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I’d say it’s normal for a dog to have a short scratch of less than 1 min once or twice a day. When they scratch or lick incessantly then you have an issue that needs help.

They could stop the itching if it's bacteria related. But once the antibiotics stop, usually the itch comes back because the antibiotics do not address the core issue.

YES, they certainly do stop dogs from itching, but they only cover the symptom of itching and scratching they do not address the actual problem. They also have associated side effects.

Most dogs LOVE our food and if for whatever reason your dog doesn’t like it, we do offer our 100% money back taste guarantee.

100% YES, if it works for your dog to stop the itch, it will stop the problem long-term.

Our solution is a long-term nutritional solution and has worked for hundreds if not thousands of dogs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for all dogs, but it's a natural solution worth trying since you must feed your dog anyway.

Then you can try our Salmon Turkey and Pork product as many dogs with chicken allergies do not itch on this product.