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Heart Healthy Foods for Dogs

Heart Healthy Foods for Dogs

I bet you didn’t know heart disease is more common in dogs than it is in people. While we can’t remove genetic risks, we can help our dog’s heart stay healthy by making sure they are getting the right foods that support dog heart health. This includes foods that are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Taurine, an amino acids. Here is a list of foods that you can add to your dog’s daily kibble that are good sources of these nutrients.

Vitamin A

* Carrots

* Spinach

* Kale

* Cod Liver Oil

* Turkey Liver

* Beef Liver

* Rock Melon (remove rind)

* Watermelon (remove rinds and seeds)

Vitamin C

* Broccoli

* Strawberries

* Blackberries

* Potatoes

* Raspberries

* Spinach

* Sweet Potato

* Rock melon (remove rind)

* Watermelon (remove rind and seeds)

* Kiwifruit

These three are not high in Vitamin C, but are still considered a “good source”:

* Carrots

* Green beans

Vitamin E

* Spinach

* Kale

* Coconut oil

* Olive oil

* Canola oil

* Broccoli

* Parsley

* Kiwifruit


* Beef (especially liver/heart)

* Lamb (especially liver/heart)

* Dark chicken meat

* Seaweed

* Krill

* Salmon

* Tuna

Whenever you are adding something to your dog’s diet, do so slowly. You don’t want to cause a tummy upset, especially if it’s not something they are used to. Also, some of these foods, like spinach, contain high amounts of more than one of these, so pay attention to what you are giving your dog – you don’t want to give them too much of one mineral or acid. As the saying goes “too much of a good thing is bad.” And that is true. All of these can have bad side effects if your dog has too much.

If you don’t want to fuss with adding these to your dog’s food, select a kibble that contains all these heart healthy ingredients already! Our Stay Loyal line has added vitamins (including A, C, and E), added Taurine and as well as foods that include these naturally, like potatoes, fruits, vegetables and oils.

And don’t forget – food is not the only thing that’s important for keeping your dog’s heart healthy! Exercise and weight management are just as important. Make sure your dog is getting the right amount of exercise and that you are keeping him at a good weight. Excess fat makes the heart work harder, so a lean dog will be healthier!

Exercise, a healthy weight and good food can really help your dog live longer and stay healthy



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