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Let’s go on a scavenger hunt

Let’s go on a scavenger hunt

There are many responsibilities to having a dog, which include spending time playing with your canine companion. There are many benefits to playing with your dog. If a dog owner plays with his or her dog, then a dog will be less likely to get bored. Many dogs that do not get enough playtime have behavioral problems. Here are a few benefits you and your dog will have when you take time to play:

Social Skills

If your dog spends time playing with you and others, it will teach them social skills. By playing with your dog, he or she will learn rules and interact better with other individuals and dogs.

Mental Health

Playing games with your dog also improves his or her mental health. Games that have rules are beneficial for a dog’s brain and will help keep your dog mentally focused. If a dog is mentally sharp, then he or she will live a longer life. Mental health also enables your dog to learn tricks easier.

Physical Health

If you take time to play with your dog, then it contributes to overall physical health. Obesity in dogs is common, which is why keeping them active is so important. Playtime keeps your dog’s joints in good shape and promotes a healthy heart. Just like humans, dogs need to stay active to be physically healthy.


Bonding is an important factor of a relationship when it comes to a dog and his or her owner. If your time is limited, then only a short amount of time spent playing with your dog can make a world of difference. One of the most vital things you can do with your pet is bond, which makes your pet feel secure and loved.

How to Play Find-the-Treat or a Scavenger Hunt

If you want to spend quality time with your dog, then games are a fun way to promote bonding and keep your dog active. Most dogs love a challenging game, so try a scavenger hunt or Find-the-Treat during playtime. Games are a great way to keep your dog entertained and prevent boredom. We all want our dogs to stay happy, which is why incorporating new games is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get your dog to use his or her nose and promote mental activity. When you start, try to keep it simple to prevent your dog from getting frustrated. A good item to use is your dog’s favorite toy, or a treat can work well, too. To play this game, be sure your dog first knows how to sit and stay. First, put your dog in a sit and stay position and hide the toy or treat in an easy place for him or her to find. You can even make the hiding spot visible at first to help your dog catch on to the game. When your dog finds the treasure, be sure to reward him or her, which will encourage your dog to want to play more.

When your pup gets the hang of how to play, then you can make it more difficult. You can hide a toy or treat in a different room or put the item in a place where he or she won’t be able to find it easily by smell, which will cause your dog to use his or her other senses. Once your dog is a pro, then you can incorporate boxes. Hide the item in one box and let your canine find which box the item is in, and be sure to reward your pup when he or she finds the treat or toy.

The important thing to remember is that you want to increase the level of difficulty very gradually so your dog doesn’t fail. A fail will set your dog’s progress back. So if it doesn’t find the object help them and still give them their praise. If your dog does fail make the next few hunts easy so your dog has a win.

If you want to make things interesting, then incorporate several items for your dog to find. A scavenger hunt can be fun for dogs because they are tasked with finding several items. A scavenger hunt can be a fun way to spend time with your dog when it is raining or too cold to play outside. Once your dog is in a sit and stay position, then hide toys or treats in several locations and let your dog explore and find the items.

Benefits of a Scavenger Hunt or Find-the-Treat

We all want our dogs to stay healthy and happy, which is why it is important to take time everyday to play with your canine companion. There is a wide range of benefits to playing these games with your dog. An important factor in keeping your dog healthy is to promote activity and exercise. Even on a rainy day, your dog can stay active with a game of Find-the-Treat or a scavenger hunt. These games promote a dog’s use of smell and keep a dog mentally sharp. Playing with your dog also prevents boredom. When a dog is bored, it can lead to behavior problems such as chewing or acting out in other ways. If you notice your dog is disobeying or pacing around your home, then a game can help ward off bad behavior. Mental stimulation is a great way to keep your dog physically and mentally healthy.

When you take time to play a game with your pup, you are being a responsible and loving dog owner. You are everything to your canine companion, so he or she will love spending time playing games together. Even if it is only for fifteen minutes a day, you will see the difference in how your dog behaves.

Keeping energy levels up will help your pup to stay engaged while you are playing. Our bestselling grain-free dog food is chock-full of key ingredients to do just that. Give it a try to see the difference for yourself. Already a loyal fan? Feel free to pass this information along to a friend who may need it.



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