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5 Ways Holistic Dog Food Can Make a Difference in Your Dog’s Life!

5 Ways Holistic Dog Food Can Make a Difference in Your Dog’s Life!

When choosing a food, it’s important to think about your whole dog – not just his stomach. And while we all have to pay attention to our budget as well, a high quality holistic dog food can really make a difference to both your dog and your wallet! What is holistic? As a reminder for those who may have missed my earlier post:

Holistic is a philosophy that believes in treating the whole – mind, body, spirit – of a person (animal). Those that practice it believe the three parts of the body must be treated together in order for real change or healing to occur.

So a dog food that is holistic takes into consideration your dog’s mind, body and spirit and how they all need to be in balance in order for your dog to be as healthy as he can be. Wondering what that looks like? Here are five ways a holistic dog food can make a difference in your dog’s life.

1. Higher Intelligence/Focus for Training

A holistic dog food takes into account that certain foods really are “brain food,” needed for proper development of intelligence (such as DHA and EPA for puppies) and for continued focus as adults. A dog on a proper diet will be easier to train. Here’s What a Stay Loyal Customer Experienced!

I’ve been bringing her onto your food she is glowing, and the changes in her behaviour have been incredible. The best way to describe it for me is, she used to be like a child with ADD, all run and energy, but with a limited attention span. Now she still has endless energy but she’s using that incredible brain of hers, waiting and responding not just go go go. It’s like before she was on a sugar rush whereas now she’s getting a more sustainable energy flow and boy is she blossoming.

Liz, Qld.

2. Fewer Bad Habits

Improper nutrition can have lots of side effects. While these are not things that are always caused by food, sometimes they are. For example, dogs that eat strange things, such as constantly “grazing” on grass, may be deficient in vitamins or minerals and are trying to get them in other places. Or, maybe the food doesn’t have enough protein or fats to make your dog feel full, so they may be constantly getting into the garbage or eating anything they find on the floor. Deficiencies can cause all kinds of symptoms and issues. It can even affect temperament. A holistic dog food can help reduce the occurrence of some bad habits.

3. Keep Them Acting Young

Your dog’s spirit slows down a bit as they age, but an improper food can make them slow down quicker. A Holistic food will have the proper nutrients, such as fat, to keep your dog’s energy level up and their spirit energized.

My Labrador Retriever at 8 years old had terrible discoloured and watery stools and really bad wind. She was starting to look old and losing energy. We were on a well known brand of dog food but I knew it wasn’t doing her any good and thought her food probably consisted of too much grain. So after going on the internet I found Stay Loyal and decided to give it a try. Her stools are now the proper colour and consistency and no more wind. Her coat is softer and shinier and she has gained energy and looks younger. I would definitely recommend Stay Loyal.

Karen, Qld.

4. More Relaxed

Most holistic dogs foods contain ingredients that help keep your dog in a more balanced emotional state. Additives such as rosemary (something Stay Loyal contains) can help promote calmness and relaxation.

5. Fewer Vet Bills

I did say a holistic diet could help your wallet and it can. Dogs fed high-quality food that takes care of their whole body generally need fewer vet visits because they are healthier. For example, we have antioxidants in our food – including green tea, turmeric and vitamins C and E – that help prevent against free radicals like air pollution, helping to keep your dog healthier. I know a 14 year-old sheltie that is the last remaining dog of her litter. The others passed away already of things like kidney disease. While this won’t happen with every dog, good food really can save you money on vet bills in the long run. Here’s what you can experience with a good holistic dog food like Stay Loyal. I’d just like to say how glad I am that I stumbled across your video on facebook. I just assumed dog food was dog food until i saw it. For years we were cleaning Dallas’s ears every week to avoid yeast infections and unnecessary vet trips. After a few weeks on your food we haven’t had to clean them since! It never even occurred to me that it was the food doing it, so thank you!

Tamara, WA.

A holistic dog food will not solve all your problems, nor will it keep your dog perfectly well-trained with a 30-year lifespan. That dog doesn’t exist. However, it can make your dog more trainable with less bad habits and healthier with less trips to the vet. These are all things both you and your dog will appreciate.



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