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Simple Frozen Dog Treat Recipes

Simple Frozen Dog Treat Recipes

It’s summer and it’s hot out there! Just like us, dogs appreciate a nice cool treat when the weather is hot. Of course, plain ice cubes are always a hit, but if you want to spice them up, here are a few simple frozen dogs treat recipes to make your dog one cool pup. (Even better, some of these will taste good to you too!)


For these recipes, all you need is an ice cube tray!

Peppermint Ice. Fill ice cube tray ¾ of the way with water. Mix a few peppermint leaves or a couple drops of pure peppermint oil with a sprig of parsley and add to each cube. Freeze. Put a few cubes in your dog’s water.

Sorbet. Put any type of fruit, such as banana, apple, or blueberry and dice into small pieces as needed. Carrots work too! Fill the ice cube tray halfway with water and then add the fruits and/or veggies and freeze.


For these recipes, a paper cup makes them easy. To serve, just peel off the paper cup!

Fruit Slushie. Blend ice and your choice of fruit (Watermelon is a great one!) and you have an icy slushie. Serve as is in a dish or harden in a paper cup before serving to make it last longer. Peel cup and serve.

Frozen Parfait. Layer items such as blended bananas, broth, chopped fruits or vegetables. Freeze. Peel cup and serve.

Remember that all of these treats are just that, treats. Feed in moderation. Be sure to ask your vet if you are unsure about any of the ingredients due to your dog’s health issues, especially if they are on a strict diet. And, if they are restricted, remember all dogs can have frozen water, so simple ice cubes will make your dog happy too.



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