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Fun Ways to Cool Your Dog off This Summer

Fun Ways to Cool Your Dog off This Summer

It’s warming up and that means it’s finally time for summer fun! I firmly believe that dogs love the summer as much as we do because we tend to do more with them – we get outside more, play more and take longer walks. During all the fun in the sun, we need to make sure we keep our pups cool, so they don’t get overheated. While that may sound boring, there are actually a lot of fun ways to keep your dog cool in the summertime.

Cool Toys

These toys are not just cool, they are cold. Many companies make toys that can be frozen or submerged in cold water to give your dog a refreshing toy during the hot months. Look for “Hydro Toys” at any pet store or online. Just be sure you buy ones that are made for your size of dog and supervise play as many of these toys are not as durable as say a Kong is.

Frozen Treats

You can make their meal time fun while cooling them off by mixing their Stay Loyal kibble with water or cold bone broth, let it soak for about 10 minutes, then put in a Kong or other food toy and freeze. Not only will it occupy your dog, but it will keep them refreshed and cool. It also helps make sure they are getting plenty of water, so it’s a double win. Frozen meaty bones are great too.

Functional Accessories

You can order a Kool Collar online. These ingenious collars are made to be frozen. Your dog can wear it while out and about – think of it as the doggie equivalent of a wet bandanna that we put around our necks.

Another cooling accessory is one you can make yourself. An ingenious person on took a pair of cargo pants, cut them, and turned them into a doggie vest that could hold ice to keep their dog cool while hiking.

Another great summer items is a cool pet bed. There are some DIY ones to be found if you search the web, or you can buy one from the Pet Shop. It’s a cooling mat that your dog is sure to love to lay on while enjoying the sunshine.

Finally, check out the FroBo. It’s a bowl that keeps dog water nice and cool, without you having to waste it by dumping out and refilling it all day. It only takes about two hours to chill and then keeps water below room temperature for up to eight hours.

Water Fun

Of course, playing in water is always a great way to cool off! Many dogs enjoy a sprinkler to run through. Don’t have a sprinkler? All you need is an empty pop bottle according to one user. They attached a 2-Liter soda bottle to the hose nozzle after punching a few holes in the bottle – some facing up, some out the bottom, etc. She claims it worked great!

Kiddie pools also make great dog pools if you have the space in your backyard.

Have concrete that’s hot on the paws? Lay down an old sheet or blanket and run the hose over it – instant cooling area that won’t burn your pup’s pads.

Another fun water solution is a mister. You can buy backyard misters that the entire family, not just the dog, will enjoy.

Of course, going to the beach, lake or river is always a fun way to keep your dog cool. Just be sure to watch for signs of overheating and bring plenty of drinking water with you.

With all these suggestions, you are sure to both have a fun and cool summer.



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