy, the works! We had a few digestion problems with him initially, but a diet of Stayloyal has sorted that. Great product, good price, keep at it guys.

Stuart Holloway – NSW

Not just ‘two guys’ BUT ‘two fabulous guys’ who have made and marketed an amazing dog food that is real and you stand behind it.
PS. Also very supportive when transitioning to it. And for me when my dogs both grew old. I’ll never forget your sincere support, advice and condolences.

Trish Howard – Wyndham, NSW

Our two dogs love the stuff. It’s very cost effective and after 6 months of feeding they are in great condition. I swear their coats are crazy soft and healthy since the change.

Greg Slack Springfield lakes, QLD

These guys are sincerely committed to dog health and longevity. Very pro active and approachable so give Stay Loyal a go.

Leonie Julius – Rutherford, NSW

Our beautiful Zoey has been on Stay Loyal for large breed puppies since we brought her home at 8 weeks old. One bag has lasted approx 6 weeks, we are so pleased with this product. She loves it, and we know we are doing the very best for her nutritional requirements. Thank you!

Kylie Cook – Morphett Vale, SA

These guys are the best, and so is there dog food! Our border collie cross was sick often with stomach upsets, urinary tract infections, shocking gas. We came across Stay Loyal and started her on it gradually. She has never looked back. We get comments all the time about how healthy she looks no how her coat is so shiny. Thank you Stay Loyal. Don’t know what we would have done without you

Eileen Killoran – Yeronga, QLD

We are a large ‘Dog Specialty’ company who trains, breeds and uses Working line German Shepherd dog for various services in Australia.
We first decided to try Stay Loyal dog Food when we were finding that a large amount of our German Shepherds were getting skin & ear problems as well as not putting on weight and other medical problems all relating to food.At the time that we started using “Stay Loyal” we had over 100 German Shepherd dogs varying in ages from 8 week old puppies to dogs up to 12 years old, and within 3 weeks of using the Stay Loyal we had dogs holding a healthy weight and any skin irritations cleared up. It was really incredible to see the dogs change in health with glossy coats and firm stools as well.I used to have to mix some raw mince with the old food that we were using as the old food was bland in taste but now they absolutely love the taste of Stay Loyal and we don’t even have to soak the kibble before feeding as the kibble does not expand in water, it stays the same. Which really surprised me as most dog kibble that you soak expands very large, but not this food. Its full of goodness and is very remarkable how quickly our dogs health improved, especially in muscle tone as well.After using Stay Loyal we have now cut our vet bills down to a quarter of what they were before using Stay Loyal. Even our GSD Puppies love it, they can’t get enough as it has a good amount of calcium for our puppies.We also cut our ‘food bill’ in half due to the fact that we don’t have to feed large amounts of Stay Loyal as it has enough Fat & Protein in it, to not have to over feed to maintain the dogs weight.
It’s a wonderful product and we will never use anything else for a beloved dogs.Thanks

Michelle Daniels – Auscorp Londonderry NSW

Approx. 12 months ago we noticed Harley was lame in his back leg and we took him to the vet, they initially thought it was cancer and they were discussing removing his leg. We were devastated and we started researching diet and hoping to give him the best chance possible, after a few hours on the internet and reading and researching we came across Stay Loyal, we decided to order a bag and try Harley on it, within a week of him being on it his overall health improved, his coat looked shiny, his eyes were bright, he stopped itching as much and you could tell he really loved eating it. Harley has been cleared of cancer, however unfortunately he has been diagnosed with Disseminated Aspergillosis, which is a fungal infection that is in his spine, back left leg, lymph node and lung, we have been told he is terminal. He is currently on 6 and a half tablets per day to try and treat it. However we truly believe that the Stay Loyal is doing him the world of good, as we have read a lot about the correlation between gut health and overall health and well-being. Harley is now up to a healthy 44kgs, his liver and kidney function are within normal ranges and he is his normal happy self. We are so glad we have found Stay Loyal and we will never feed our little man anything else.

Erin Louise – Victoria

Otto has been eating Stay Loyal for about 3 months now and it has been a revelation. He is a very fussy eater and dry food was his least favourite but now every bowl is polished off.. For a high-metabolism dog (a Hungarian Vizsla) who can drop weight quickly when he has a big week of exercise it was a great relief to find a cost effective food that he just clearly loves. Moreover, his coat has gone from dull to beautifully shiny and, not to be underestimated at all, it is MUCH easier to clean up after him (much less smell and far more …consistent). He’s a very happy and healthy dog and that is in no small part thanks to Stay Loyal. Thank you.

Doug Ellinger – Portarlington, VIC

As a pug breeder we have recommended your product not just to our puppy families but also to our vet.. We are super happy with the grain free product. Our old girl Maya is 9 and has for the last 2 summers suffered with itch. 3 weeks on stay loyal grain free and she is almost itch free. Also our pug family has been pretty fussy about their dry food and mostly won’t eat it and if they do their poos stink. The only issue we have had is with one of our puppies eating too much and became constipated, but he also will not drink much water.. Had a vet visit with him today and took the bag of the salmon and turkey in with us. She was impressed with the ingredient list. I wouldn’t buy from the vets as their mark up is too much, but happy to recommend the product to them.

Kathleen Klye – Peeramon, QLD

Just a note to let you know we are very happy with the Stay Loyal dog food.
We have a working Kelpie just under 5 years of age and although very active (will work all day), has always been a fussy eater. When I introduced her to your dog food she loved it straight away, and although still very active, has actually filled out more and now has good healthy shiny coat which was previously a bit dull.
I also appreciate your friendly and efficient service.

Garry Smith – Alstonville, NSW

I ordered your food for the first time recently and I’m so very happy I did. I have two Kelpies, Missy is almost 12 (in May) and Sterling is 2 years old. They both seem so much happier and energetic, especially Missy whose coat is also starting to shine again.. I tell her everyday that she looks beautiful! It’s as though she’s come back to life and now joins in again with ball play etc. It’s definitely made a difference.

Dianne Ardrey – Port Macquarie, NSW

Your tips have helped me immensely with my English Staf Murphy when he had bad furunculosis and you said another of your customers tried zinc, so I checked with my vet first, and have been giving him two zinc tablets daily and his Stay Loyal, and he is the best he has ever been. Can’t thankyou enough. My vet will never admit it is the zinc, but that is the only thing different we have done and he is cured!
Thanks again for your suggestions.
Much appreciated.

Jenny Sambell – Winthrop, WA

Great food and great service my two ACD’s love it. So important to me that Australians support Australians as well as reducing food miles. Top marks from me.

Priska Henggeler – Lindfield, NSW

My once 7 month old rescue Huntaway with no energy, no shine to his coat and scared of toys is now an 18 month bundle of enthusiasm, fit and healthy, going well with his training, happy and super energetic. Even as a very poor student, I refuse to change his food (it’s a false saving anyway). So, thanks very much for making such a great product and your fantastic service, newsletters and advice.

Laura Holmes – Reservoir, Vic

Our two dogs have been on Stayloyal dog food for nearly three months now and we are so pleased with the results.
Our dogs love it 🙂

They both look healthy, we still give them meaty bones twice a week but they are doing very well, also if i need any information or advise Robert is always very helpful and only a phone call away.
I receive emails weekly (that i subscribe to) from Robert and David at stayloyal with all sorts of interesting and helpful topics.
This amazing food has given me peace of mind knowing that they are getting the best of ingredients.

Very happy customer

Jackie – Littlewood Ellenbrook, WA

In the year, Jorgen, my Swedish Vallhund has been eating Stay Loyal his previous incessant skin rash has completely disappeared; it cleared up within a few weeks. Even this horror heat and humidity we’ve experienced in Newcastle lately, has had no effect on him.

Margaret Reay – Newcastle NSW

I’d just like to say how glad I am that I stumbled across your video on facebook. I just assumed dog food was dog food until i saw it. For years we were cleaning Dallas’s ears every week to avoid yeast infections and unnecessary vet trips. After a few weeks on your food we haven’t had to clean them since! It never even occurred to me that it was the food doing it, so thank you!
Thanks again

Tamara Shield & furbaby Dallas – South Hedland, WA

My Little 2kg Toy Poodle Loves Stay Loyal kibble, she loves crunching up the food, we think the large size kibble are great for her teeth.

Her behaviour on Stay Loyal kibble has been very good & Toileting outside as well is good, no mistakes in the house.

Then I tried a Sample of a different food, for 1 week only & she had 4 wee’s in the house & her stools started getting to soft, NO more other food for us.

Thanks for such a great kibble I’m sure it will help many dogs.

Caroline Maddock – Kingaroy, QLD

Slater is going really well on the Stay Loyal, his itching has completely gone and all the itchy scabs have gone also.
Thank you so much, Slater says Thanks too!

Kind regards,

Annette Angelucci – Woorim, QLD

I have two pugs. A friend recommended Stay Loyal to me due to it having no grains. I also rescue pugs and one I rescued had a nasty rash developing. As soon as we changed to stay loyal, the redness started to subside. My other two pugs were on a metabolic diet for weight control so I was a little nervous changing to stay loyal. It was well worth it. Using the feeding guide provided by stay loyal, my pugs have maintained the ideal weight. There coats are always soft and shiny and they clearly enjoy the taste as they guzzle it down in no time! I’d happily recommend stay loyal to anyone who loves there four legged friend. The price is reasonable and the automated delivery is perfect for busy lifestyles!!!


Simon Barker – Holt, ACT

After trying numerous dry dog foods at last we have the answer.
One Golden Retriever has a very sensitive stomach and the other has skin issues.
After several months on Stay Loyal we have had no issues with either dog. They are content on considerably less food whilst their coats are shinier, and they have much more energy.
The amount of Poo has reduced we reckon by half!!!
The fact that the food is delivered to the door just adds to the great service.
Many thanks Robert for all your help and flexibility.
We have too very happy dogs!!!

Diana Berwick – Belgrave, VIC

I cannot believe the difference in My Dog and her coat, since she has been on your product, and following your eating plan. Her skin and hair are amazing, she feels so soft, and everyone she comes in contact with comment about how lovely she feels, with absolutely no trace of a nasty “Doggy smell”. She just seems so much happier, and I can tell since adopting her from the RSPCA in April, much healthier. I am so grateful that I found your company. As a first dog owner at nearly 70, you have helped me so much, and I’m so grateful to you both. If I could climb Sydney Harbour Bridge, and wave the Stayloyal flag I most certainly would. She had a skin infection when I adopted her, her belly was black, looked and felt like snake skin, with no hair. Now her belly is a lovely shade of pink, and the hair has now started to grow back, in fact her hair is getting thicker and curlier. She is a Pug Cross, have no idea what she was crossed with, but whatever it was, she is divine, and I truly believe that her current condition is down to your wonderful product.

Thank you both, and your wonderful product, I now feel that my beautiful 9 year old Pugette? will be with me for many happy and healthy years.

Kindest Regards,

Diane & “Lilah” Holness – Thirlmere, NSW

Have been on the kibble for 2 weeks now and our henry (great dane) has never feed so well. He is 2 years old and your food is the only one he has really enjoyed, he has always been a bit of a grazer but not now he gets stuck right into it. We are so grateful we found stayloyal and am sure this is the food for our henry and a added bonus is that its an Australian company. Thank you so much for supplying a wonderful product for our fur babies.

Michelle Cross – Lockleys, SA

My 10yr old mini foxi cross has suffered terribly with digestive issues. I put it down to him having his gall bladder removed due to a mucocele, a few years ago. He vomited often, went off his food often and his stools were hard to pick up at times because they were so soft. On advisement from the Vet I put him onto a Hills Digestive Care biscuit then onto a low fat version. He was very up and down but there were more bad days than good. Vet tried a number of things, bless her, but nothing seemed to work. I decided to change his food and bought one from the Supermarket, Purina Grain Free with real chicken. Within a few days he was so much better. I had a light bulb moment, he can’t have grains. Looked at the digestive care biscuits and first 5 ingredients were grains.
Thinking I had been doing the right thing giving him what I thought was a quality product (Hills), I went in search of a quality dog biscuit, grain free and came upon Stay Loyal. We started with a sample pack and I have since bought a bigger bag. Tiny has been on Stay Loyal for 10 days and the difference in him is amazing. No more vomiting, no more runny stools. He hasn’t rejected a meal yet. I feel like I have the real Tiny back. He has a bit of life in him now. He wants to play, brings his toys to me for a play.
I feel so sad now when I think of what I’ve done to him. And it took me so long to “click”.
When I open the bag to feed Tiny, I can actually smell chicken. That says it all.
I don’t know how many more years I’ll have my little boy, but one thing I now know is that I’ll be feeding him right. Thank you for helping my boy.
Oh, and I phoned and told my Vet how well Tiny was doing on your biscuits and asked her to please have a look at the Stay Loyal website because it was very interesting and maybe she could help other dogs in Tiny’s situation. She was genuinely very happy to hear.
Thanks again Robert.
Kind regards.

Jenny Muller – Bray Park, QLD

My 10year old Standard Poodle has never seen food as a priority he has always looked underweight
He has always had fresh premium meat as well as dry biscuits
We gave Stay Loyal a try with a free sample which he enjoyed so we purchased a large bag of your food over the past 2 months we have seen him enjoying the biscuits & a definite increase in body weight due to his small food intake being full of goodness instead of fillers
This is the ideal food for my dog
Thank you

Frank Dean – Flinders, NSW

My main man Frank, is a beautiful boy who was rescued by me through Golden
Retriever Rescue this time last year. He came to me with a chronic skin infection which required those horrid little blue pills and a double course of antibiotics. Last summer was horrendous with him and I was grateful when autumn arrived and we could cool things down a bit. He is a very sweaty dog.

I am an instructor at our local dog club and one of our new members with a very allergy prone Great Dane told us about Stay Loyal, so I thought why not? I have tried so much already. The hot spots started again about 3 weeks ago. So I placed my order and held my breath. So with the combined change in the grain free diet of Stay Loyal and the Tumeric Golden Paste the results were almost instantaneous. His skin is cooler to the touch. The awful yeasty smell has all but gone and he seems so much happier. The skin changes in just 4 days were incredible. He has also slowed his eating. He used to gobble his food like it was running away from him. I can now take away his slow feeder food bowl.

I was going to wait a month before I wrote to you to give you my feedback, but it has now been almost 2 weeks and the changes speak for themselves.

Thank you so much. I have already recommended your product and will most definitely keep my Frank on this amazing product.

Heather Kennedy – Dapto, NSW

I’ve recently changed over to StayLoyal for my three border collies (2x 5yrs old, 1x 10 yrs old). My 5 yo boy has a very sensitive stomach and I was very happy to see there were absolutely no issues with changing him over. Another big difference was their coats. I didn’t even realise how dull their coats were until they became so dark and shiny after changing to StayLoyal. Also, their poos became super small and perfectly formed. I’ve been feeding them other grain free diets for a while now so didn’t expect to see the level of change that I saw.
I’ve been telling everyone I know how incredible I think your food is.

Liz Simkus – Eagle Farm, QLD

She has now been eating Stay Loyal Grain Free for just over 3 weeks and the change in her condition has been remarkable.

Our dog had a terrible itchy skin condition and had lost large patches of her fur on the side of her body and tail area. If you touched her side, she would collapse while trying to scratch herself.

Our Vet said it could be caused by a contact allergy, she was given Prednizolone which helped for a little while and I bought an expensive shampoo and conditioner from him to try and clear it up. While on our daily walks I kept her away from any plants just in case. This didn’t seem to make a difference. My husband and I worried that she had something more serious wrong with her as at one stage as she looked so skinny and was obviously so unhappy (who wouldn’t be).

In desperation, my husband researched on the internet and found that Bull Terriers can be allergic to grains in their food. I did some further research with this in mind and luckily came upon a review of your dog food and as a result visited your website.

Our bully is on her way to having a beautiful coat (better than she has ever had) and in just 3 weeks her patches have covered over with new hair and she has gained weight and looks in excellent condition.

We couldn’t be happier with your food and wanted to let you know. I have today logged on and changed my order to 6 weekly as I don’t want to run out!

Thanks again,

John & Debbie Stevenson Ramsgate NSW

Thanks for the enquiry as to how Brindy has been going on Stay Loyal .
To say the least …she is a different dog. I took your well educated advice and dropped her portion sizes and also have held a meal back during the week.
She has probably dropped a kilo or 2 ..she is a Maltese x Westy.. and weighed about 8 kilos ..which wasn’t overweight by any means..but the drop in weight has given her a new lease of life ..(she’s 13 going I n3!!)
Everyone who sees her usually guess her at around 5 or 6… her coat is better..she sleeps better I sleep better!!!
Thank you and I try and recommend your fantastic product to other dog I owners.,

Deb – Gold Coast, QLD

Being a skeptic, I thought I’d give Stayloyal a try as I own a Jack Russell who constantly sheds hair.

I have been feeding my Jack Russell on Stayloyal for a few months now with a serving of raw meat or a bone every now and then. I’m noticing all of a sudden, the hair loss has completely disappeared. His stool is much firmer and he seems to be very happy with a lot more energy. I really can’t believe it, I don’t need to mop my floors 3 times a day anymore. Stayloyal really does work.

My wish list would be some treats on the same grain-free basis, as it’s really hard to find commercially made food that isn’t full of preservatives and additives.

Kind Regards,

Irene Crook – Templestowe, VIC

I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of the food. My two Rottweilers and Japanese Spitz absolutely love the food. My wife and I couldn’t believe how shiny their coats became after such a short time. Energy levels are up and I am feeding them less than I did on the other brands I have used. I have tried several brands previously as my Rottweiler puppy would get UTI”s constantly and would lick herself red raw down below. The vet had to prescribe antibiotics often and recommended changing foods until we found one which didn’t inflame the situation. No longer an issue since starting your food which is just fantastic. The other noticeable difference is the redness in my adult Rotties eyes has all but gone.

I am really pleased that the health of my dogs has improved and more than happy for you to use this feedback. I have recommended your food to all my friends who have dogs and won’t be going back to any other food.

Thanks for a great product.

Ryan Herbert – Kings Langley, NSW

Very happy to review Stay Loyal as requested from the awesome people there. First and foremost I can’t fault the customer service and super fast delivery. I’ve emailed the company a few times and received personalised replies the same day. Changing the frequency of delivery is simple and takes effect the very next day, often the day after that my food arrives. Awesome. Our grain intolerant boxer cross Labrador loves Stay Loyal, she’ll actually eat it straight from the bag and she’s never done that before! Her gut complaints are gone, her stools are friends and easy to pick up and her coat is shiny and healthy. There is no other brand that has had such a good effect. We’re sold. Happy customers here!

Christie and doggy Dakota – Seville Grove, WA

Thanks for this great article..i found your product while googling around to find a perfect dog biscuit solution for my 2 puppies. One is 15mths and one 14weeks! Your biscuits arrived to WA the very next day after i ordered. Fantastic service. Thankyou. They are both eating Stay Loyal and loving it straight away..i have been mixing in the puppy biscuits i had to get him used to the change. Their stools are already so much better. i will be recommending your product to all my doggy friends. Thanks for caring and producing a great product.

Kate, Tilly and Charlie Boy – Perth, WA

My English Staffordshire Beryl just loves the food. Her allergy symptoms are gone and she appears happier and healthier. I also have 3 Chihuahuas and as anyone would know they are the fussiest eaters. They have only ever eaten home cooked food and they love Stayloyal. I am also using Stayloyal as the dog’ treats. I am so glad I found your product.

Thanking You,

Narelle Rigney Glenmore Park, NSW

I must admit I was a bit worried as she is 10’years old and set in her ways. But Genevieve absolutely loves the food.

Also, She has stopped having smelly gaseous eruptions and her poos are firm again which they haven’t been for a long time. Since Christmas last year gen has been getting repeated attacks of diarrhea and vomiting and we couldn’t work out what was causing it. We tried all sorts of things but she would eventually have another attack.

Her coat is soft and she seems to have a lot more energy.

I have also started giving her chicken necks a couple of times per week which she also enjoys. I will keep an eye on her weight as you have suggested.

I will be placing a recurring order and wish to compliment you for developing a dog food that is actually good for dogs. It’s never easy to see her sick.

I hope your business flourishes so that the food will continue to be available.

Thank you so much.

Doreen Sharpe – Oxley, QLD

I got my dog Reggie, a Cavalier King Charles when he was eight weeks old. I started him on StayLoyal from that day. Reggie is now 7 months old, I can say with confidence that StayLoyal is a excellent product. I have been a dog owner of different breeds for over forty years. I wish I had found StayLoyal years ago. I can see a big difference: shiny coat, clear eyes, boundless energy (even for a Cavalier) and healthy bowl movements (which is a good indicator). No itching or scratching. I highly recommend StayLoyal for all breeds of dogs.

Gunda Knowles – NSW

I started my dog on stay loyal about 3 months ago and have been extremely happy with the product, my pug loves food but was going off his previous food so I decided to look around and found that stay loyal ticked all the boxes. Always sceptical with reviews and product information but I must say Jack absolutely loves his kibble, first thing I noticed which was also commented by my neighbour that his coat is so shiny, he is within good weight range, very energetic and wanting more.

Happy dog. Happy owner.

Dennis Drvodelic – Mount cotton, QLD

I have two large dogs that have been fed ‘Stay Loyal’ for the last 8 months. I’ve always said “Never write a review without backing it up with proof” and – can’t fault this pet food. The dogs love it, every meal, and they have never been healthier. Their coat is beautiful, they are full of energy and seem happier – always. The company provide samples which I did in the beginning and then took up the option of auto delivery. Cant fault the delivery service. Initially did the research and found the product in the top of the list of quality foods available. A Great service that offers a great product. Very, very impressed! Well done Robert (and the team) – a company that truly cares about our pets health.

Darren Smith – Murrumba Downs, QLD

I love that you guys channelled your passion for dogs into an Aussie business that produces a really great Australian made product. I found that many other dog food suppliers are huge overseas corporations – I like that Stay Loyal is a small business that has a high quality product at an economical price (FREE, quick delivery too). I’ve passed your details on to my Vet. Keeping profits in Australia is important to me! Go guys!

Sue McAlister – Cheltenham, NSW

Since we have been feeding our dog Stay Loyal he has kept a good weight and a glossy coat and enjoys each meal. As our dog has a high energy level we do feed him a little over the recommended amount without any weight increase. He is always ready for his meal, the only comment I can make that the biscuits could be a little bigger size as he is a large dog.

Valerie Axtel Gymea Bay, NSW

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Stayloyal dog food. I adopted 6 year old Maggie, a Fox Terrier cross from a family with small children. The couple was finding it difficult to care for Maggie. When she came to me on 12th June 2016 she was being fed generic brand dog food (dry and slices from dog rolls). Her coat was very dull and she had very smelly breath. I place my first order of 3 Kg of Stayloyal about 3 weeks later. It arrived very promptly and Maggie had no trouble adjusting to it. She has now been on this food for around 6 weeks. Her coat is so soft and shiny now. She gets lots of compliments from other dog walkers when we’re out and about and her breath is no longer smelly.

I’m so glad i found Stayloyal.

No more generic dry food or dog rolls for for Maggie.

Annette Williams – Maudsland, QLD

I have a two and a half year old kelpie/staffy who has been intermittently lame for over 14 months. She would be hobbling by the end of the day if she had run after the ball or played with other dogs at any time during the day. I have spent hundreds of dollars on X-rays and physio for her all with no diagnosis or improvement. I initially found stayloyal on the internet whilst looking for an answer to her very concentrated urine which was destroying my lawn. Robert was amazing when I contacted him, he was honest stating that he was not sure if the food would help with the urine issue but advised that I give Jessie chicken stock twice a day as he felt she was a poor drinker. Well magic happens, no more burnt lawn and no more lameness no matter how much she exercises. Her coat is healthy, her tail continually wags, she is fit, happy and pain free. Thank you so very much.

Karen Fulco – Frankston South, VIC

I did a lot of research on the ingredients used in all the top dry dog food varieties and found stay loyal to more closely follow the natural diet of dogs.. I have a border collie who is very healthy and at his ideal weight so no problems there.. The only thing that concerned me was that sometimes his pooh was runny and an off greenish colour.. Also I noticed now and then, a strong fishy smell, which seemed to be coming off him.. After researching, I learnt that if a dog is missing something in their diet, the anal glands won’t empty naturally when he toilets. (Sorry if this sounds gross but it’s the truth!! lols!!)…This results in the glands leaking an oily substance at inconvenient times, smelling like rotten fish.. Since switching to stay loyal (and supplementing with meaty bones), Rexie’s pooh is more solid, normal brown colour and no more fishy smell!! Also I’ve noticed his pooh is smaller which means his body is digesting the food better. This is a bonus as less cleaning up is needed!!!

Rexie enjoys eating the food and I have peace of mind that he feels comfortable from the inside out.

Highly highly recommend stay loyal. And I am very grateful to the monthly newsletters I receive, along with emails giving some really great dog tips regarding feeding and dog behaviour.. Many many thanks to stay loyal and the auto delivery service is brilliant!!!

Kindest regards,

Sandra Ivanic – Deer Park, VIC

Bandit absolutely loves the new food we are feeding him! It’s almost hard to believe the differences we have already noticed. Bandit is a long stock coat German Shepherd and he is now 9 months old. Previously, we were feeding him a low budget dry dog food and we were noticing a few things;
1. He never ate it straight away, it was like he would wait until he was starving until he ate it.
2. It would seem to go straight through him and the yard was always covered with what was left.
3. He struggled to put on weight and his coat wasn’t very nice.
Since transitioning to Stay Loyal, Bandit has found a new love for food! He is visibly excited when it comes time to eat and the bowl is licked clean within minutes. He is looking a lot healthier too, he has put on a couple of kilos and his coat is looking a lot nicer. His general temperament has also improved, he is now much more energetic than he ever was before.
We live in a rural area so food options were hard to come by. After doing a little research online and reading about Stay Loyal we were keen to try it out. I’m so happy we did and I’m sure Bandit agrees!
Thanks very much for your interest.

Kisstee Corrigan – Charleville, QLD

My daughter and I have two extremely wonderful miniature Fox Terriers called Tilly and Sammie. They are generally happy dogs, but I have never really been totally happy with the dry food I was feeding. I had researched their food previously and this was the best I could feed at the time, until I found your website.
Both were not as healthy as I thought they could be. Although happy, toilet time could sometime be messy and I have had to on many occasion wipe their tiny bottoms before coming back indoors. Sammie back scratcher has a favorite chair that’s the height for his back, he used to smartly use to get those itches, I don’t see him doing it anymore. Tilly was lovingly known as the spinner and dragger. Spinning as she nearly always had blocked glands and dragging because her belly was nearly always red, itchy and sore. The local vet knew her by name. There had been countless tablets, creams and dollars. Nothing worked. Tilly hasn’t been to the vets since introducing her to Stay Loyal, her belly is lovely and pink and her spinning has stopped.
I wasn’t happy with the food that they ate for a while as it didn’t smell the way it used too and the dogs didn’t always finish what they were given. I even rang the company and they said that it cannot always look and smell the same. This is when I started researching again. I found Stay Loyal and thought I would give it a try.
I found that both our dogs now love meal times and eat all their food and with enthusiasm. Their fur is no longer dull, it shines. I have found that their breath is much nicer than before feeding Stay Loyal. The transition from their old food to Stay Loyal was remarkable, after only a short time into the adjustment transition to the new food they wouldn’t eat the old brand. They left it in the bowl and only ate the new Stay Loyal crunchies which I and my daughter grade as A +++.

Thank you from us and the two very much more happier Foxies Tilly and Sammie

Eva Mazzei – Westmeadows, VIC

Our 11 year old staffy and two 6 month old staffy pups are thriving on ‘stay loyal’. They all love the taste. This wouldn’t be all tbat unusual except that our sweet old girl has never willingly eaten dry food on it’s own in her life, and I’m sure we have tried every ‘good’ brand on the market! So thanks again.

Carol Shaw – Cabarlah, QLD

The food has been fantastic thank you, cant emphasise enough we have an english bulldog puppy and we started her off on the eukanuba which we had no issues with and then our local vet started stocking science-hills and recommended that which was disastrous within a week she was shedding so much hair and her coat was really dull and after some research I discovered that it was a grain based dry food where as eukanuba is a meat based one which led me to do more research where I came across your dry food which is amazing have never looked back and will continue to feed her stay loyal for good her coat is in amazing condition and there is almost no shedding now 🙂

Kindest Regards

Catherine Davies – Hawthorn, VIC

I have been meaning to send you an email to tell youhow happy we are with Stay Loyal and your feeding guidelines.
We went from feeding our dogs twice a day to once a day as you recommended. The improvement in our French Bulldog’s itchySkin has been amazing and he no longer smells yeasty!
I also bought Malaseb Shampoo and treat his paws and ears.He no longer incessantly licks his paws and only occasionallyscratches his face as opposed to waking us up in the middle of
the night thumping while in a frenzy scratching himself.
So thank you for a much happier dog who no longer
suffers from itchy skin!

Silvana Harry – Thornbury, VIC

Hi, im just letting you know that im really happy with your product. It took almost 6wks to start noticing the difference in my pup but after that he stopped scratching & his coat is so so soft & shinny. I was worried at first about spending a lump sum of money on a product that i wasnt sure of but so glad i did.
Thanks again

Tracey – Bowral NSW

Just to let you know how happy I am with Stay Loyal dog food. In May we adopted a 19 month old Bull Arab x Great Dane. He was undernourished, traumatised and suffering red and itchy skin. In a very short time, since feeding him Stay Loyal, he has put on weight, his skin is no longer red and itchy and he is a healthy and energetic dog. His fur is also in better condition.

Andrea Cocking – Budgewoi, NSW

As being a new Customer with Stayloyal, I will say he loves it I have not seem him more full of energy his coat seems to be a lot more healthier overall
He seems to be a lot happier and healthier than before. He has had a lot of ear problems since we have had him but that seems to be slowly getting better
So hopefully his vet bills will get better as well.


Michael Stevens – Sunbury, VIC

My little Chihuahua X started on the Stay Loyal three weeks ago. I have no idea how old he is as he is a rescue dog from an abusive past. He could be around the ten-year mark. He loves the biscuits and eats it all in one go where previously I would put down good brand very expensive biscuits and they would sit in the bowl all day.
His coat is so soft and shiny and that’s after just three weeks. I showed the Stay Loyal to my neighbour who has had a lot of feeding problems with her dogs. She has now received her first order and is very happy so far with the results.
I’m very pleased to have come across your website as I had been looking for a while for a good quality food with all the nutrients needed and without all the fillers and rubbish that are in so many of the supposedly “top brands” so thank you so much for a great product and also really fast delivery. I live in Perth and it arrived in two days. Can’t get better than that.
Here’s hoping you can reach more and more pet owners and I will certainly be recommending it to all the dog owners that I know.
I did promise when I got little Maxi that from now on for the rest of his life he will have the very best of everything so I thank you very much for fulfilling that part of it.

Irene Campbell – Ocean Reef, WA

Hi my dog loves the food which i am really pleased with as he normally stops eating dried food after a few days. I have tried most of the dried premium range dog foods in petstock . For probably the last 18 months he has been having the low fat dried foods as he has had several operations on his leg and it was suggested we try to keep his weight down but as i keep changing them they havent really worked. but he went to the vets last week and he has lost weight and that is with just eating your food he isnt getting any exercise at the minute because of his latest operation. I am so pleased. He loves it he gets so exited at dinner time and his coat is in much better condition its so soft and he isnt scratching half as much as he was doing, i am so pleased i came across your food online and i will keep buying it

Thank you so much

Dawn Hoy – Christies Beach, SA

As happy Stay Loyal customers, we have definitely found Roberts informative emails very helpful. Especially his article on “consistency” to be the key with our newly-adopted Greyhound “Tom”. This includes pretty much everything we do from the start of the day to bedtime. It’s amazing how quickly dogs learn patterns!

It’s helpful articles and tips like this from Stay Loyal that help reinforce what we are currently doing with Tom whilst also providing us with new information and ideas, enhancing not only Tom’s life but our lives together with him.

Adam Lees – VIC

Hi my dog Hugo has been on Stay Loyal dog biscuits for six months now, he used to suffer from allergies, scratching all the time, he would get red spots all over his tummy and suffer from “hot spots” since starting Stay Loyal he improved almost immediately and I have had no problems with him since and he loves the biscuits I even use them as treats. I got my Mum and Sister on to your dog biscuits as well and their dogs love them as well! Thank you so much !!

Melanie Holmes – Quinns Rocks, WA

Rocco my staffy loves the food his skin is clearing up after being very ordinary , I can’t rate the food highly enough and to be given advice from you has been exceptional . In the two weeks that Rocco has been on the feed the results are amazing .
Thank you

Jim Ashcroft – Coopernook, NSW

I adopted my dog Bart in February who was rescued from a pound. The rescue group fed him a good quality dry dog food, but he was still scratching terribly after I brought him home, even though he had no fleas and after a couple of baths with medicinal shampoo.

Since starting Stay Loyal his scratching has stopped and he has a healthy, glossy coat and is full of energy.

Changing dates for auto delivery was managed easily with Robert being very obliging.

I am extremely happy with the product, I enjoy receiving Robert’s helpful tips and it is great to know I am supporting an Australian company. I highly recommend Stay Loyal to other dog owners, and apart from the addition of raw chicken carcasses and meaty dog bones I would never feed Bart anything other than Stay Loyal.

Kaye Midgley – Bathurst NSW

As the website promised my fur babies LOVED your food !! My husband was home when the food was delivered and waited until I got home from work to open the box… I’ve never seen the dogs so entranced by a parcel, they both were sitting in front of it waiting for us to open it.
As soon as it was opened we mixed it with the other kibble and introduced it to them over the next week and now they are only eating it. If I even dare to put the old kibble down (I ended up giving the last little bit away) they just look at it, then at me…. This usually rectifies itself over night, but with stay loyal they can’t wait to eat it… SO THANK YOU !!

July Smith – Taringa, QLD

After reading what ingredients was in the dry food that I had been feeding my dogs and doing quite a bit of research, I changed to Stay Loyal. My dogs love it! One geriatric pooch seems to have got his spark back and our other best friend licks his bowl clean every day!

Susan Schleicher – Mahogany Creek, WA

Since I put our chocolate Labrador Mika onto Stayloyal – the difference has been amazing! She now doesn’t spend most of her rest time scratching, her coat is even and she (and we!) are so much happier.

Susie Penco – Claremont, WA

Initially, I submitted an auto-order for our almost 10 year old boxer, Louis. We were very pleased when the delivery arrived very promptly and happily adopted the recommended feeding strategy ie once a day after exercise, and at night time to allow for digestion to occur.

Louis, loves his new food – no more fussy eating since the delivery arrived. Louis also used to have an issue with doggy breath and this has disappeared – we are very happy about this as he likes lots of cuddles from his family, as well as visitors who are happy to give him a cuddle.

In addition, we have had out daughter’s eight year old viszla staying as they have just had a new baby. The viszla has had lifelong issues with a sensitive gut and has been fed the very best that the top named brands have to offer to address his sensitivities. All to no avail, as the viszla continued to have on-going flatulence, accompanied by very loose, frequent diahorrea, and most worryingly, significant loss of weight in the last couple of months that has required veterinary involvement aimed at identifying the reason for his rapid weight loss. Since being fed Stayloyal he has finally passed firm bowel motions, regained his energy and is slowly re-gaining weight. Out daughter is overjoyed to think that we may have found a solution by transitioning to Stayloyal.

In addition, both dogs sleep indoors overnight and I have noticed that when I enter the room where they have slept that there is no more doggy odour.

Our daughter has now registered with Stayloyal and ordered some food – she is expecting a bag of food to arrive at her house any day. I will now need to order another bag of food as the viszla will be staying here for a while longer.

Many thanks to the team at Stayloyal for their very prompt service, informative newsletters, quality product and easy website to navigate and order.

Angela Thomas – Woodcroft, SA

Brandy has a sensitive stomach and skin allergies which required daily antihistamines and specially cooked meals, but since starting on these biscuits she has had no red ears, no rashes, and her coat is shinier than ever. And without a single antihistamine in a month! And to top it all off, she loves the taste, which was my main concern as she is a very fussy eater!
We couldn’t be happier with the result after just one month 🙂

Toni Mann – Morphett Vale, SA

Daisy our 13month boxer tryed the sample pack and she loved it that much we now have an ongoing delivery., She has snubbed her nose up at the other dog food we used to feed her and now will only eat the stay loyal food. We have noticed that she is by far a different dog, shiny coat and a lot more energetic. Won’t be changing from stay loyal for a very long time, she absolutely loves it. We are so glad we found this dog food, and she has no more upset stomach. Thank you again Viv and Jim.

Jim Sinclair – Gold Coast, QLD

I have a beautiful 5 y old Jack Russell who was getting very fat and his skin started getting very dry, he had thick scales everywhere and was very itchy. Sparky has been on your food for about 3 weeks. I can’t thank you enough, no more dry skin no more itching and his weights going down, so one very happy dog and one very very happy and grateful customer.
I will keep him on your magic food always.
Regards one very happy customer.

Bernadette Cox – Aus

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for this phenomenal food! My boy Storm has to be one of the fussiest divas I have ever encountered with food. We’ve just transitioned to Stay Loyal this week and all I can say is wow! I have never seen my boy attack food with such enthusiasm in his life. It’s always been hit and miss with Storm as to whether he’ll actually eat and as you can imagine he’s lighter then he should be. Well that I’m sure is going to change real quick. As soon as he smells your amazing food in his bowl he’s literally dancing with joy and eagerness to get to it. He is so crazy for this food I’ve had to get him a slow bowl so he’ll actually chew rather then try to inhale it! I can’t praise your amazing food enough and just wanted to take the time to say a huge thank you! You have earned yourself a loyal incredibly happy customer and one extremely happy Great Dane.

Fiona Moulton – Albion Park Rail , NSW

Shadow was not keen on her previous food. Since changing to Stay Loyal meal times are greeted with excitement and she is now a healthy weight, has a glossy coat that friends and the vet has commented on. Thank you guys keep up the great work and we are proud to support a 100% Australian owned company using Australian ingredients. I highly recommend “Stay Loyal” to anyone who wants a high quality dog food for their four legged friend at an affordable price.
Kind Regards,

Aaron Wirth – Dalby, QLD

It has taken 2 weeks for my two dogs to adapt but now they love it. We are following what you suggest with the meaty bones twice a week. Both dogs are looking great and very happy now. I have also noticed how nice their poo is now (if you can say that about poo), it is now firm and easy to pick up. The dogs are thriving and I couldn’t recommend your product more highly.
P.S. My dogs are a couple of little Chihuahuas.
Thanks again,

Steven Woodland Concord, NSW

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me Sophie is very much on the road to recovery,her hair has stopped falling out, her rash has gone, her itching almost vanished
I have had her on your immune diet, she loves the meaty bones & seems to enjoy the dry food more than any other we have tried, I am so grateful to you for all you have done for her/me. I also enjoy the articles you send. How long should I keep her on the immune diet & then how should I feed her? Sophie is a 31/2 yrs Shih Tzu weight 5kg.
Thank you so much I appreciate everything you are doing for Sophie & Me!! Please keep sending all the interesting info. Thanking you again.

Audrey Wynne – Bokarina, QLD

I have been a very happy ‘StayLoyal’ customer for 2-3 years. I have a beautiful German shepherd that had issues with dry skin, even feeding him very expensive brands. I searched online for an alternative food for him and found StayLoyal – grain free and very reasonably priced including home delivery.
My dog’s skin has certainly improved while on StayLoyal. I also love getting the newsletters and have been supported by Robert and David when I required information. They have been generous in sharing their knowledge and experience with me. I have recommended the product to friends and family.

Deb Henderson – Rocks, NSW

My Labrabor/Golden Retreiver has been on this product for about 3 months now. I would highly recommend it to any dog owner. She is nearly eight years old. I have noticed several improvements since changing to this food. Evie is more energetic and looks healthier and happier, she doesn’t have a smell about her so she doesn’t have to get a bath so often, her coat is thicker and shinier and what she leaves in the back yard is minimal and easier to collect. All in all I would recommend this produce but most importantly I would not go back to other supermarket products. That’s another bonus I don’t have to lug it home. I enjoy the newsletters and follow up if there are any queries. Change dates for delivery is managed without fuss or bother. Basically a well run outfit with an excellent product and excellent customer service . Thanks guys,

Judy Streeter – Ryde NSW

I wouldn’t say either of our dogs have been fussy eaters, but they would often ‘go off’ their food. We tried a few different brands with the same results every time, then we discovered Stay Loyal! As soon as I get their bowls out, they are in the kitchen salivating and watching my every move…

One of our dogs had calcium deposits in his shoulder last August. He had an injection to disperse the deposits and was fine for a few months, then we noticed he started limping slightly again. We were expecting to take him back to the vet for another injection, however since starting on Stay Loyal, the limping became less and less prominent, and has now gone altogether!

With the excellent customer service and two very happy dogs, I can’t recommend Stay Loyal enough!

Tracy Oliver – Mariginiup, WA

I have been meaning to email to say the food has been a huge success.
We have a yellow Lab and was starting to notice she was getting picky with her food and was always pooing.
As soon as we started her on stay loyal she has better bowel movement and has lost some weight as well as gaining energy.
Stay loyal was recommended to me by my uncle who is one of your happy customers as well.


Jo Pellegrini – Greenwith, SA

My dog Alli had been a fussy eater until I tried her on ‘Stay Loyal’. She loved it and still does. She has a beautiful shiny black coat and looks very healthy at 9 years of age. I was impressed by the fact that firstly it is an all Australian product, and secondly it has no fillers. My dog eats less than she did of other dry food. I would highly recommend to all dog owners. Supporting an Aussie Company is very important too. Your tips are great too. Thanks Stay Loyal for a great product.

Bev Galletti – Greensborough, Vic

Both of our dogs, a 6 year old Border Collie and 5 year old German Shepherd, have been doing well on Stay Loyal for some months now.

The important thing is that, apart from another very expensive dried meat formula, Stay Loyal is the only dog food that keeps the German Shepherd from having constant diarrhoea. Even Vet’s and a Naturopathic vet couldn’t get the results that Stay Loyal did.
So we are very happy, as we have been dealing with this issue since he was 7 weeks old and joined our family. It’s absolutely wonderful not to have cow pats to clean up and even more wonderful to have him put on condition!

So thank you very much.

Margaret Tysoe – Singleton, WA

I have a black lab called Ruby and a Cavoodle (Cavalier/Toy poodle cross) called Lucy. We had a couple of months where we used some other “brand” dog kibbles that were also low carb and grain free, along with fresh meat. Our dogs itching and flaky skin problems returned over that period and within a few weeks of being back on the Stay Loyal, it was gone.

So very happy with the product.

Aaron McCracken – Scarborough Perth WA

We have two dogs with two very different issues. One is a staffy cross and she reacts to everything from bread to smackos to the stage that we have taken her off all food except dry food morning and night. Our second lady is a standard schnauzer and has digestive issues and most varieties of food upset her stomach.
We initially chose stay loyal dog food as it has no fillers and my regular food was out of stock. I ordered one bag and waited for the reaction. Both dogs are happy with no reaction and love the food. I am super impressed with the price compared to my old brand and love the fact I am now supporting a local Australian business. Thank you team Stay Loyal for 2 happy pups!

Kim Kendall – Brisbane

Frank loves his Stay Loyal. On the plus side he doesn’t need as much. It’s the best move i have made switching from other dry food.

Thanks again,

Russell Breed Wagga Wagga, NSW

Misty is enjoying her Stay Loyal food. She is a Neapolitan mastiff x am staff. Her fur has returned to normal where it was thinning out on her back due to itching and under her front legs/armpits. She no longer has sore skin. The vet commented that her size, growth and weight are perfect and that she looks great 🙂 she is now nearly 8 months old. I had upped her portion size as she was getting older so she now needs a bag once a month.

Chelsea Howarth – Kilsyth, Vic

My Great Dane x Pointer, Pepper, had previously struggled with some foods and would often get dandruff so I had put her on brand X’s food for sensitive stomachs but her dandruff didn’t disappear. Now that she is on Stay Loyal her dandruff has completely disappeared and I have cut her down from 3 cups per day to 2.
Pepper loves the food and I’m very happy with how she’s going on it so will continue feeding her Stay Loyal.

Thanks for the great food!

Sarah – Quakers Hill, NSW

I had been feeding another product to my 9 1/2 month old Smithfield Cattledog x Kelpie her entire life. After further research I thought Stay Loyal would fit mine and my dogs requirements the best. I don’t mind paying more for better quality etc but I don’t just blindly get the most expensive believing that is the be all and end all, I am also very passionate about supporting Australian companies where possible.

My only regret now is that I didn’t find your company first off and feed her your Grain Free Product from the moment I got her. In the 10-12 days I’ve been bringing her onto your food she is glowing, and the changes in her behaviour have been incredible. The best way to describe it for me is, she used to be like a child with ADD, all run and energy, but with a limited attention span. Now she still has endless energy but she’s using that incredible brain of hers, waiting and responding not just go go go. It’s like before she was on a sugar rush whereas now she’s getting a more sustainable energy flow and boy is she blossoming.

We had a break from obedience training over Christmas, starting up again yesterday, when I walked in with Matilda the instructors faced just dropped, she said before she was a happy gorgeous little lady, trying so hard to please the world, but now she’s a stunning healthy machine just waiting for the chance to take on the world!! Bit dramatic I know but she’s passionate about dogs and their wellbeing so you can’t fault her for that!! Anyway I just wanted to let you know I’m very happy with your product and have been recommending it to anyone who asks, and if Matilda could talk she’d say the same. You’ve given me the chance to get the best out of my dog and that’s all I ever want, so a massive thank you.

Liz Jarvis – Acacia Ridge, Qld

We have two Goldie girls who are 6 and 5yo. They have been fed dry food since tiny pups. We started with the Supermarket brands and then moved to imported brands from an online store. All okay, but we wanted to do better by them – as they do so much for us. Cost of course is a restraint as we are retired. On my last research I came across Stay Loyal. After exchanging great emails with Robert, we decided to try it as Stay Loyal exudes a passion for caring for dogs and Robert was helpful regarding how he thought our costs would run.

Very quickly after ordering, the bag arrived. We still had some of the other brand to go, but I was so keen to check it out, so I opened the bag.

Our two girls were in a far room of the house, but….very quickly got a wiff…..and were right beside me in a matter of moments after I opened the bag! I thought it smelt pretty good too!

Took two small handfuls out for them to try….now, we know Goldies are “see-food” dogs…. but it was clear from their excitement that this was something delightful to eat.

(They gave me that look of “Hey, how come we’re getting this – we thought only you and the other humans eat the good food and we only get something this tasty on very special occasions!!!!”)

At their meal, I mixed a little with the ‘helicopter brand’ we had left. Both gobbled it up with greater excitement than they normally show!! Now for a Goldie, that is hard to do!!!

In fact, the fussier one (if such a Goldie exists!) of the two specifically ate the Stay Loyal first before ‘forcing herself’ to eat the remainder. Over the next few days, after she had carefully eaten the Stay Loyal pieces from the mix in her bowl, she looked at me with eyes that clearly said – “Isn’t there more – I don’t have to eat this other stuff do I???” The cat that convinced mankind to think dogs were stupid has got a lot to answer for!!!!

So we are now on the second bag – and our girls couldn’t be happier. Lots more energy, better poops (and less!), great eyes, improving weight (from fatties!!) and lovely shiny coats. I feel so bad for having treated them so badly with previous foods. Never again!

And I have to thank Robert for the great advice on an overall feeding strategy. It has been sound advice – they looove Stay Loyal, get enormously excited when the bones come out one or two times a week and cope with the “miss a meal” once a week.

So thank you Robert and David for having the passion to create Stay Loyal – our girls love you for it. Now if only my wife would enjoy the food I make as much as our girls enjoy Stay Loyal, the world will be perfect.

Russ Meacham – Blackheath NSW

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Stay Loyal. My dog has been suffering from all over skin irritations for a while now & would not stop scratching. No matter what I did he still scratched & had a constant bad odour. He was so unhappy & clearly in pain. We had exhausted all avenues as I did not want to continue him on medication long term. It was very upsetting for me to see him like this.

Since being on Stay Loyal, I noticed a change in his coat & skin after only 2 weeks. He has now stopped scratching & is back to his happy self. I am so glad that I came across your dog food as it has really saved my beloved Beagle & made us a happy family again.

We highly recommend your food.Thanks again.

Natalie Milton-White – Glenhaven, NSW

I have two boxers (mother and son) and they were being fed Royal canin for boxers, they used it eat it but you could tell they weren’t too keen on it. A friend saw a post about stayloyal on the boxers in Australia FB page. She has one of my puppies and her pup used to graze all day on the same dry food I used. When I got my bag of stayloyal I could instantly tell my woofers were interested in it and when I opened the bag they loved the smell and I couldn’t give it to them quick enough! I gave a small bag to my friends fussy boxer and she ate it in one sitting! She has never done that with dry food before! We are very impressed with how my dogs have taken to this, their coats are looking great and my girls flakey dry skin has gone! Being energetic boxers they always looked a little lean but after a few weeks on stayloyal they are looking very fit and are at the weight they should be! My friend has now ordered her first bag too 🙂

I will continue to recommend your product! You have two… Now three happy boxers!

Kabrina Piirlaid – Berkshire Park, NSW

We have 2 large dogs 15 and 19 months old and have tried several brands of high quality dog food however since they have been on Stay Loyal ( about 5 months ) we have noticed they now have calmer more focused energy,
not as hyped up and they are not edgy towards each other now. They are looking better physically and there has been a significant mental improvement as one has started to process
her surroundings more and will actually watch the tv now which she has never done. We have moved our friends onto Stay Loyal and they have noticed similar changes it’s a relief to finally find a
great food that they love the taste of. Keep up the good work Stay Loyal.

Jane and Alan Baker – Kariong, NSW

My Bouvier is doing very well with Stay Loyal. Her skin cleared within a week of feeding her your grain free kibble. She’s also more keen on dinner now than before. I was feeding her Eukanuba before and sometimes I had to put the food close to her nose before she eats. No such problems now.
I’m still experimenting with her portions, though. She’s 10 years old so I can’t feed her as much as when she was very active. All in all, you should proud of your product. Keep it up.

Thank you so much for Stay Loyal.

Roland Laureta – Gordon, ACT

Thank you for a meal that we introduced earlier this year, we have a happier, fitter and more alert Labrador (8 1/2 Yrs old) who has lost weight but looks forward to his Stay Loyal meal. Your prompt attention to delivery as well as including that within the price is simply wonderful for me a disabled person. I am strongly recommending your product to others and hope you every success with your business endeavour.

Mr & Mrs Loyd Toronto NSW

My Labrador Retriever at 8 years old had terrible discoloured and watery stools and really bad wind. She was starting to look old and losing energy. We were on a well known brand of dog food but I knew it wasn’t doing her any good and thought her food probably consisted of too much grain. So after going on the internet I found Stay Loyal and decided to give it a try. Her stools are now the proper colour and consistency and no more wind. Her coat is softer and shinier and she has gained energy and looks younger. I would definitely recommend Stay Loyal.

Karen – Brisbane,Qld.

Thanks again for the great product. My nearly 2 year old cattle dog x rough collie had shocking skin and eye problems when we first rescued her at around 10 weeks. Since switching to Stay Loyal she hasn’t had a single issue and I’m constantly being told in the park how beautiful and shiny her coat is.

Thanks again!

Anna Yates – Forestville, NSW

Hello, I just want to thank Stay Loyal. My 4 year old Groodle is a bundle of health.
Lexus has beautiful healthy skin and coat. When Lexus was introduced to dried food she wasn’t a fan of it but with Stay Loyal I didn’t have a problem. Lexus absolutely loves it.
I want to also thank my cousin for recommending Stay Loyal to me.

Marthese Parnis – South Morang, Vic

My dogs have been on Stay Loyal for approximately 12 months now. I couldn’t be happier with the results. They are actually interested in this food. Plus a big bonus is less poops to pick up due to the body utilising the goodness of the biscuits. Their coats and overall health is fantastic as a result of their new diet.
Kind regards

Allison Goodwin – Newport Qld

I am very impressed with the quick changes with my dogs since starting with Stay Loyal. Their bad breath has now gone, coat lustre has improved and energy has increased. My German shephard was having terrible trouble with itchy skin and continual scratching this has now stopped. Both dogs enjoyed Stay Loyal from day one and I have recommended this product to my vet.

Janet Suter – Norwood Tas

I would like to provide a testimonial to Stay Loyal related to excellence in the business model they have.
It is day 2 for me as the owner of an adorable 12 weeks old Spoodle (3 parts poodle really). Her name is Maggie.

Before unpicked up Maggie I have devoured every bit of reading material provided by Robert and David since (after extensive research) decided that Stay Loyal was the best and affordable dog food available.
My research examined independent examination of dry dog food available in Australia. Stay Loyal was a winner on all fronts.
I also signed up to receive excellent tutorials that I put to the test immediately.
In hours (with the help of a smart pup) and the training and feeding advice (especially natural instincts) I had results. Maggie is toileting, using the doggy door when I give her some free time from crate training and waiting for her food until I say OK.

My best achievement in this very small time is gate training. Maggie sits and waits until I give her the command to leave the yard before going for a sniff on the front lawn.

I have not had a dog for 25 years and back then I was so busy with work and children I almost feel guilty about what I did and didn’t do after my new found interest and knowledge base.

I am also transitioning her food to Stay Loyal and she just ‘woofs’ it down after I say OK (especially with a little bit of the raw butcher grade mince).

Thank you Robert and David I just can’t wait to get the next newsletter.

Jenelle Reading – Alexandra Headland QLD

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the quality of your product.

I have three dogs, one Australian cattle dog ( aged 1) and two Tenterfield terriers (aged 10). Two of my three dogs had very itchy skin, the cattle dog in particular. Prior to feeding your product she had small lumps and bumps all over her, had chewed patches on her tail base and back. Within three weeks of eating your product this has all disappeared. Magic stuff. I tell everyone I know about your product. Great work.

Just as a side note, I also have 8 cats (rescues). They also love these biscuits but find them a little large to chew. Only the big cats can eat them easily.

Thanks again for an amazing product.

Jodi Wiegman, and Grace, Lily, Locky, Hannah, Tomm – Beaudesert Qld

Hi David & Robert,

We are really happy with Stayloyal. Sampson has always had tummy upset problems resulting in very watery poo 90% of the time. After a couple of weeks of Stayloyal his system is stabilised – no more problems ! Also, amazingly, he absolutely loves Stayloyal. He completely cleans his bowl – which he never did with the expensive other food we used to buy him. We were always throwing the leftovers out, but there isn’t even one kibble of Stayloyl left ! A great result.

Karin Diamond – Eltham Vic

Thank you so much for your informative newsletter. Since I have introduced Stay Loyal Grain-Free, my dog Sally has improved enormously. She no longer scratches continually and has grown all her hair back from where she scratched. Sally stop scratching within a week and her hair grew back within a month.

I can highly recommend the Stay Loyal product. I now have a happy healthy dog!!

Keep up the good work!!

Kind regards,

Julie Russell – Kingaroy Qld

I have a 3 year old Cocker Spaniel that is the fussiest eater on the planet. Besides being fussy he was also constantly itchy and had disturbing green and red poo from his pet store dog food prior switching to Stay Loyal. I have also tried my dog on expensive premium brand and vet brand dog foods and both were left in his bowl all day until the last minute in the evening when he was so hungry he had to eat it. Things have changed and tails are wagging. My dog really looks forward to his bowl of Stay Loyal food in the morning and he devours it the second it reaches his bowl. I love the convenience of having my 15Kg bag delivered to my front door – no more making special trips to the pet store and carting massive bags of food inside. But perhaps the biggest bonus of all is that it is so well priced I am actually saving money by buying Stay Loyal. Money on Petrol, money on not throwing out old dog food, money on the magpies not eating his dog food because it stayed in his bowl all day, and money on feeding him less. It’s brilliant. I’m so happy I stumbled across the website while looking for alternative food for my dog and the advice given by the owners is sincerely wonderful – people that genuinely care for dogs and want to educate dog owners on how to take care of their dogs health and wellbeing. I was sceptical at first but now I will never use other dog foods.

Susan Olsen – O’Connor, ACT

I would like to tell you that we thank you every day for Stay Loyal. Our dear little dogs are so healthy and “itch” free since we have changed their diet to Stay Loyal. We include other types of food in their diet occasionally, they do get some sardines mixed into their Stay Loyal and a lovely fresh meaty bone during the week along with the odd goodie that we have searched for which do not contain any grains.
Healthy happy dogs – cant ask for more than that!!

With sincere gratitude

Julie & Brenton Peltz – Berri S.A

My dog Savannah has had 2 crucial Ligament
operations, plus a cancer growth removed last
Year. The bonus is she is energetic as a 10 yr old dog
has a beautiful shiny coat and has responded to Stay Loyal
as a excellent dog food ! She walks about 2 Klms most days.
It has helped also with arthritis.

Belinda Warfield – Caravonica, QLD

I have been using your food for 3 weeks now and i can see the difference in my dog’s nice shiny coat and improved muscle tone. I am telling everyone, I know with a dog, to give it a go. Thanks for making such a great product and the free gift was a nice add to my order.

Anthony Rose – Mount Gravatt

Stay loyal dog food is a fantastic product with a reasonable price. Our dog Diesel has very itchy skin and used to get hotspots occasionally. We have tried everything, creams, special shampoos, several vet visits, etc… with no great results. After changing his diet to stay loyal dog food, his itch is completely gone and he is happy as ever. I have absolutely no hesitation of recommending this dog food. Thanks to the Stay Loyal team to create a product that really works.

Kathy Kevelaer and Diesel – Cockatoo, VIC

Emmy has been on the food for 4 weeks now and there has been a definite improvement in her condition. She has more energy and is scratching and licking less. Still more improvement to come and I’m confident this will happen over time.
Thank you for your food.

Amanda Cumins – Bellbird Park, QLD

We began feeding our two Staffordshire terriers your “Stay Loyal” kibble after noticing bare patches in the younger ones coat. Within three months the hair had grown back and the girls now have lovely healthy looking coats and silky soft skin. Being fussy eaters and somewhat indulged, your food is the only dry food that they will eat without it being smothered in ‘people food’. They still enjoy some home cooked vegetables and the occasional bone or tin of sardines, but we know they will eat the kibble just by itself which makes feed times a lot less complicated. Reading the ingredients list is reassuring too, because it is real food, not additives and fillers.

Your personalised, efficient service makes your company a pleasure to deal with and we also love that your product is Australian made. We highly recommend this food to anyone looking for a better food for their best friend. Thank you for making such a great product.

Ron and Barbara Glanville – Essendon Vic

Just thought I’d let you know how happy I am with Stay Loyal. After lots of money spent on expensive dog food that make all kinds of promises I found your company through an Internet search.

Molly is a Maltese Toy Poodle cross and was pooping up to 6 times a day (including waking me up during the night to let her out) She is back to normal now and has more energy and her coat is the shiniest it’s ever been.

Thank you for your excellent product and also for the lead. It’s a bit large for her but her friend Angus (Black Labrador) is making good use of it.

Thanks again.

Sheryll Goodwin – Eagelby, QLD

I began using Stay Loyal about a year ago as my Staffordshire X was suffering from an extremely irritable skin condition. His stomach was often covered in large red itchy welts which medicated washes and antihistamines had no effect upon.
Within two weeks of commencing Stay Loyal his symptoms had reduced, and within one month he was virtually symptom free.
Both my dogs have always been fed a mix of high quality holistic dry food, meat and bones, but the dry product was not grain free.
After initially accidentally running out of Stay Loyal, I gave him a few days worth of the food the other dog was still eating and his symptoms reappeared within a couple of days. Upon recommencing him on Stay Loyal, his symptoms had once again cleared within a week or so.
I’ve since set up an auto delivery and now my Irish Wolfhound X is also being fed Stay Loyal.
The product is highly nutritious and the dogs only require a small amount to keep them in tip top shape. It is suitable for all ages and it’s so refreshing to see a product which is not being marketed at flavour, age, size or breed, all of which are completely unnecessary hype.
Comparable products on the market are far more expensive and often imported from overseas, where Stay Loyal is both Australian made and owned.
The convenience of the food being delivered to your door is fabulous, and the online customer service exceptional.
I now recommend Stay Loyal to friends and clients, and cannot speak highly enough of the product and company.

Sandra Bracey –

Chilli is loving Stay Loyal and her coat is so silky now. Before she had patches of dry skin and was losing her hair in many places, and she was always scratching as she was so itchy. She was very uncomfortable in her skin, so to speak.


I will be passing on your details to my vet as I think they have a lot to learn, or maybe they know and it is just a money grabbing exercise for them. Before your product I had spent nearly $1,000 at the vet on different pills and blood test to try and get her coat and skin better. Every time I was there, it was a new drug and more blood test. They also had me buying special shampoo and conditioner for her skin. They really had no idea. In frustration I did an internet search and came across your website. Honestly after 3 weeks her skin was better and it is softer and silkier than ever. Not bad for a Kelpie. She is also in excellent health now as well, everyone that sees Chilli says how well and healthy she looks. She is a picture of health.

All I can say is thank you and I will be passing all your information on to any person who happens to ask.


Kay Colahan – Elanora Heights, NSW

I would just like to say that this is the only dry dog food that my dog will eat straight away. When we take her away in our caravan she seems to go off her normal eating habits but on Stay Loyal she eats it straight away we are very happy with the product and with the service thank you all.

Reg Harrington – Ingleburn NSW

Both my husband and I have noticed a remarkable change in Molly.after spending enormous amounts of money on food that was designed for persistent itching,I stumbled over “Stay Loyal” sounded to good to be true…but I gave it a has been just on a month since our mini Schnauzer started her new diet. Stay Loyal has done exactly what it said it would.very little itching, more energy and a healthier coat. Follow the instructions and you will have a happier pet and you will be happier to.Thanks Stay Loyal..

Gloria Minter – Thornlands, QLD

We have Dexter, a 5 year old American Staffy X Bull Mastiff whom we adopted 2 ½ years ago.
Ever since we have had him, he has suffered with itchy skin and sore paws. His paws caused him distress, and every evening he would chew at them, presumably because they were itchy. It got to the stage when the only way we could control this was to put steroid cream on them, together with socks, to stop him from licking them raw. This only had limited success, so the next step was Prednisone tablets – which took the inflammation away, but as soon as the tablets stopped, the inflammation came back.
A friend recommended Stay Loyal (she uses it for her German Shepherd) and I was sceptical. However within a couple of weeks, Dexter’s paws had improved tremendously.
Now he is off all medication and no longer chews at his paws, and he has no more sore patches on his skin.

Lucy Lawrence – West Penant Hills NSW

We are very impressed with the new Stay Loyal Grain Free, both Maloo and Pablo my whippets are looking shinier than ever all Maloos skin irritations have cleared up completely even more so with the new formula so no more medication!

Thank you!

Marija Skaramuca – Boner ACT

We’re really happy with Stay Loyal. I prefer to feed my dogs raw, but understand getting the nutritional balance is tricky, so I like that your company recommends a mix of fresh meat in with the Stay Loyal diet.

I also need to use dry food in treat dispensing toys. We have two working dogs and part of their stimulation in a day is food they have to work for. My only wish is that the pieces be slightly larger as that would make the dogs have to put in more work to get them out of the “toy’s”. The small pieces fall out fairly easily.

We did notice a huge change in the dogs’ general appearance when we switched to your product – shiny coat, clear eyes, good energy, reduced stool size and odour.

Finally, I LOVE being able to buy Australian Made and Owned.

Keep up the good work!


Kellie Davis – Eltham, VIC

I am very happy with the Stay Loyal formula. I have a maremma and she had developed an intolerance for “Brand X”, as well as for the special imported brand sold by our vet.

At times she would scratch out chunks of fur because of the bad reaction.

It took about a month to see the full effect of going grain-free, but our Lottie is now scratch-free, I am pleased to say. I often add sardines to vary the taste, and she is happy.

Interestingly, I notice that the itch comes back if Lottie is fed some of the supermarket treats, so the balance is finely tuned.

Denise Boettcher – Red Hill ACT

Ever since my Staffy dogs were puppies that ate the “Brand X” biscuits. Well, it did come highly recommended from pet stores and at the Vet Practices . However, about the age of 2 both my dogs developed severe skin allergies especially the girl due to her coat being much finer than the boy’s coat. We spent a fortune trying steroids (just made them fat with skin problems), antibiotics (came back worse than ever after the course finished), silver (no change) and other unhelpful remedies that were suggested. At 4 years of age I was over the constant rashes, hair loss and raw red patches. Fed up, I turned to the internet and fortunately found your ad about how grains are not suited to a dogs digestive system and how this relates to their immune system. I immediately checked the “Brand X” packaging and the first ingredient listed was Corn Grain. What a freaking coincidence! So, I took a chance and ordered your grain free product. Within about a month and half the dogs were cleared up and have had no further skin problems!!! On top of this, the dogs really love these biscuits – they pretty much INHALE them. I am so glad I found your site that day. The dogs look amazing!! Frankly, I know I sound gushy but I cannot extoll the virtues of your product enough as I was at the end of my rope with the freaking skin problems!!

Best Regards

Lisa Hyvonen – Jubilee Pocket, QLD

Scott and I have two American staffies and they LOVE stay loyal – we were at our wits end trying to find a food that didn’t disagree with our very sensitive blue American staffie ‘Gus’ he has had numerous trips to the vet for skin irritations and was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Since changing to the grain free formula we have not looked back his skin is clear and his coat is glossy. Our second dog ‘Stanley’ is also a picture of health. We mix feed the grain free formula with some raw meaty bones, some cooked mince with vegies and also some fish.
I have recommended Stay Loyal to anyone who says our dogs look fantastic, including to my brother Tom who also has American Staffies (I think he called and spoke to you a while ago – he is coming to pick up a bag today).

Kind Regards,

Jessie & Scott Lynch – Narellan, NSW

I can’t tell you how happy we have been with your product. All three of our dogs absolutely LOVE it, meal times are over in a flash and the dogs are so shiny and soft, or as my friend recently commented “silky smooth”!

Many thanks,

Alison Daneeli – Wyndham, NSW

Collected our first bag today from the post office (yes our post office is open on Australia Day) – there was a LOT of sniffing, lip licking and tail wagging going on as we carried it into the house lol As we were organising it into the storage bin, three dogs and 1 cat were VERY interested in what we were doing. So I took out 1 biscuit each, turned to them and said “sit” – their backsides hit the ground so fast! lol They all LOVED it and wanted to know how they could get MORE – even Tilly (the cat) lol I don’t think we will have any trouble “getting them to eat it” and I think meal times will be enjoyed by all – especially the humans, because we won’t have to keep saying “eat” “eat” “eat”!

Alison Daneeli – Wyndham, NSW

Thanks so much for your help. Very impressed with your quick response, all customer service should be that easy!

Your dog food is amazing, we had a very itchy unhappy dog who was constantly on medication, he has been medication free now since July! Thanks very much

Shae Kempster – Warner, QLD

“Hello!” I want to let you know I am a Stay Loyal convert!

When I viewed the Stay Loyal Website, I was initially sceptical. I was seeking advice from Robert their in house food formulator come dog breeder and before speaking to him I was thinking, “another dog food empty promise”. However, he convinced me to try their product.

I want the best for my furry friend and I thought, I would give it a chance and see what happens. Much to my surprise, what claims Robert & Stay Loyal website were telling me were coming true! My dog Max (male Maltese) did not eat nearly as much, he was finally getting the nutrition he had been lacking! Max was leaving expensive top brand foods unfinished; in fact, he would not even try some of them. Max previously was underweight and finally plumped up to a fuller more handsome dog on Stay Loyal Grain Free.

OK, so that was true, what about the other claims???

Well they were true as well! Of course, nothing happens overnight. After one month on Stay Loyal, Max’s fur was fuller, extremely shiny, softer and growing thicker. His skin used to have reddish sores underneath his fur and they now have totally disappeared. At last, no more scratching due to skin irritations. He always had bad breath but it now has totally disappeared. His eye’s pupils are no longer grey looking. Max’s coat is shiny and slick, he has more energy, vitality and his “poo” is softer, not as smelly, as well as dissolving in the rain. Max does not need as much food to be satisfied, because he is getting the proper nutrition finally I believe. It is not only what is in the food but also what is not in it that makes this a stand out product.

This food has saved me money already and probably will save me 1,000’s of dollars in Max’s lifetime, with vet bills increasing and travelling around with a sick unhappy dog.

What a wonderful product: that works as claimed and over delivers on its promises.

Well done Stay Loyal, an Australian Company with an Australian Made product even better.

I’m hooked! I encourage all of my friends and people to switch to Stay Loyal Grain Free.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Cafcaros – Sydney NSW

My little Schnauzer suffered from a belly rash due to allergies so I thought I would give Stay Loyal Grain Free a try, his skin improved within a week and I was able to stop all medication (tablets and sprays). I would certainly recommend it to other owners of dogs with itchy skin.

Gail Pringle – Orange, NSW

Maggie loves it, I recently got another 5 year old Dane, approx. 3 weeks ago,she also loves it. They look great, healthy and a soft full coat. Maggie gets 2 1/2 cups split feeding and Lilly gets 3 1/2 as she is bigger, they both maintain their weight. Also love the great customer service and the delivery of these huge bags to my door.

Raelene Gallagher – Avoca Beach, NSW

Our dog is 5yrs old and he has a bad skin allergy , he has been to the uni and to the vet at least every 6-8wks of his life and was on the dearest Hypoalergenic dog food Well its been approx 3 mths and Rome looks fantastic he has fur all over his body that is 3 time the thickness and off the steroids and no rash on his body or feet .
I have spread the work of this fantastic product to my Vet and they are impressed.
A huge thank you to Stay Loyal for the comfort of our dog he even gets all excited when its dinner time.
Thanks Heaps

Karen Hooley – Narellan, NSW

I just want to let you know what I think of your dog food. You said it was a good food, well
I can say it is more than that. My girl had such bad skin I didn’t want her in the same room as me ,after two weeks the difference was amazing, now after one bag it is clear.

I am so glad I found you.

Dorothy Sklenar – Western Australia

This is Mocara, aka Maggie moo moo. She has just passed her vet examination with flying colours. They are very happy with her overall condition and can’t believe she is 5 years old.

Great weight, great coat. They asked what her diet it…………. I told them ” Stay Loyal” and some meaty bones. Now I have to go back again with the empty bag so they can check you out, I don’t think they believed me when I told them the ingredients Vs the cost. Hopefully you will get a few more ” loyal ” customers.

Raelene Gallagher – Avoca Beach, NSW

I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the Stay Loyal grain free dog food.

When I got my first bag of food I did a test. I put a bowl of Stay Loyal down next to a bowl of my dog’s usual, expensive, Premium American brand dog food and they all went for the Stay Loyal Grain Free.

The dogs have more energy now and their coats are shiner than ever. I feel the dogs are much healthier and when they have been shown or working you can notice a difference in them.

A true testament to Stay Loyal. A wonderful product. And I recommend it to everyone.

Vince Panetta – Nitala German Shepherds Narraweena NSW

After always cooking for my 2 English Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Jet & Storm, I was recommended Stay loyal by a friend. With wanting to get Storm off to a good start in life & Jet being fussy & having a skin condition I was willing to try anything as nothing in the past has ever helped… After 6 weeks of him being on the Stay Loyal dog food his coat is soft & starting to thickin up & hasn’t even scratched once!! Not to mention he has gotten leaner & more muscular. They love the taste of the food nearly doing backflips just to hurry me up to feed them, they just LOVE IT!!!

Tania James – Erskine Park, NSW

Since feeding my Staffy Stay Loyal I’ve noticed, after only a month, my dog is more active and playful. Her coat shines now. Her shits are smaller and her gums are healthier. I highly recommend this product for any dog.

John Spiteri – St Mary’s, NSW

“On statistics presented by pet insurance companies, the first three reasons dogs are presented to their veterinarians are ear infections, skin allergies and moist dermatitis. Many skin cases never seem to improve, despite all the Western medication used. The right food with the right ingredients could help patients with skin allergies. From my own observation I have noticed that most dogs with skin allergies are fed with foods that have grains as the main source of protein. Dog’s digestive systems are designed to metabolize and absorb meat protein not grains! I like the fact that Stay Loyal dog food does not have grains and the ingredients are hypoallergenic. From the stand point of Traditional Chinese Medicine, dogs with skin allergy have a very warm body and they need a cold/cool food. Most of these ingredients (beef, fish, alfalfa, blueberries, apples, potato…) are cool or neutral. In conclusion this is a very good food for dogs with skin allergy.”

Gabriel Manu DVM – Location

To anyone who is thinking about Stay Loyal dog food for their companion, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough, Not only does my “Buddy” love it, so do I (smaller stools & less of them) must be that the food is being absorbed by my mate not just passing through him. No more rash either (vet said beef allergy, maybe?), Well since using Stay Loyal for the past 8 weeks rash is gone. Look how happy my boy is! (see attached pic). David & your team keep up the good work!!!! Thanks Again.

Bj & “BUDDY“ Masters – Herne Hill. WA.

“My Lab X Great Dane (Elmo) didn’t wait for the postie to get it out of his bag. He stole the free sample out of the post man’s bag and dropped the bag at my feet. After dropping the bag at my feet he danced around me making that whining sound that he does when he wants treats. The postie was somewhat startled but very amused. I fed him early that day because he sat by his bowl and kept switching between looking at me and looking at the bag of Stay Loyal on the bench. It obviously smelled very tasty and Elmo really enjoyed his meal. To all you dog owners out there, your dog deserves the best. Try it your dog will love you for it.

Bobbi Flower – Cornubia, QLD
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