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Avoid Health Problems By Following These Dog Care Tips-Part Two!

Avoid Health Problems By Following These Dog Care Tips-Part Two!

Next tip is something no dog food company is going to tell you, except us at Stay Loyal! So please take it on board.

“It’s Better To Feed Your Dog Less, And Have a Healthy Lean
Dog Than Feed It Too Much and Have An Obese Dog!”

Sure you can feed your dog as much as it wants to eat, however it will only help dog food companies have more profits, however I don’t want that. I want your dog to be healthy and live a long active life. And the best way to do that is to use the feeding procedure above and limit food intake. If you can’t see your dog’s waist from both the side and the top you need to feed less food. If you can see one or two ribs, even better! A healthy dog is a lean dog with a shiny healthy coat.

Here’s a quick rundown on what to do… Most people like to give the same amount of food every day. However the correct way to determine portion size is to look at your dog’s condition and then decide how much food to feed. Eg; if you are feeding 2 Cups a day and your dog is looking too lean you will need to increase the portion to 3 cups for a week and then asses your dog’s condition again. Every week you need to assess your dog’s condition. After a month you may notice your dog is looking a little beefy so you cut back to 2 cups again. The correct portion size is the amount that keeps your dog at a lean healthy weight. The correct portion size will change with activity level, climate and age.

This last tip is unusual but essential if
you want your dog to be healthy.

It’s so unusual that most people won’t even try it. This is because they think it’s slack or cruel or they just can’t do it. What is it? It’s Fasting. I fast my dog’s for 48hours once every week or two. Sometimes I will give them a big feed of raw meaty bones and then skip a day. It’s like they have had a big kill, gorged themselves and needed two days to digest the large meal.

Fasting gives their digestive system a rest. Plus it gives the stomach time to build up extra acids and enzymes to digest the next meal. One thing you need to know about fasting your dog is that dogs don’t go through the same hunger pains and light headedness we go through because their body runs on fats not carbohydrates like us. So they handle it like a normal day. Dogs that have a routine will expect a meal but after a few months they catch on and don’t harass you for food on the fast day.

A quick summary of these health tips.

  • Feed your dog once a day.
  • Walk your dog on an empty stomach and then feed after your dog settles from the walk.
  • Allow your dog time to rest after a meal. The longer the better.
  • Feed fresh meaty bones two times per week, Stay Loyal Grain Free the other days.
  • Keep your dog lean. When in doubt, feed less.
  • Skip a meal every week or two, to allow proper rest of the intestinal tract.

Follow these tips and watch your dog’s energy levels increase, coat shine and muscles bulge. Most importantly they will be the healthiest they can be and that way they will be with us for a lot longer.


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