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The Benefits of a Doggy Massage

The Benefits of a Doggy Massage

If you want to keep your pup happy, then a doggy massage can be beneficial. There are many benefits to a doggy massage that are similar to humans. When dogs get massaged, they have improved circulation, less stress, muscle tension relief, and it can promote bonding between you and your canine companion. If you are interested in giving your canine companion a dog massage, then there are certain areas you should focus on, including the ears, the head, and the back.

Dogs can become stressed in a variety of situations. They have an acute sense of hearing, so loud noises can make them nervous or excited. A dog massage is a great way to help your dog stay calm in any circumstance that may cause stress. Although you may not be able to calm your dog in every stressful situation, a dog massage can be a great and inexpensive way to ease your dog and help him or her feel comforted.

The Ears
If you are going to give your dog a massage, then a great place to start is his or her ears. There are three nerve centers on a dog’s body, and the ears are one of them. The other nerve centers are located between a dog’s toes and on the middle of the stomach. When you massage your dog’s ears, he or she experiences a deep and calming pleasure because endorphins are released into his or her entire body. Be sure not to rub your dog’s ears too hard, which can cause pain. If you notice your dog is uncomfortable during an ear massage, then be sure to take him or her to the vet because your dog may have an ear infection. Although ear infections can be present in all dogs, big dogs are more prone to

The best time to massage your dog’s ears is when he or she is relaxed. When your dog is relaxed, then lightly massage the pinna, which is the flap of ear skin. This promotes blood circulation throughout the body. You can then cup the base of the ear between your thumb and forefingers and gently move along the base and flaps of the ear in a circular motion. You can rotate in a forward and backward direction. To finish your dog’s ear massage, gently glide your thumbs and fingers across each ear.

The Head
The head is another area you can massage that will bring pleasure to your canine friend. Massaging your dog’s head will relax your dog when done properly. A gentle head massage will calm a nervous dog and make him or her feel at ease. It is important to gently massage your dog’s head. Applying too much pressure can cause your dog discomfort, and he or she will not enjoy the benefits.

When you massage your dog’s head, be sure to apply gentle pressure to the temples and above his or her eyes. Move your fingers in a circular motion along the top of the eyes to the bridge of the nose—this is where the pressure point known as the gallbladder 20 is located. When you massage the area above the eyes, it will benefit the stomach and bladder.

The Back
A back massage can be beneficial for dogs. There are several benefits to massaging a dog’s back, which include pain relief from vomiting and stomach aliments your pup may be experiencing

When you massage your dog’s back, gently move your fingers in a circular motion slowly on both sides of his or her spine. Be sure not to apply too much pressure when giving your dog a back massage. A back massage is a great way to help your dog feel relaxed and ease tension. A back massage is beneficial after your dog exercises or participates in an activity. Just like humans, a back massage can feel good and loosen up tight muscles.

After a nice relaxing massage, treat your dog to a bowl of food that provides all of the necessary ingredients to keep your dog healthy. Already a loyal fan? Be sure to pass this information along to a friend or family member who may find it helpful.



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