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Why We Put Inulin in Stay Loyal Dog Food

Why We Put Inulin in Stay Loyal Dog Food

Looking over the Stay Loyal ingredients, you should recognize almost everything in the list because we use natural items and no chemicals or vague things such as “meat meal.” But there is one item on there that you might stop and say, what is that? And that is Inulin.

What Is Inulin?

Inulin is a powerful soluble fiber found in many plants. Some of the main plants that are used as Inulin sources are: asparagus, chicory root, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, jicama and yacon root. Due to the way its molecules are linked together, inulin is not digested by the small intestine. Instead, it travels into your lower gut where it acts as a prebiotic.

What does Inulin do for the body?

A prebiotic is a food source for the beneficial bacteria that you want to have in your intestine. Studies have even shown Inulin can help stimulate the growth of those beneficial bacteria.

Those good bacteria convert inulin into fatty acids that provide nourishment to colon cells. Also, because it’s increasing those good bacteria, it helps with immunity, improved digestion and overall health.

Inulin can also help relieve constipation and creates more consistent stools.

In short, inulin helps with overall digestive health that will keep your dog regular – something every dog owner who has to pick up their dog’s poop can appreciate!

Controls Diabetes

Interestingly, Inulin can also help control diabetes by improving blood sugar control. With all the overweight dogs that are heading in that direction, this could be a very important part of all dogs’ diets.

Improves Mineral Absorption

If that’s not enough to make you think this is a great ingredient, there’s more! In studies, inulin has also been shown to improve mineral absorption and bone health by increasing bone density. This is especially important for growing puppies and aging dogs.

Prevents Colon Cancer

Incredibly, inulin has also been shown to help prevent colon cancer. An animal study showed that 88 percent of the animals given inulin saw a reduction in precancerous colon growths. While the research is still being conducted, preliminary findings suggest it does reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Makes food more Palatable

Have a dog that isn’t interested in his food? Inulin is sweet, making food taste better which can help those picky eaters stay interested in their food. Unlike sugar, however, inulin is low in calories – 25 percent less than sugar and 10-12 percent less than fat.

So as you can see, there are many reasons to have inulin in a dog food, yet one study found that only 8 percent (approximately) of dog foods on the market contain inulin. We are happy to report that Stay Loyal is one of those because we carefully selected our ingredients to give your dog the best health possible.



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