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One Customer’s Regret About Trying Our Food

One Customer’s Regret About Trying Our Food

There are many factors that can contribute to your dog’s behavior, which includes his or her diet. If you dog is eating food that is filled with cheap fillers, then it will have an impact on his or her digestive system, health and even behavior.

How Food Can Impact Your Dog’s Behavior

Inexpensive dog food that is filled with cheap filler is not nutritional for your dog, and your dog could be allergic to these types of dog foods. When humans are allergic to food, it can have a drastic impact on behavior, which can lead to depression or irritability. The same is true with our furry friends. If we feed our canine companion food that has one or more ingredients he or she is allergic to, then it can lead to behavior changes. Many dogs are allergic to fillers such as corn and wheat, which are common fillers found in cheap dog foods.

A grain-free diet is the best way to ensure your dog is getting all the nutrients he or she needs to be healthy. According to PetMD, fillers are used to replace high quality ingredients and may be biologically inappropriate for your dog, which could cause health and weight problems.

Here is a story of how Stay Loyal changed a dog’s behavior. Read this testimonial from Liz Jarvis to see how Stay Loyal helped her dog:

“I had been feeding another product to my 9 ½-month-old Smithfield Cattledog Kelpie her entire life. After further research I thought Stay Loyal would fit mine and my dog’s requirements the best. I don’t mind paying more for better quality, etc, but I don’t just blindly get the most expensive believing that is the be-all and end-all. I am also very passionate about supporting Australian companies where possible.

My only regret now is that I didn’t find your company first and feed her your Grain-Free product from the moment I got her. In the 10-12 days I’ve been bringing her onto your food she is glowing, and the changes in her behaviour have been incredible. The best way to describe it for me is, she used to be like a child with ADD, all run and energy, but with a limited attention span. Now she still has endless energy but she’s using that incredible brain of hers, waiting and responding, not just go go go. It’s like before she was on a sugar rush whereas now she’s getting a more sustainable energy flow, and boy is she blossoming.

We had a break from obedience training over Christmas, starting up again yesterday. When I walked in with Matilda the instructor’s face just dropped. She said before she was a happy gorgeous little lady, trying so hard to please the world, but now she’s a stunning healthy machine just waiting for the chance to take on the world!! Bit dramatic, I know, but she’s passionate about dogs and their well-being so you can’t fault her for that!! Anyway I just wanted to let you know I’m very happy with your product and have been recommending it to anyone who asks, and if Matilda could talk she’d say the same. You’ve given me the chance to get the best out of my dog and that’s all I ever want, so a massive thank you.”

-Liz Jarvis

What a difference Stay Loyal grain-free dog food made on Matilda’s behavior. By changing her dog food to Stay Loyal, which is a high quality grain-free dog food, Matilda is once again a happy pup.

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