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Introducing Our Salmon and Turkey Formula

Introducing Our Salmon and Turkey Formula

Our customers talked and we listened. We have made a few changes to our alternate protein formula, Salmon & Turkey. This is a great food for dogs that have allergies to chicken and/or lamb because the protein base is salmon, turkey and pork instead. These three proteins are all extremely digestible to dogs – pork is actually one of the most digestible protein sources for canines.

The Ingredient Changes First, we had some customers say they didn’t care for regular potatoes in their dog’s food. So we swapped them out for sweet potatoes. Sweet Potatoes have more fiber and more nutrients than white potatoes, including beta carotene. Beta carotene is believed to help reduce the risk of some types of cancer and help prevent heart disease. Low in sodium, they are rich in calcium, iron and zinc. And they are also high in dietary fiber (helps your dog with regularity) and contain very little fat. The amino acids in sweet potatoes help maintain strong, lean muscles and boost antioxidant activity.

The other comment we had was on the beet pulp. While again, beet pulp is a great source of fiber for dogs, some customers preferred that we switch it out. So we did. For psyllium husk. Psyllium husk is a great insoluble fiber source. You may be taking a fiber supplement yourself that contains Psyllium husk. Psyllium husk also works like an intestinal broom, clearing out things that may be stuck in the intestines, such as hair. (For that reason, it’s often used in cat food for hairballs). In fact, I saw hair in my own dogs’ stools when they first started eating it.

Finally, the vitamin A levels were increased in this formula to over 18,000 IU. Although Vitamin A helps with many functions. You may see differences in your dog’s coat. Vitamin A helps regulate sebum production. S,o if your dog has dry itchy skin or producing too much sebum and has pimples or pustules then this food could help.

While we changed proteins from our Chicken,Lamb, & Fish recipe, we kept the similar protein and fat levels that we recommend for optimum health, so your dog will be getting all the nutrients he needs with a food that will be easy on his tummy.

We have decreased the fat content by 2 percent and the protein is actually at 34 percent (compared to 32 percent in our Chicken, Lamb, & Fish formula). This slight variation in fat and protein, along with the higher fiber content, also makes this formula perfect for dogs that need to lose weight (even if they don’t have allergies). Remember to reduce the amount of food you are feeding for weight loss. If your pup needs to gain weight because allergies have caused him to not retain the correct weight, you may need to feed a bit more at first to bump him up.

Of course, this formula is also grain-free and we made sure to keep the 5:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids that is very important to optimal health.

Because it has a smaller kibble, owners of small breed dogs may find their dog prefer this to our Chicken, Lamb, & Fish formula, and that’s fine. It’s formulated to be safe for all life stages, so adults, old dogs and for puppies that will be up to 25kg when fully grown. Learn more about this great formula here.



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