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7 Things Your Dog Wants You to Know Before You Buy Another Bag Of Dog Food!

7 Things Your Dog Wants You to Know Before You Buy Another Bag Of Dog Food!

If you are unsure about the food you are feeding your dog, then here are some great pieces of information that your dog will love you for.

  1. Your dog wants you to know that he or she is a carnivore. That means that they mostly like eating meat. Because their biology also allows them to scavenge, they can eat almost anything but they do BEST on and mostly love meat.
  1. Although your dog is grateful for the food he is getting now, your dog wants you to know that most dog foods are based on grains not meat. These grain based foods are very hard for your dog to digest. They irritate and scrape your dog’s intestinal tract, causing discomfort, and sometimes pain. Grains have digestibility levels which can go as low as 54% (as in corn). Meats, on the other hand, have very high digestibility levels: 92% for muscle meats like chicken, beef and lamb! Meat protein is the biologically appropriate food source for your dog.
  1. Grain based dog foods are possibly bad for your dog and may be slowly causing health problems. After seeing thousands of dogs over 37 years of consultations veterinarian Dr T. J. Dunn, Jr has said “Grain-based diets for dogs, and even more so for cats, do not make nutritional sense and that is exactly why I was seeing those patients with the dry and flaky, sometimes greasy skin and coarse hair coats. They were eating “Complete and Balanced” grain-based diets with nothing else added. Why add anything when it is “Complete and Balanced” already?”
  1. Another thing… even though the dog food company is allowed to claim “Complete and Balanced” it may be missing essential nutrients like omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. These ESSENTIAL fatty acids are critical to your dog’s health but are NOT required for dog food companies to be able to make the claim “Complete and Balanced”.
  1. Scientific studies carried out on dogs demonstrate that not only is it important that dogs have these essential fatty acids in their diet but it’s crucial that the Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio is approximately 5 to 1! Plus it is crucial that the Omega-3 comes from Fish oil and not flaxseed/linseed oil. This is because scientists have found that the omega-3 from fish oil is absorbed ten times more than omega-3’s from flaxseeds. Plus Fish Oil has, DHA an important nutrient for brain and eye development in pups and brain and eye function in adult dogs.
  1. Your dog wants you to know that he is embarrassed and sorry about his sloppy, smelly messes. You need to know that as long as you feed grain based dog food, your dog will continue to produce these sloppy messes. Grain free dog food is mostly digestible meats with some vegies and fruit. Vegies and fruit are high in soluble fibre. Soluble fibre like beet pulp and Yucca are prebiotics and supply food for the good bacteria in your dog’s gut. These good bacteria help maintain a healthy digestive system which in turn creates a healthy immune system. Plus… the good bacteria also help digestion and create smaller and firmer stools, which are less embarrassing for your dog and you. Plus they are easier to clean up after.
  1. Finally… Your dog wants you to know that meat based grain free dog foods not only taste better they are healthier for dogs. Which means less health issues, and fewer trips to the vet.

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