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Heal your dog's sore

Dry, itchy, smelly skin forever. Without vets, without medicine and without supplements!


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If you are not happy with the product and the results are not satisfactory for your dog, we will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

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I just wanted to let you know how happy I am and how well Jax is doing ... she is a completely different dog now! It's like I have my original beautiful girl back :)

She is full of life, her coat is sleek and shiny, her eyes are bright, she is full of energy and loves her new crackles! I am overjoyed to have found your post on Facebook because without you, your team, Amazing products and advice Jax would still be suffering and still be having regular visits to the vet and would be still on medication for her skin problems....but not anymore!

I cannot Thank You enough
We are now customers for life


Thought I would send you an update on a couple of new stay loyal fans. Barney is a eleven year old Groodle who has always been a fussy eater but is now devouring his once a day serve of Stay Loyal. Ronny is a nine week old Spoodle and has only been with us for three days, but also is loving the Stay Loyal food.


The second day we brought our pup home she was hospitalised for 10 days with what we assume was parvo!! She has been eating Stay Loyal since she got home. That was 6 years ago. David was so helpful, especially in those first few months. I can’t recommend highly enough.


I am one of the many happy and relieved customers because their furbies are now living a healthier life. Before I adopted my rescue dog he suffered EXTREME allergies resulting in him scratching most of his fur.... after thousand of dollars on constant tests, injections and a multitude of tablets we found that he was VERY allergic to grain and grain dust. It took me a very long time and heartache to find food for him....then I found you...OMG...(he will be on two lots of cortizone for the rest of his life) your dry food is awesome, it took a little while but he stopped scratching and is SOOOO must happier. Thank you for sticking to your word about your product being....GRAIN FREE....there are some furbies like mine who need honesty....first pic...when handed four years of medication and then your food we have a very handsome boy....

THANK YOU so much to all of you!

Jasper and Mum

Daily comments are made about Jasper's glows and people ask "How many eggs do you feed him?" "You must wash him daily" and are very surprised when I state that he's only been washed twice in his life and I don't include eggs in his diet.


This is our sweet, crazy girl. Honestly, the feed has made such a difference to her comfort. We’re so grateful to your company and we look forward to many years ahead of quality feed and a healthy, happy pup! And thanks for such a great product! Truffles was so itchy on XXXXXX (which had been fine for our previous dog with skin issues) and has stopped itching altogether on Stay Loyal. We tried reintroducing XXXXXX just to be sure it was a food allergy, and not a grass one, and she started itching within 24 hours and it got progressively worse over almost a week. We’re all looking forward to having her back to a happy, comfortable pup again very soon! Thanks again.


Bruce has been enjoying your food for a few years now. Still drools twice a day when I serve it up to him. Kind regards

Robert - Adelaide

After using your dog dry food my dog is in perfect condition. Her coat is nice & shiny and weight is perfect plus she is keen to eat your dry food. On my last order you sent a pack of Joint Health Treats of which she loves. I have been plugging your dog food at my local Vets… Hopefully they will contact you. I believe you now keep a stock here in Adelaide now which is fantastic! Just keep up the good work and it is a pleasure doing business with you.

Big thanks to Robert for sharing Stay Loyal love within our community!

Carol Bessell

My 12 year old Cavoodle, Bonnie began enjoying the Joint Treats back in December last year and I’m very pleased to let you know that her last arthritis injection was back in January. She moves with the ease of a 2 year old, yet prior to giving her Stayloyal Joint Treats, she would require that injection at least every 5 – 6 weeks, and you could see she was in some discomfort. Bonnie and I both thank you for making a difference in her mobility and we look forward to receiving our recently placed repeat order soon.

Teo and Lucy

We switched from Science Diet to “Stay Loyal” about a year ago. We have 2 rescues, one was with severe skin condition, itchy and red!It’s dramatically improved since then! Our Great Dane x Boxer has shiny, smooth coat!Very happy we switched and it’s AUS made!Thank you Stay Loyal! Highly recommend!


5 years of chewing paws and being itchy Solved with Stay Loyal. We tried steroids antibodies raw food hemp food, bathing paws nothing worked until now. Thank you so much we are all happier especially our fur baby. Second bag and loving life.

Julian Davy

Our dog loves the kibble, great for a smaller dog.

I have found the feeding guide and other information provided is spot on with what we have been doing which is great as to be honest I have never been 100% totally confident.

If anything she now requires a little less than previous which is great as we need to manage her weight a little, just like humans dogs must need less of the good stuff!

Bailey's Human Friend

Our 7 year old has been on Stay Loyal since a pup and the vet has repeatedly said she is the healthiest, fittest Lab he has seen in a long time. So we will "Stay Loyal"...! After my endorsement of this brand a friends dog has remedied his eczema... great stuff.

Pete A

My red nose Amstaff, Harlie, is extremely sensitive to allergies.

Only food she is happy with, and has been for 4 years now, is Stay Loyal. When Xara join our family, being feed a terrible diet for the majority of her life, she also feel in love with Stay Loyal.

Simply only the BEST will do for my babies, and this product, as well as the team behind it, has proven it self time and time again! Wouldn't recommend anything else!!! And my fur babies agree.

G Martens

My dog had a bad allergy rash, once she started on Stay Loyal it cleared up within a couple of weeks. We have been using SL for a few years now, she loves the taste and is rash free


We started feeding our Kelpie Blue Heeler x Stay Loyal puppy food then after 24 months went onto the adult product. As a result we think this has contributed to a beautiful healthy shiny coat, energy plus and complete health. He has never refused part or all of his daily feed. The auto order/delivery system works well for us. We also look forward to to the regular news letters with Robert's helpful tips.

Tina Gray

I have a German Shepherd who was having terrible skin issues on other brands of Dog food due to food allergies. I tried him on other dry foods for allergies as recommended by the pet shop, but he really did not want to eat it. Meal times were a struggle. I found Stay Loyal after a Google search, and I thought I would try it. From his first mouthful he now looks forward to his dinner. All of his skin issues have now resolved and his skin and fur have never been healthier. We have also added a Peruvian dog to our household and she just loves the food as well. We have now been using this food for at least 4 years and I would not feed my dogs any other dry food.


We switched to Stay Loyal after battling skin issues in our GSP, trying other brands of premium dog food, going grain free, and even working with a raw food diet for over a year. We started to see issues again when introducing eggs into his diet. We identified lecithin as the issue and saw that Stay Loyal does not included lecithin in the ingredients. Since switching (it's been 6 years now) we have never had an issue with skin problems since.


Our dogs love it and have a new lease of life. One of our Labs had skin issues and the other would frequently vomit. Since changing to Stay Loyal about 18 months ago these issues have disappeared. Great customer service and a reasonable price compared to other premium brands.

Naomi Lucia

I have an 8yo Staffy Cross and recently added a Foxy/Jack pup. I researched extensively for a even healthier option than the dry food I have always bought at my local vet. By far Stay Loyal was the best option I could find but still at a good price. The service is amazing and I love that I can have an auto order! The transition was followed as suggested and no issues at all. I also love that I can use the same bag of food for both age groups. And they eat all their food eagerly now! They are obviously very happy too!!

Still confused?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "normal: itching and scratching?

I’d say it’s normal for a dog to have a short duration scratch of less than 1 min once or twice a day. When they scratch or lick incessantly then you have an issue that needs help.

Do antibiotics stop itching?

They could stop the itching if it's bacteria related. But once the antibiotics stop usually the itch comes back because the antibiotics do not address the core issue.

Do Vet Steroids stop itching?

YES, they certainly do stop dogs from itching, but they only cover the symptom of itching and scratching they do not address the actual problem. They also have associated side effects.

Will this work for my dog?

Our solution is a long-term nutritional solution and has worked for hundreds if not thousands of dogs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for all dogs, but it's a natural solution worth trying since you must feed your dog anyway.

Will my dog like the food?

Most dogs LOVE our food and if for whatever reason your dog doesn’t like it, we do offer our 100% money back taste guarantee.

Does Stay Loyal work long term in stopping itching?

100% YES, if it works for your dog to stop the itch, it will stop the problem long-term.

What if my dog has a chicken allergy?

Then you can try our Salmon Turkey and Pork product as many dogs with chicken allergies do not itch on this product.